Kermode and Mayo Film Review archive (2005-2011)

Film reviews from the BBC 5 Live show
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Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo Film Review Podcast Collection 2005-2011. BBC 5 Live Podcast

  1. 05/03/11: Hostage; 9 Songs; The Chorus; Life Is A Miracle (16.9Mb)
  2. 05/03/25: Melinda & Melinda; Constantine; Robots; Valiant; Miss Congeniality 2; The Passion Recut (17.9Mb)
  3. 05/04/01: Be Cool; Downfall; The Ring 2; The Manchurian Candidate (15.9Mb)
  4. 05/04/08: Sahara; Bullet Boy; The Assassination of Richard Nixon (3.1Mb)
  5. 05/04/15: The Amityville Horror; The Interpreter (9.7Mb)
  6. 05/04/22: Tarnation; The Wedding Date; Waqt; Around The Bend; Guess Who (14.9Mb)
  7. 05/04/29: Clifford; The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy; xXx 2; In Your Hands; Mean Creek (14.2Mb)
  8. 05/05/06: Kingdom Of Heaven; Palindromes; Twin Sisters and Brothers (16.4Mb)
  9. 05/05/13: Ong-Bak; The Jacket; The Last Horror Movie; Seed Of Chucky; Monster-In-Law; Friday Night Lights (15.4Mb)
  10. 05/05/20: Star Wars Episode III; What The Bleep Do We Know! (14.9Mb)
  11. 05/05/27: Millions; House Of Wax; It's All Gone Pete Tong; Mondays In The Sun; The Pacifier; The Cat Returns (19.2Mb)
  12. 05/06/03: Sin City; The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse; Guerilla; Moolaade (6Mb)
  13. 05/06/10: Mr & Mrs Smith; BAADASSSSS!; Inside Deep Throat (12.3Mb)
  14. 05/06/17: Batman Begins; We Don't Live Here Anymore; Undertow; Bombon (23.6Mb)
  15. 05/06/24: A Lot Like Love; Kung Fu Hustle; Torremolinos 73; In My Father's Den; Evil; Paheli (19.3Mb)
  16. 05/07/01: War Of The Worlds; DiG!; Clean; Imaginary Heroes; The United States Of Leland (7.3Mb)
  17. 05/07/08: The Descent; Overnight (2.7Mb)
  18. 05/07/13: Madagascar; War of the Worlds; The Wedding Crashers; Festival (26.6Mb)
  19. 05/07/22: Fantastic 4; Dark Water; Iain Softley (The Skeleton Key) (4.4Mb)
  20. 05/07/29: The Skeleton Key; Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (9.3Mb)
  21. 05/08/05: Yes; Stealth; Herbie: Fully Loaded; The Devil's Rejects (22.4Mb)
  22. no title (18.9Mb)
  23. 05/08/19: Bewitched; Me And You And Everyone We Know; Primer; Unleashed; The Perfect Man (44.9Mb)
  24. 05/08/26: The Dukes Of Hazzard; George A. Romero (Land of the Dead) (29.3Mb)
  25. 05/09/02: The 40-Year-Old Virgin; The Business; On A Clear Day; David Cronenberg (A History Of Violence) (39.7Mb)
  26. 05/09/09: Cinderella Man; Green Street; The Aristocrats (9.6Mb)
  27. 05/09/16: Wolf Creek; Pride & Prejudice; Must Love Dogs; Pusher II; Lords Of Dogtown (10.4Mb)
  28. no title (34.1Mb)
  29. 05/09/30: A History of Violence; Four Brothers; Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo; Goal (29.4Mb)
  30. 05/10/07: Oliver Twist; Serenity; Kinky Boots (42.9Mb)
  31. 05/10/14: Godzilla; Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit; Domino; Guy X; Lord Of War (19.7Mb)
  32. 05/10/21: The Corpse Bride; Nanny McPhee; Broken Flowers; Sky High (23.2Mb)
