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Each week in a series of interviews, short location reports, scripted monologues, phone calls etc, Jon Ronson delves into a world of personal stories surrounding the central theme which all shed light on the human condition. Sometimes Jon goes in search of answers and stories himself, sometimes his team of contributors do it for him. The end result is an original, fascinating, funny, poignant and often philosophical journey through the human experience.

  1. Amateur Sleuths (32Mb)
  2. How to be Invisible (31.8Mb)
  3. Positive Thinking (31.9Mb)
  4. Going West (31.8Mb)
  5. Magical Moments (32.1Mb)
  6. Living in the Past (31.9Mb)
  7. Irrational Thought (32Mb)
  8. Lying (31.7Mb)
  9. Friendship (32Mb)
  10. Building Bridges (32.3Mb)
  11. The Worst Internet Date (27.5Mb)
  12. Waking from a Dream (27.5Mb)
  13. Uncontrollable Responses (27.5Mb)
  14. Crushed Egos (27.5Mb)
  15. Glastonbury Festival (Part 1) (34.3Mb)
  16. Glastonbury Festival (Part 2) (34.3Mb)
  17. Being Fancy (26.5Mb)
  18. The Wrong Type of Madness (26.5Mb)
  19. Doing Anything for Love (12.7Mb)
  20. The Fear of Flying (26.6Mb)
  21. When Small Talk Goes Wrong (26.6Mb)
  22. Living in a Movie (26.6Mb)
  23. Being Alone (26.6Mb)
  24. Ambition (26.6Mb)
  25. Voices in Your Head (25.4Mb)
  26. Spying (25.3Mb)
  27. The Fine Line Between Good and Bad (25.5Mb)
  28. Witch Hunts (25.4Mb)
  29. Aiming Low (25.4Mb)
  30. Confirmation Bias (26.6Mb)
  31. Brainstorming (26.6Mb)
  32. Being Normal (26.6Mb)
  33. Undeserved Rewards (26.6Mb)
  34. Pride (26.6Mb)

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