Jonathan Thomas and his Christmas on the Moon

1938 children's Christmas serial
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Complete series for "Jonathan Thomas and his Christmas on the Moon", which was broadcast in competition with "The Cinnamon Bear" on the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. First year of broadcast was 1938.

  1. Santa Claus Is Kidnapped By The Squeebublians (2.7Mb)
  2. Jonathan Promises To Find Santa Claus (2.6Mb)
  3. Jonathan Meets Gorgonzola The Horse (2.6Mb)
  4. In The Valley Of The Three Dwarfs (2.4Mb)
  5. The Merry-Go-Round River (2.8Mb)
  6. The Fairy Queen (2.7Mb)
  7. Dragon With The Thirteen Tails (2.6Mb)
  8. Whiskery Bill The Squirrel (2.1Mb)
  9. Jonathan Has Fallen Under The Witch's Spell (2.6Mb)
  10. Jonathan In The Witch's Dream Cave (2.8Mb)
  11. Whiskery Bill Meets The Walrus (2.7Mb)
  12. Getting Rubies At The Rainbow Bridge (2.8Mb)
  13. Crossing The Frozen River (2.7Mb)
  14. Jonathan Wakes Up From The Witch's Spell (2.7Mb)
  15. O'Gigraf The Lion (2.7Mb)
  16. Saving The Elf King (2.7Mb)
  17. The Wall Of Doors (2.8Mb)
  18. In The Kingdom Of Alice (2.8Mb)
  19. Queen Alice's Ball (2.8Mb)
  20. King Squeebubbly And Santa Claus (2.8Mb)
  21. Jonathan Grows Large And Small (2.7Mb)
  22. Kirmit The Hermit (2.9Mb)
  23. The Dragon With The Thirteen Tails Again (2.8Mb)
  24. Captured By The Squeebubblians (2.7Mb)
  25. Rescuing Santa Claus (2.8Mb)
  26. Going Home (2.8Mb)

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