  33. 05/10/28: The Legend Of Zorro; Saw II; Thumbsucker (15.2Mb)
  34. 05/11/04: Elizabethtown, Brothers Grimm; Murderball (12.4Mb)
  35. 05/11/11: Constant Gardener; In Her Shoes; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; Hustle & Flow (12.4Mb)
  36. 05/11/18: Harry Potter 4; Stoned; Separate Lies; Factotum; The Libertine (20.4Mb)
  37. 05/11/25: The Exorcism of Emily Rose; Mrs Henderson Presents, Flightplan; Mad Hot Ballroom; Pierre Dulaine (Mad Hot Ballroom) (13.4Mb)
  38. 05/12/02: Where The Truth Lies, Keeping Mum (15.2Mb)
  39. 05/12/09: Narnia; March of the Penguins (16.4Mb)
  40. 05/12/16: King Kong; Lassie; Joyeux Noel (15.7Mb)
  41. 05/12/23: The Producers; Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (12.1Mb)
  42. 05/12/30: Rise; Just Like Heaven (8.1Mb)
  43. 06/01/06: Just Friends; Match Point; Brokeback Mountain; Running Scared (10.5Mb)
  44. 06/01/13: Jarhead; Memoirs of a Geisha; Breakfast On Pluto; Cry Wolf; The Roost; The Truth (12.3Mb)
  45. 06/01/20: A Cock And Bull Story; Shop Girl; Get Rich Or Die Tryin’; Fun With Dick And Jane; Underworld: Evolution (12.4Mb)
  46. 06/01/27: Munich; Rumour Has It; The New World; Hidden; Bee Season (13.7Mb)
  47. 06/02/03: Walk The Line; Grizzly Man; North Country; Derailed (15.3Mb)
  48. 06/02/10: Proof; Final Destination; Chicken Little; Big Momma's House 2; Lady Vengeance (12.6Mb)
  49. 06/02/17: Good Night, and Good Luck; Casanova; Aeon Flux; Feed; McLibel (13.5Mb)
  50. 06/02/24: Lucky Number Slevin; Capote; The Fog (16.6Mb)
  51. 06/03/03: Kidulthood; Syriana; Last Holiday; Stay; The Weather Man; The Matador (17.5Mb)
  52. 06/03/10: The Hills Have Eyes; The Proposition; The World's Fastest Indian; Two For The Money (12.2Mb)
  53. 06/03/17: V For Vendetta; Ushpizin; These Foolish Things; Spike Lee (Inside Man) (13.2Mb)
  54. 06/03/24: Hostel; Inside Man; Transamerica; Romance & Cigarettes; The Big White (15.1Mb)
  55. 06/03/31: Shooting Dogs; Basic Instinct 2; Firewall; The Ballad Of Jack and Rose; The White Countess; The Three Burials (17.1Mb)
  56. 06/04/07: Alien Autopsy; Ice Age 2; The Squid And The Whale; She's The Man; Unknown White Male (7.6Mb)
  57. 06/04/14: Scary Movie 4; American Haunting; Junebug; Glastonbury; Seducing Doctor Lewis; Take The Lead (10.3Mb)
  58. 06/04/21: Crazy; Silent Hill; American Dreams; Tristan & Isolde (15.7Mb)
  59. 06/04/28: Slither; Don't Come Knocking; 16 Blocks; Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room (12.7Mb)
  60. 06/05/05: Mission Impossible 3; Confetti; Black Sun; The Devil and Daniel Johnston (12.1Mb)
  61. 06/05/12: Brick; When A Stranger Calls; Prime; Time To Leave; Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (10.6Mb)
  62. 06/05/19: The Da Vinci Code; Once In A Lifetime; Wah-Wah; The King (16Mb)
  63. 06/05/26: X-Men; Bug; Down In The Valley (15.7Mb)
  64. no title (24.2Mb)
  65. 06/06/09: The Omen; RV; Pusher 3; Election (11.8Mb)
  66. 06/06/16: Thank You For Smoking; Hard Candy; Imagine Me & You (9.6Mb)
  67. 06/06/23: The Wind That Shakes The Barley; The Lake House; Half Light; Aquamarine; Ultraviolet (11.6Mb)
