Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit
Dramatisation of the P.G. Wodehouse story, in five-minute segments

What Ho! Jeeves (sometimes written as What Ho, Jeeves!) is a series of radio dramas based on some of the Jeeves short stories and novels written by P. G. Wodehouse, starring Michael Hordern as the titular Jeeves and Richard Briers as Bertie Wooster.

Adapted from Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit (1954). The cast included James Villiers as Stilton Cheesewright, Jonathan Cecil as Percy Gorringe, Norman Bird as L. G. Trotter, Diana King as Mrs Trotter, Ann Davies as Daphne Dolores Morehead, and David Tate as Seppings.

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  1. We Present... (0Mb)
  2. Hello, Who Goes There? (0Mb)
  3. Ah, Now Comes The Moment... (0Mb)
  4. Bertie, Darling! (0Mb)
  5. Ah, That's What I Like About... (0Mb)
  6. Well, This Has Been One Of... (0Mb)
  7. It's A Strange Place (0Mb)
  8. Here We Are, Sir (0Mb)
  9. Oh, Urgghh! Oh, Jeeves... (0Mb)
  10. Hello, Bertie? Oh, Hello. (0Mb)
  11. Ah, Here Is Jeeves (0Mb)
  12. Sir, Good Morning, Sir (0Mb)
  13. That Was A Capital Breakfast... (0Mb)
  14. A Word About Anatole (0Mb)
  15. Well, Jeeves, At Last We're On. (0Mb)
  16. Ah, Stebbings, Good To See... (0Mb)
  17. Ah! Mr Percy Gorringe (0Mb)
  18. Jeeves! Jeeves! Sir (0Mb)
  19. Is That You, Bertie My Boy? (0Mb)
  20. Well, Really! I Shall Have To... (0Mb)
  21. So What Is Now In Her... (0Mb)
  22. Now Then, Shed Near Rose-Beds (0Mb)
  23. Here Are Your Ruddy Letters (0Mb)
  24. Florence. Florence Old Thing (0Mb)
  25. Home At Last! (0Mb)
  26. Uncle Tom. Hello, Bertie My Boy (0Mb)
  27. Bertie! You Idle Young Hound (0Mb)
  28. Well, Jeeves Has Certainly... (0Mb)
  29. Hello, Bertie. Hello There (0Mb)
  30. Thank You. Is Mrs Travers In? (0Mb)
  31. Hello, Ugly. Hello, Aunt! (0Mb)
  32. Oh, Come In, Mrs Trotter (0Mb)
  33. Hisstt! What Do You Mean... (0Mb)
  34. And She Says She Won't Let... (0Mb)
  35. Good Morning, Sir (0Mb)
  36. Morning. Miss Moorhead (0Mb)
  37. Well, Stilton's Obviously... (0Mb)
  38. Uh, Ahem. Madam, You Sent...? (0Mb)
  39. Jeeves, Sir? Mr Trotter's... (0Mb)
  40. Golly! What It Feels Like To Be (0Mb)

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