The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen

Aviation adventure radio serial, 1933-37
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The audio quality for the earlier episodes is pretty rough. Note that the episode titles (at least for the earlier ones I've heard so far) seem to be incorrect, but I took the titles from the file names, and I don't have any better titles for them.

From Wikipedia:

The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen is an American radio adventure serial broadcast from 1933 until 1937. The 15-minute syndicated program was created by writers Bob Burtt and Bill Moore, both of whom were from Kansas City, Missouri.

In 1933, Burtt was working as a freelance writer, while Moore was working the sports desk of the Kansas City Star and writing occasional scripts for the Star's affiliated radio station WDAF-FM. Both Burtt and Moore had been flying aces in World War I. At a party in Kansas City, the two former pilots came up with the idea of a radio series targeted at children and teenagers concerning a 16-year-old pilot and his adventures flying around the world, primarily solving mysteries and crimes and participating in air show races. Burtt and Moore then wrote the initial script about Jimmie Allen, a young telegraph messenger at the Airways Station near Kansas City. A gruff man asks him to send a coded telegram. Later Allen is told that a plane carrying a million dollars to a bank is on its way. Allen figures out the plane is to be hijacked, so he joins his pilot friend, Speed Robertson, in a plan to thwart the hijacking. Moore brought the finished pilot script to WDAF where station manager Dean Fitzer promptly put the program into production.

During the course of auditions for prospective sponsors, a Kansas City advertising agency man named Russell C. Comer was called in. Comer was impressed with the serial's possibilities and in a short while had it sold to Skelly Oil. WDAF turned its interests in The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen at this point to Comer, with the understanding that locally the show must go on WDAF exclusively. Comer employed WDAF director John Frank to direct the show, and Frank, over 40 years old at the time, also decided to take the role of 16-year-old Jimmie Allen. Robert Fiske, an experienced veteran of radio, stage and screen, played Jimmie's older pal and mentor, Speed Robertson, who, like Burtt and Moore, was a pilot in World War I. Ed Prentiss served as the opening and closing narrator and announcer for the show during its 1930s run.

The Jimmie Allen program was first broadcast February 23, 1933, initially over three Midwestern radio stations, WDAF in Kansas City, KLZ in Denver, Colorado, and KVOO in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The initial transcriptions for the program were made in World Broadcasting System Chicago studios. Over the years, the show was produced in a variety of recording studios in Hollywood, New York and Chicago.

In following episodes, Speed and Jimmie, in their attempt to thwart the hijacking, are captured but escape in a small plane which crashes, and then are recaptured. Throughout this initial story arc, Robertson is Jimmie's mentor. He does all the flying and continually teaches Allen a trick or two that he learned in World War I. After an exciting aerial dogfight near the end of the story, Robertson reveals that the FBI has made him a G-Man. In subsequent episodes of the series, Jimmie expresses interest in becoming a pilot and enrolls in flying school. Numerous exciting adventures follow, full of danger and mystery.

Burtt and Moore wove the plot around the character of a self-reliant youth of fine habits: resourceful, courageous, capable of thinking his way through danger and holding firmly to "fine American ideals." They never deviated from that theme of the character, and they surrounded their hero with friends and enemies who personified other traits that would emphasize the character of their hero.