  68. 06/06/30: Over the Hedge; Block Party (5.8Mb)
  69. 06/07/07: Pirates of the Caribbean 2; Ju-On: The Grudge 2; Little Manhattan; Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That (14.9Mb)
  70. no title (21.5Mb)
  71. 06/07/21: Stormbreaker; The Break-Up; Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties; Little Fish; Regular Lovers (15.4Mb)
  72. 06/07/28: Cars; Shooting Dogs; Warrior King; Stay Alive; Angel-A (16.8Mb)
  73. no title (24.9Mb)
  74. 06/08/11: Nacho Libre; Lady In The Water; Bryce Dallas Howard (Lady In The Water) (8.5Mb)
  75. 06/08/18: Snakes on a Plane; Harsh Times; Jindabyn; Wah-Wah (26Mb)
  76. 06/08/25: Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth); Alan Jones (FrightFest); Christopher Smith (Severance) (9.4Mb)
  77. 06/09/01: The Wicker Man; Little Man; Crank; The Sentinel; This Film Is Not Yet Rated (17.3Mb)
  78. 06/09/08: Little Miss Sunshine; Pulse; Snowcake; Driving Lessons (14.4Mb)
  79. 06/09/15: Talladega Nights; The Queen; An Inconvenient Truth; Destricted; The Black Dahlia (12.5Mb)
  80. 06/09/22: Clerks 2; Children of Men; Dirty Sanchez Movie; Kane (8.6Mb)
  81. 06/09/29: Click; World Trade Centre; Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (12.3Mb)
  82. 06/10/06: The Departed; The Devil Wears Prada; Neil Young: Heart of Gold; Brothers of the Head (13.6Mb)
  83. 06/10/13: The History Boys; Black Gold; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning; The Guardian; Open Season (19Mb)
  84. 06/10/20: Marie Antoinette; Barnyard; The Great Ecstasy Of Robert Carmichael; The Last Kiss; The Grudge 2 (16.1Mb)
  85. 06/10/27: Step Up; Saw 3; Red Road; All The King's Men; A Good Year (14Mb)
  86. 06/11/03: Borat; Little Children; Sixty Six; The Page Turner (16.7Mb)
  87. 06/11/10: The Prestige; Breaking And Entering; Starter For 10; The Host (18.8Mb)
  88. 06/11/17: Casino Royale; Requiem; The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D (12Mb)
  89. 06/11/24: Pan's Labyrinth; The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause; Hollywoodland; Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man; Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (9.7Mb)
  90. 06/12/01: Stranger Than Fiction; London To Brighton; Shortbus; Big Nothing; Flushed Away (12.7Mb)
  91. 06/12/08: The Holiday; Happy Feet; The U.S. vs John Lennon; The Nativity Story (21Mb)
  92. 06/12/12: Discussion on Kids' Films (14.1Mb)
  93. 06/12/15: Eragon; Deja vu; The Wizard of Oz; Black Christmas; It's Winter (12.4Mb)
  94. 06/12/22: Flags Of Our Fathers; It's A Boy Girl Thing; Night At The Museum; Perfume (18.3Mb)
  95. 06/12/29: Review Of The Year 2006 (19.8Mb)
  96. 07/01/05: Apocalypto; Miss Potter; White Noise 2; Little Red Flowers; Paris Is Burning (11.4Mb)
  97. 07/01/13: The Last King Of Scotland; The Pursuit Of Happyness; Smokin' Aces; Ghosts (13.3Mb)
  98. 07/01/19: Rocky Balboa; Infamous; Babel; Black Book; Toby Jones (Infamous) (13.5Mb)
  99. 07/01/23: Oscars Preview (9.9Mb)
