Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons

Long-running American mystery series
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Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons was one of radio's longest running shows, airing October 12, 1937 to April 19, 1955, continuing well into the television era. It was produced by Frank and Anne Hummert, who based it upon Robert W. Chambers' 1906 novel The Tracer of Lost Persons. The sponsors included Whitehall Pharmacal (as in Anacin, Kolynos Toothpaste, BiSoDol antacid mints, Hill's cold tablets and Heet liniment), Dentyne, Aerowax, RCA Victor and Chesterfield cigarettes. It aired on the NBC Blue network until 1947, when it switched to CBS.

Bennett Kilpack began as Mr. Keen in 1937 with Arthur Hughes and then Phil Clarke stepping into the role later in the series. The kindly Keen and his faithful assistant, Mike Clancy (Jim Kelly), entertained listeners for 18 years. With 1690 nationwide broadcasts, Mr. Keen was the most resilient private detective in a namesake role. The nearest competitors were Nick Carter, Master Detective (726 broadcasts), The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (657) and The Adventures of the Falcon (473). Only 59 of the 1690 Mr. Keen programs are known to survive.

Richard Leonard directed scripts by Barbara Bates, Stedman Coles, Frank Hummert, Lawrence Klee and Bob Shaw. James Fleming and Larry Elliott were the announcers. Al Rickey's band provided the background music, including the program's theme, "Someday I'll Find You."

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  1. The Case of the Woman Who Wasn't Needed (unknown file size)
  2. The Case of the Moonless Night (unknown file size)
  3. The Case of the Missing Witness (unknown file size)
  4. The Case of the Girl Who Sang Too Well (unknown file size)
  5. The Case of the Girl Who Flirted (unknown file size)
  6. The Case of the Boy Who Used Big Words (unknown file size)
  7. The Case of Mr Trevor's Secret (unknown file size)
  8. The Case of Murder in the Air (unknown file size)
  9. The Case of the Strange Display (unknown file size)
  10. The Case of the Leaping Dog (unknown file size)
  11. The Case of the Woman In Blue (unknown file size)
  12. The Case of the Frightened Child (unknown file size)
  13. The Nightmare Murder Case (unknown file size)
  14. The Case of the Absent Minded Professor (unknown file size)
  15. The Case of the Glamorous Widow (unknown file size)
  16. Identical Twins Murder Case (partial) (unknown file size)
  17. The Case of Murder and The Star Of Death (unknown file size)
  18. The Case of Murder and The Bloodstained Necklace (unknown file size)
  19. The Yellow Talon Murder Case (unknown file size)
  20. The Case of Murder with a Thousand Witnesses (unknown file size)
  21. The Case of the Man Who Invented Death (unknown file size)
  22. The Silver Dagger Murder Case (unknown file size)
  23. The Case of the Ruthless Murderers (unknown file size)
  24. The Forgotten Cave Murder Case (unknown file size)
  25. The Engaged Girl Murder Case (unknown file size)
  26. The Case of the Rushville Murder (unknown file size)
  27. The Bride and Groom Murder Case (AFRS) (unknown file size)
  28. The Telephone Book Murder Case (unknown file size)
  29. The Case of Murder and The Jewel Thief (unknown file size)
  30. The Case of the Two Faced Murderer (unknown file size)
  31. The Case of the Melody Of Murder (unknown file size)
  32. The Innocent Flirtation Murder Case (unknown file size)
  33. The Case of the Murdered Detective (unknown file size)
  34. The Eccentric Millionaire Murder Case (unknown file size)
  35. The Country Club Murder Case (unknown file size)
  36. The Case of the Woman Who Married a Murderer (unknown file size)
  37. The King Cobra Murder Case (unknown file size)
  38. The Case of Murder and The Missing Car (unknown file size)
  39. The Broken Window Murder Case (unknown file size)
  40. The Quicksand Murder Case (unknown file size)
  41. The Skull and Crossbones Murder Case (unknown file size)
  42. The Case of Murder and The Strange Woman (unknown file size)
  43. The Photograph Album Murder Case (unknown file size)
  44. The Case of the Strange Murder Of Carrie Ellis (unknown file size)
  45. The Abandoned Well Murder Case (unknown file size)
  46. The Poisoned Sandwich Murder Case (unknown file size)
  47. The Case of Murder At a Mile a Minute (unknown file size)
  48. The Silver Candlestick Murder Case (unknown file size)
  49. The Rented Cottage Murder Case (unknown file size)
  50. The Mother's Plea Murder Case (unknown file size)
  51. The Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case, Part 1 (unknown file size)
  52. The Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case, Part 2 (unknown file size)
  53. The Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case, Part 3 (unknown file size)
  54. The Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case, Part 4 (unknown file size)
  55. The Case of Murder and The Revengeful Ghost (unknown file size)

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