  1. Gun Moll Mickey (1936) (2.5Mb)
  2. Jimmie Witnesses a Plane Crash (1936) (6.7Mb)
  3. Jerome Durac, the Lost French Pilot (1936) (6.9Mb)
  4. Missionary Alfred Johnson (1936) (6.8Mb)
  5. The Queen of the Pirates (1936) (6.8Mb)
  6. Civil War (1936) (3.3Mb)
  7. Battle with the Chinese Pirates Continues (1936) (3.4Mb)
  8. The Gang Escapes from the Pirates (1936) (3.3Mb)
  9. Jimmie and Speed Get Ready for the Race (1936) (3.4Mb)
  10. Speed Explains the Automatic Pilot (1936) (6.7Mb)
  11. The Race Begins (1936) (6.9Mb)
  12. Russian Aviator Forced Down (1936) (6.8Mb)
  13. Fog Over Canton (1936) (7Mb)
  14. Speed Makes a Blind Luck Landing (1936) (3.3Mb)
  15. Landing Through the Fog (1936) (3.3Mb)
  16. A Naval Officer Disguised as a Chinaman (1936) (3.3Mb)
  17. Jimmie is Saved by the Auto-Pilot (1936) (3.3Mb)
  18. National Airlines is Going to Be Sued! (1936) (6.4Mb)
  19. Jimmie is Arrested (1936) (6.6Mb)
  20. The Search for Ezra Whitcomb (1936) (6.7Mb)
  21. The Inquest for A J Quackenbush (1936) (7Mb)
  22. Daniel Dawson Accuses Jimmie (1936) (3.3Mb)
  23. The Digger Gives the G-Men the Slip (1936) (3.4Mb)
  24. Jimmie's Plan Backfires (1936) (3.5Mb)
  25. Jimmie Escapes from Digger (1936) (3.3Mb)
  26. The Digger's Men Attack (1936) (6.4Mb)
  27. In Search of Black Pete (1936) (6.4Mb)
  28. Unexpected Developments (1936) (6.7Mb)
  29. Agent Butterfield Sends a Message (1936) (3.3Mb)
  30. Steve and Jimmie Hole Up in a Supply Cabin (1936) (7.6Mb)
  31. A Visitor Comes Aboard (1936) (3.2Mb)
  32. Ezra Whitcomb is Found (1936) (3.3Mb)
  33. Jailed in Cuba (1936) (3.3Mb)
  34. The American Consul Gets Them Released (1936) (3.4Mb)
  35. Back in the USA (1936) (13Mb)
  36. Going to Mexico (1936) (8.8Mb)
  37. Arriving in Tampico (1936) (13.4Mb)
  38. Returning from the Mining Company (1936) (13.6Mb)
  39. Reluctance for the Solo Flight (1937) (2.7Mb)
  40. Speed Lands Jimmie's Plane (1937) (2.7Mb)
  41. Sabotage Suspected (1937) (2.6Mb)
  42. Speed to Be Jimmie's New Instructor (1937) (2.5Mb)
  43. Secret Drawings Stolen (1937) (2.6Mb)
  44. Major Moto Spotted (1937) (2.7Mb)
  45. A Strut Breaks During Flight (1937) (2.6Mb)
  46. Looking Over the Wreckage (1937) (2.4Mb)
  47. Flash Overhears Meeting Time (1937) (2.6Mb)
  48. Secret Meeting Overheard (1937) (2.5Mb)
  49. Lead Bars Found in Major Moto's Pockets (1937) (2.5Mb)
  50. Trouble During the Test Flight (1937) (2.6Mb)
  51. Lead Weight Found in the Wreckage (1937) (2.6Mb)
  52. Near-Collision with Major Moto (1937) (2.6Mb)
  53. Stolen Documents Found in Speed's Possession (1937) (2.6Mb)
  54. Speed Held at Gunpoint (1937) (2.6Mb)
  55. Setting Trap for the Thieves (1937) (2.5Mb)
  56. Mason Spotted in the Hangar (1937) (2.5Mb)
  57. Speed Cleared, Thieves Caught (1937) (2.5Mb)
  58. Pursuing Major Moto (1937) (2.6Mb)
  59. Major Moto's Plane Shot Down (1937) (2.5Mb)
  60. Search for Major Moto (1937) (2.4Mb)
  61. Major Moto Captured (1937) (2.6Mb)
  62. Imposter Leaves with Major Moto and Secret Documents (1937) (2.5Mb)
  63. Kidnapped by Moto's Gang (1937) (2.5Mb)