  100. 07/01/26: Blood Diamond; The Fountain; Bobby; Venus; Them; The Lives of the Saints (17.5Mb)
  101. 07/02/02: Dreamgirls; Arther and the Invisibles; Notes on a Scandal; Running With Scissors; Welcome To Dongmakgol (12.9Mb)
  102. 07/02/09: For Your Consideration; Hannibal Rising; Shark Bait; Charlotte's Web; Music and Lyrics; Goal 2 (12.2Mb)
  103. 07/02/12: BAFTA Review (4.8Mb)
  104. 07/02/16: Hot Fuzz; Eklavya; The 9th Company ; The Science Of Sleep (14.4Mb)
  105. 07/02/23: Letters From Iwo Jima; The Number 23; The Good Shepherd; School For Scoundrels; Shaitan (35Mb)
  106. 07/02/27: Oscars Review (5.6Mb)
  107. 07/03/02: Ghost Rider; A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints; The Illusionist; Material Girls; Freedom Writers (12.7Mb)
  108. 07/03/09: Inland Empire; Norbit; Becoming Jane; Gone; Outlaw (17.1Mb)
  109. 07/03/16: Premonition; Factory Girl; Fur (10.4Mb)
  110. 07/03/23: 300; TMNT; Amazing Grace; I Want Candy; The Gigolos (17Mb)
  111. 07/03/30: The Hills Have Eyes 2; Mr Bean's Holiday; The Namesake; Meet The Robinsons (13Mb)
  112. 07/04/06: Sunshine; Blades Of Glory; The Caiman; El Topo (4.1Mb)
  113. 07/04/13: Wild Hogs; The Lives Of Others; Shooter (5.4Mb)
  114. 07/04/20: Half Nelson; Pathfinder; Reign Over Me (6.9Mb)
  115. 07/04/27: This Is England; Straightheads; The Painted Veil; Reno 911; The Breed; Next; Scott Walker: Century Man (20.3Mb)
  116. 07/05/02: Sam Raimi (Spider-Man 3) (3.9Mb)
  117. 07/05/04: Spider-Man 3; Fast Food Nation; Bridge To Terabithia; Goya's Ghosts (13.9Mb)
  118. 07/05/11: 28 Weeks Later; Goodbye Bafana; Blue Blood (11.2Mb)
  119. 07/05/18: Zodiac; Black Snake Moan; Magicians; Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (13Mb)
  120. 07/05/25: Pirates of the Caribbean 3; Jindabyne (25.7Mb)
  121. 07/06/01: Wedding Daze; Flyboys; The Hitchhiker (18.4Mb)
  122. 07/06/08: Oceans 13; Taking Liberties; The Tiger's Tail (14Mb)
  123. 07/06/15: Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer; Tell No One; Vacany; Grow Your Own; Wild Blue Yonder (9.7Mb)
  124. 07/06/22: Captivity; Lucky You; La Vie En Rose (12.1Mb)
  125. 07/06/29: Shrek the Third; Hostel 2; Shut Up and Sing; The Flying Scotsman; Golden Door (10.5Mb)
  126. 07/07/06: Die Hard 4; Edmond; Flandres; Dead Silence (7.1Mb)
  127. 07/07/13: Harry Potter 5; Macbeth; Last Tango In Paris; Taxidermia; Moliere (13.2Mb)
  128. 07/07/20: Hairspray; Firehouse Dog; The Seventh Seal; Buy It Now (15.3Mb)
  129. 07/07/27: Transformers; The Simpsons Movie; SherryBaby (18.1Mb)
  130. 07/07/31: Paul Schrader (The Walker) (7Mb)
  131. 07/08/03: Evan Almighty; The Hoax; I is for India; Brief Encounter; Tales From Earthsea (12.2Mb)
  132. 07/08/10: Rush Hour 3; The Waitress; The Walker; Licence To Wed; Surf's Up (12.6Mb)
  133. 07/08/17: The Bourne Ultimatum; Bratz; Eagle Vs Shark; Copying Beethoven (14.3Mb)
  134. 07/08/24: Knocked Up; The Wicker Man; Seraphim Falls; Lady Chatterly; Sugarhouse (32.5Mb)
  135. 07/08/31: No Reservations; 1408; 2 Days In Paris; Breach; Hallam Foe (11.1Mb)
  136. 07/09/07: Atonement; Run Fat Boy Run; Rise Of The Footsoldier (12.1Mb)
