Jungle Jim

1930s radio adventure series
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Presenting the Adventures of Jungle Jim, True Friend to all good men, relentless enemy of all bad ones no matter what their race or creed may be.

Syndicated by Hearst and sponsored by the Comic Weekly, The Adventures of Jungle Jim radio series premiered November 2, 1935. Matt Crowley had the title role for three years, until Gerald Mohr stepped in as Jungle Jim beginning April 24, 1938. Vicki Vola and Franc Hale portrayed Shanghai Lil, and Juano Hernandez was the Hindu servant Kolu. Each episode ran 15 minutes. Several episodes were based directly on the comic strip, such as The Ghost of the Java Sea. Gene Stafford scripted for producer Jay Clark. Glenn Riggs was the announcer, among others. In the opening episode, "The Bat Woman," Jungle Jim meets Miss Chalmers, and Jacques LaBarr gets into a barroom fight with Jim.

  1. The Bat Woman (3.3Mb)
  2. A Fight To The Finish (3.3Mb)
  3. A Woman Of Mystery (3.3Mb)
  4. Rev. Chalmers Escapes (3.3Mb)
  5. The Vampire Bat (3.4Mb)
  6. Jim And Kolu Hit The Trail (3.4Mb)
  7. Race With A Crocodile (3.3Mb)
  8. Headhunters (3.3Mb)
  9. Late Arrivals (3.3Mb)
  10. Stalled On The Trail (3.3Mb)
  11. Chalmers Fate (3.4Mb)
  12. In The Bat Woman's Country (3.4Mb)
  13. Jim Is Captured (3.4Mb)
  14. Jim And Chalmers Discuss Situation (3.4Mb)
  15. A Strange Proposal (3.4Mb)
  16. Kolu Explains His Actions To Lynne (3.4Mb)
  17. Kolu Plans To Capture Mamba (3.5Mb)
  18. Trying To Make Mamba Talk (3.5Mb)
  19. Lil Has Plans For Lynne And Jim (3.4Mb)
  20. Chalmers Threatened By Lil (3.5Mb)
  21. The Wedding Is Interrupted (3.4Mb)
  22. Farewell (3.5Mb)
  23. The Purple Triangle (3.4Mb)
  24. Shanghai Lil Meets An Old Friend (3.4Mb)
  25. Lo Tounge Murdered (3.5Mb)
  26. Jim Is Suspected Of Murder (3.5Mb)
  27. Aerial Combat (3.5Mb)
  28. Bad News About Jim (6.9Mb)
  29. The Eavesdropper (6.9Mb)
  30. Lynne Meets Lin Pu (6.9Mb)
  31. Lin Pu Under Survellance (6.8Mb)
  32. Secret Messages (3.4Mb)
  33. The Reverend And Lynne Spy On Lin Pu (3.4Mb)
  34. Trapped In The Car Of Lin Pu (3.5Mb)
  35. In The Enemy Camp Of Derek Bluger (3.4Mb)
  36. Jim And Kolu Lose Their Guide (3.5Mb)
  37. Sneaking Into Bluger's Camp (3.5Mb)
  38. Bluger Addresses His Army (3.5Mb)
  39. Questions About Lil's Loyalty (3.5Mb)
  40. The Trap Is Sprung (3.5Mb)
  41. Help From The Sky (3.5Mb)
  42. Face-To-Face (3.3Mb)
  43. Reunited With Kolu (3.5Mb)
  44. Shanghai Lil Makes A Deal (3.5Mb)
  45. Lil Intercedes (3.5Mb)
  46. Blugers Answer (3.5Mb)
  47. The New Sentry (3.5Mb)
  48. The Showdown (3.5Mb)
  49. Ropes End (3.5Mb)
  50. The Camp Sleeps (3.6Mb)
  51. no title (3.5Mb)
  52. no title (3.5Mb)
  53. no title (3.6Mb)
  54. The Tiger's Claw (3.5Mb)
  55. no title (3.5Mb)
  56. no title (3.5Mb)
  57. no title (3.5Mb)
  58. no title (3.6Mb)
  59. no title (3.4Mb)
  60. no title (3.4Mb)
  61. no title (3.4Mb)
  62. no title (3.4Mb)
  63. no title (3.4Mb)
  64. no title (3.4Mb)
  65. no title (3.4Mb)
  66. no title (3.4Mb)
  67. no title (3.4Mb)
  68. no title (3.4Mb)
  69. no title (3.4Mb)
  70. no title (3.4Mb)
  71. no title (3.4Mb)
  72. no title (3.4Mb)
  73. no title (3.4Mb)
  74. no title (3.4Mb)
  75. no title (3.4Mb)
  76. no title (3.4Mb)
  77. no title (3.4Mb)
  78. no title (3.4Mb)
  79. no title (3.4Mb)
  80. no title (2.8Mb)
  81. no title (3.3Mb)
  82. no title (3.3Mb)
  83. no title (3.4Mb)
  84. no title (3.4Mb)
  85. no title (3.4Mb)
  86. no title (3.4Mb)
  87. no title (3.4Mb)
  88. no title (3.4Mb)
  89. no title (3.4Mb)
  90. no title (3.4Mb)
  91. no title (3.3Mb)
  92. no title (3.3Mb)
  93. no title (3.3Mb)
  94. no title (3.3Mb)
  95. no title (3.3Mb)
  96. no title (3.3Mb)
  97. The Afghan Hills (3.3Mb)
  98. no title (3.3Mb)
  99. no title (3.3Mb)
  100. no title (3.2Mb)

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