  64. Moto's Gang Captured, Secret Papers Recovered (1937) (2.6Mb)
  65. Solo Flight (1937) (2.5Mb)
  66. Gangsters to Escape (1937) (2.6Mb)
  67. Dick Needs a Job (1937) (2.7Mb)
  68. Offer to Buy a Tract of Land (1937) (2.6Mb)
  69. Mrs Croft Wants to Sell Land (1937) (2.2Mb)
  70. Signing of Agreement Delayed (1937) (2.6Mb)
  71. Suspicious of Rip Bender (1937) (2.6Mb)
  72. Plans to Look over the Property (1937) (2.5Mb)
  73. Discussing the Flight Plan to Texas (1937) (2.6Mb)
  74. Gangster's Plane Seen (1937) (2.6Mb)
  75. Spark Plugs Switched (1937) (2.6Mb)
  76. Fight with Biffer and Ace (1937) (2.5Mb)
  77. Oil Pressure Drops (1937) (2.6Mb)
  78. Forced Landing (1937) (2.6Mb)
  79. Telegram for Mrs Croft (1937) (2.5Mb)
  80. Airplane Heard (1937) (2.6Mb)
  81. Jimmie, Flash, and Speed Finally Arrive (1937) (2.6Mb)
  82. Looking Over the Croft Property (1937) (2.5Mb)
  83. Told of Buried Treasure (1937) (2.6Mb)
  84. Airplane Tracks Seen(1937) (2.6Mb)
  85. Russell Seen on the Mountain (1937) (2.5Mb)
  86. Parchment Found (1937) (2.5Mb)
  87. The Parchment is a Treasure Map (1937) (2.6Mb)
  88. Flash Reads Poetry (1937) (2.6Mb)
  89. Speed Discovers a Bomb (1937) (2.6Mb)
  90. Landmark Found (1937) (2.6Mb)
  91. Bag of Gold Coins Found (1937) (2.5Mb)
  92. Hiding the Airplane (1937) (2.5Mb)
  93. Plan to Apprehend the Gangsters (1937) (2.5Mb)
  94. Barbara Kidnapped (1937) (2.5Mb)
  95. Leaving for Home (1937) (2.6Mb)
  96. Telegram for Jimmie (1937) (2.6Mb)
  97. Collision in the Air (1937) (2.6Mb)
  98. Movie Contract Offered (1937) (2.6Mb)
  99. Telephone Threat (1937) (2.5Mb)
  100. Proposition from Nails Ballou (1937) (2.6Mb)
  101. Ramsey Recognizes Ballou (1937) (2.6Mb)
  102. Trouble During Practice Flight (1937) (2.5Mb)
  103. Flash Arrives (1937) (2.5Mb)
  104. Harry Phelps is Unconscious (1937) (2.5Mb)
  105. Mike Blackmailed by Ballou (1937) (2.5Mb)
  106. Collision in the Air (1937) (2.5Mb)
  107. Having to Bail Out (1937) (2.5Mb)
  108. Chasing Harry Phelps in the Air (1937) (2.5Mb)
  109. Speed and Ballou Fight (1937) (2.5Mb)
  110. Discussing Delays with the Filming (1937) (2.6Mb)
  111. Flash Prowling in the Hangar (1937) (2.6Mb)
  112. Flash Questions Mike (1937) (2.6Mb)
  113. Plans for Crash Being Made (1937) (2.5Mb)
  114. Warning from Mike (1937) (2.5Mb)
  115. Jimmie Does the Crash Stunt (1937) (2.5Mb)
  116. Mike Disappears (1937) (2.5Mb)
  117. Apology Letter from Mike (1937) (2.6Mb)
  118. Sandy Carson Arrives (1937) (2.5Mb)
  119. Crash Landing (1937) (2.6Mb)
  120. Asking Roy for Help (1937) (2.6Mb)
  121. Manuscripts Found (1937) (2.6Mb)
  122. Where is Harry Phelps? (1937) (2.5Mb)
  123. Harry Phelps Fell out of a Plane (1937) (2.6Mb)
  124. Ballou Was a Nazi Spy (1937) (2.5Mb)
  125. Harry Phelps is Dead (1937) (2.6Mb)
  126. Ballou Killed (1937) (2.5Mb)
  127. Talking with Monsoon Engine Executives (1937) (5Mb)
  128. Lays Ground Rules Down for Rags (1937) (5.3Mb)
  129. Engine Trouble (1937) (5.3Mb)
  130. Wings Votes Against Jimmie's Second Chance (1937) (5.3Mb)

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