  137. 07/09/14: 3-10 to Yuma; Shoot Em Up; Superbad; December Boys (14.6Mb)
  138. 07/09/21: Death Proof; A Mighty Heart; I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry; Clubland (17.3Mb)
  139. 07/09/28: Michael Clayton; Michael Madsen (Being Michael Madsen) (20.8Mb)
  140. 07/10/05: Control; The Heartbreak Kid; The Kingdom; And When Did You Last See Your Father; Manufacturing Dissent (21.7Mb)
  141. 07/10/12: Once; Resident Evil: Extinction; The Invasion; The Nanny Diaries; Ratatouille; Mr Brooks; Black Sheep (16.9Mb)
  142. 07/10/18: David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises) (8.1Mb)
  143. 07/10/19: Stardust; The Dark Is Rising; The Last Legion; Nancy Drew; Daddy Day Camp; Once; Rendition (17.1Mb)
  144. 07/10/26: Eastern Promises; Lagerfeld Confidential; Sicko (14.5Mb)
  145. 07/11/02: 30 Days Of Night; Elizabeth: The Golden Age; Interview (11.1Mb)
  146. 07/11/09: Into The Wild; Planet Terror; Good Luck Chuck; Bug (13.5Mb)
  147. 07/11/16: American Gangster; Beowulf; Brick Lane; Weirdsville (25.4Mb)
  148. 07/11/23: Jesus Camp; The Darjeeling Ltd; Sleuth; Rescue Dawn (15.4Mb)
  149. 07/11/30: The Assassination of Jesse James; Hitman; Fred Clause; The Magic Flute (14.9Mb)
  150. 07/12/07: The Golden Compass; Silent Light; Southland Tales; You Kill Me (13.2Mb)
  151. 07/12/14: Bee Movie; Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium; Enchanted; Youth Without Youth (22Mb)
  152. 07/12/19: Greatest Christmas Movies (8.4Mb)
  153. 07/12/21: I Am Legend; Alvin and the Chipmunks; St Trinian's; I'm Not There (8.2Mb)
  154. 07/12/28: Review Of The Year 2007 (23.3Mb)
  155. 08/01/04: Lust Caution; P.S. I Love You; Alice In The City (12.8Mb)
  156. 08/01/11: Charlie Wilson's War; Before The Devils Knows You're Dead; 4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days; Dan In Real Life (18.4Mb)
  157. 08/01/11: Tom Hanks (Charlie Wilson's War) (5.9Mb)
  158. 08/01/18: No Country For Old Men; Walk Hard; The Good Night; Aliens vs Predator Requiem (5.9Mb)
  159. 08/01/18: Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatium) (6.6Mb)
  160. 08/01/25: Sweeney Todd; In The Valley Of The Elahs; The Savages (17.5Mb)
  161. 08/02/01: Cloverfield; Penelope; Battle For Haditha; Things We Lost In The Fire; Freebird (18.7Mb)
  162. 08/02/01: Hello To Jason Issacs (17.3Mb)
  163. 08/02/08: BAFTA Preview (12.1Mb)
  164. 08/02/08: There Will Be Blood; Juno; The Diving Bell and The Butterfly; Definitely Maybe (17.4Mb)
  165. 08/02/11: BAFTA Review (10.4Mb)
  166. 08/02/15: The Bucket List; Jumper; River Queen; All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (14Mb)
  167. 08/02/22: Be Kind Rewind; Rambo; Honeydripper; My Blueberry Nights (20.2Mb)
  168. 08/02/25: Oscars Preview (12.4Mb)
  169. 08/02/29: Semi Pro; The Bank Job; Margot At The Wedding; The Accidental Husband (16.2Mb)
  170. 08/03/07: The Other Boleyn Girl; Diary Of The Dead; Vantage Point (17Mb)
  171. 08/03/14: 10,000 BC; Mr Lonely; The Cottage (18.9Mb)
