Kenny Everett Presents
Music and comedy from his work on Radio One, Radio London and others

A selection of Kuddley Ken's radio shows from various stations as Radio London, Capital Radio, Radio One and more

Maurice James Christopher Cole, better known as Kenny Everett, was a British comedian and radio disc jockey known for his irreverent, offbeat comedic style and easy-going personality.

  1. 'Where It's At' Featuring Kenny Everett & The Beatles BBC Light 20th May 1967 (123.2Mb)
  2. 1971 10 30 BBC Radio Solent (54.7Mb)
  3. Kenny Everett Show - 1st Birthday record (120.6Mb)
  4. Capital Gold 3 hour Special (244.3Mb)
  5. Capital Gold Tribute, 4th April 2005 (240.4Mb)
  6. Captain Kremmen & The Krells (169Mb)
  7. Captain Kremmen: Giant Banana (28.6Mb)
  8. Captain Kremmen: Sun Suckers (63.5Mb)
  9. Captain Kremmen: The Greatest Adventure Yet From Captain Kremmen (54.5Mb)
  10. Christmas Foreverett (77.5Mb)
  11. Capital Radio Sat 7-7-1979 (86.8Mb)
  12. The Local Radio Years (76.8Mb)
  13. Compilation clips and scopes 60s,70s,80s (109Mb)
  14. Final Recorded Show BBC Radio 1 Sunday 30th September 1973 (80.3Mb)
  15. BBC Radio Bristol (20.8Mb)
  16. Kenny Everett's Christmas Selection Box. (160.7Mb)
  17. Capital Radio 20.10.73 (65.3Mb)
  18. World's Worst Wireless Show 05-04-80 (144.6Mb)
  19. New Years Day 1976, Capital Radio's All Time top 100 (599.2Mb)
  20. The Kenny Everett Radio 2 Show, 10th October 1981 (150.4Mb)
  21. The Kenny Everett Radio 2 Show, 8th May 1982 (157.8Mb)
  22. The World's Worst Record Show, 1977 (120.6Mb)
  23. The World's Worst Record Show, 1980 (144.4Mb)

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