The Adventures of John and Tony

Surreal comedy starring John Hegley and Simon Munnery
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The two friends head off on a surreal camping trip, with Herman Hessian - a dog made out of an old potato sack, four comic journeys written by John Hegley in which John and his best mate Tony search for happiness, love, the meaning of life ... and glasses.

Starring John Hegley, Simon Munnery, Terry Malloy, Sunny Ormonde and John Korne.

Original music by Nigel Piper.

Director: Anne Edyvean

  1. A Tale Of Two Tenting (44.8Mb)
  2. The Quest For The Holy Spectacles (45Mb)
  3. The Total Hotel Experience (44.7Mb)
  4. The Hiking Holiday (44.6Mb)

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