  172. 08/03/21: The Orphange; Dr Seuss' Horton Hears A Who; The Spiderwick Chronicles; Meet The Spartans; Lars And The Real Girl (21.8Mb)
  173. 08/03/28: Drillbit Taylor; 27 Dresses; The Hottie and the Nottie (16Mb)
  174. 08/04/04: Mike Leigh (Happy-Go-Lucky) (7Mb)
  175. 08/04/04: Son Of Rambow; Funny Games (US); How She Move; Awake; Never Back Down (15.4Mb)
  176. 08/04/11: Shine A Light; 21; Leatherheads; Lonesome Jim (16.7Mb)
  177. 08/04/18: In Bruges; Happy-Go-Lucky; Flashbacks Of A Fool (20.5Mb)
  178. 08/04/25: Three and Out; Deception; Forgetting Sarah Marshall; The Eye; Persepolis (16.6Mb)
  179. 08/05/02: Iron Man; Joy Division; P2, Nim's Island; Made of Honour (16Mb)
  180. 08/05/09: Morgan Spurlock (Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden) (10Mb)
  181. 08/05/09: Speed Racer; Doomsday; What Happens In Vegas; Cashback (20.8Mb)
  182. 08/05/16: Charlie Bartlett; Shutter; Outpost; Smart People; Caramel (16.1Mb)
  183. 08/05/23: Indiana Jones 4; Timber Falls (20.3Mb)
  184. 08/05/30: Sex And The City; Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins; California Dreaming; Chemical Wedding; Zoo; The Unwinking Gaze (13Mb)
  185. 08/06/06: The Waiting Room; Gone Baby Gone; Superhero (10.7Mb)
  186. 08/06/13: The Incredible Hulk; The Happening (21.5Mb)
  187. 08/06/20: Teeth; The Edge Of Love; The Escapist; The Ruins (16.3Mb)
  188. 08/06/27: Wanted; A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures; Narnia 2 (18.5Mb)
  189. 08/07/04: Hancock; The Mist; The Visitor; Kung Fu Panda (13Mb)
  190. 08/07/11: Mamma Mia; Journey To The Centre Of The Earth; The Forbidden Kingdom; Savage Grace; Sigourney Weaver (WALL-E) (22.5Mb)
  191. 08/07/18: Wall-E; CSNY; Meet Dave (21.2Mb)
  192. 08/07/25: The Dark Knight; Lou Reed's Berlin; Before The Rains; Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (19.8Mb)
  193. 08/08/01: X-Files; The Love Guru; Man On Wire; Cass; El Bano Del Papa (11.1Mb)
  194. 08/08/08: The Mummy - Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor; The Fox And The Child; Elite Squad (4.9Mb)
  195. 08/08/15: Hellboy 2; Star Wars: The Clone Wars; You Don't Mess With The Zohan; Wild Child (15.6Mb)
  196. 08/08/22: Somers Town; Get Smart; Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy 2) (26.4Mb)
  197. 08/08/29: The Wackness; Times And Winds; Babylon AD; The Strangers (8.3Mb)
  198. 08/09/05: RocknRolla; The Dutchess (13.6Mb)
  199. 08/09/12: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas; Eden Lake; Pineapple Express; The Women (25.9Mb)
  200. 08/09/19: Tropic Thunder; The Class (15.1Mb)
  201. 08/09/26: Taken; Righteous Kill; Red Belt; I've Loved You So Long (20.8Mb)
  202. 08/10/03: Brideshead Revisited; How To Make Friends and Alienate People (13.6Mb)
  203. 08/10/03: Kevin Spacey (Recount) (10.6Mb)
  204. 08/10/03: Simon Pegg (How To Make Friends and Alienate People) (5.8Mb)
  205. 08/10/10: Heavy Load; Gomorrah; Mirrors; House Bunny (13.6Mb)
  206. 08/10/17: Burn After Reading; Eagle Eye; The Rocker; Young@Heart (20.2Mb)
  207. 08/10/24: Quantum of Solace; High School Musical 3; Ghost Town (21.6Mb)
