Jeremy Hardy Sings

Songs performed on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
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A collection of songs from One Song To The Tune Of Another, Pick Up Song, and Stars In Their Ears. The songs are presented in the order they were played at his wedding.

  1. Kung Fu Fighting to the tune of Scarborough Fair (3.1Mb)
  2. Pick Up Song - Roxanne (3.4Mb)
  3. Stars In Their Ears - George Formby sings Hallelujah (3.5Mb)
  4. Pick Up Song - With A Little Help From My Friends (3.5Mb)
  5. Pick Up Song - Gaudete (3.7Mb)
  6. Hanky Panky to the tune of Land of Hope and Glory (3.1Mb)
  7. Pick Up Song - The Lion Sleeps Tonight (3Mb)
  8. Nothing Compares 2 U to the tune of Happy Talk (4Mb)
  9. We'll Gather Lilacs to the theme from Hawaii Five-O (3.6Mb)
  10. Pick Up Song - Come On Eileen (3.3Mb)
  11. So Macho to the tune of La Marseillaise (3.8Mb)
  12. Teenage Kicks to the tune of Jerusalem (3.1Mb)
  13. Pick Up Song - You're Beautiful (2.9Mb)
  14. Creep to the tune of There's No One Quite Like Grandma (3.7Mb)
  15. My Humps to the tune of I Vow To Thee My Country (2.7Mb)
  16. Music Was My First Love to the tune of Hey Tambourine Man (2.8Mb)
  17. Spiderman to the tune of Brahms' Lullaby (2.6Mb)

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