  208. 08/10/31: Hunger; Of Time and the City; Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) (29Mb)
  209. 08/11/07: Ridley Scott (Body of Lies) (6.2Mb)
  210. 08/11/07: W; Easy Virtue; Pride and Glory; The Warlords (10.8Mb)
  211. 08/11/14: The Baader-Meinhof Complexl Max Payne; Mark Wahlberg (Max Payne) (22.3Mb)
  212. 08/11/21: Body of Lies; Blindness; Waltz with Bashir (21.8Mb)
  213. 08/11/28: Changeling; Four Christmases; Flawless; The Silence of Lorna; What Just Happened? (21.9Mb)
  214. 08/12/05: Lakeview Terrace; Transporter 3 (19.5Mb)
  215. 08/12/12: The Day The Earth Stood Still (25.4Mb)
  216. 08/12/19: Twilight; Australia; The Tale of Despereaux (15.5Mb)
  217. 08/12/25: The Movie Game (22.6Mb)
  218. 08/12/26: Review Of The Year 2008 (23.3Mb)
  219. 09/01/02: Yes Man; Australia; The Reader; Che: (pt 1); The Spirit (9.2Mb)
  220. 09/01/09: Slumdog Millionaire; Bride Wars; Defiance (21.9Mb)
  221. 09/01/16: Meryl Streep (Doubt); Dustin Lance Black and Gus Van Sant (Milk) (12.7Mb)
  222. 09/01/16: The Wrestler; Seven Pounds; Stuck; Beverly Hills Chihuahua; My Bloody Valentine 3D (20Mb)
  223. 09/01/22: Oscars Preview (16.1Mb)
  224. 09/01/23: Frost/Nixon; Milk; Rachel Getting Married; Valkyrie; Underworld - Rise Of The Lycans (21.1Mb)
  225. 09/01/30: Revolutionary Road; JCVD; The Broken; Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist (21.4Mb)
  226. 09/02/06: Bruce Campbell (My Name Is Bruce) (9.6Mb)
  227. 09/02/05: Terry Gilliam (His BAFTA Fellowship) (10Mb)
  228. 09/02/06: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Doubt; Bolt; Vicky Cristina Barcelona (15.6Mb)
  229. 09/02/09: BAFTA Review; Oscars Preview (2.9Mb)
  230. 09/02/13: Notorious; Pink Panther 2; Friday the 13th (17.9Mb)
  231. 09/02/20: Gran Torino; Che (pt 2); Cadillac Records (18.6Mb)
  232. 09/02/23: Oscars Review (13.7Mb)
  233. 09/02/27: The International; Out Of Town; The Class; The Unborn; Franklyn (26.6Mb)
  234. 09/03/06: Watchmen; Surveillance; The Young Victoria; American Teen (25.2Mb)
  235. 09/03/13: Marley and Me; Bronson; Hush; Not Quite Hollywood (22.2Mb)
  236. 09/03/20 - Hyde Park Picture House: Lesbian Vampire Killers; Duplicity; Il Divo; Diminished Capacity; Paul Blart: Mall Cop (13.5Mb)
  237. 09/03/20 - Hyde Park Picture House: The Damned United (16.4Mb)
  238. 09/03/27: Two Lovers; Knowing; Tyson; The Damned United (15.5Mb)
  239. 09/04/03: The Boat That Rocked; Monsters vs Aliens (15.7Mb)
  240. 09/04/17: 17 Again; Fast & Furious; Race To Witch Mountain (15.5Mb)
  241. 09/04/17: In The Loop; I Love You, Man; Good (13.5Mb)
  242. 09/04/24: State of Play; Observe and Report (23.4Mb)
  243. 09/05/01: Hannah Montana The Movie; X Men Origins: Wolverine; Is Anybody There (17.7Mb)
  244. 09/05/01: Hello to David Morrissey (Is Anybody There?) (5.7Mb)
  245. 09/05/08: Star Trek; Coraline (24Mb)
  246. 09/05/12: Sony Awards (4.4Mb)
  247. 09/05/15: Angels & Demons; Fighting, Synecdoche NY (26.5Mb)
  248. 09/05/22: Night At The Museum 2; Tormented; Awaydays (25.8Mb)
  249. 09/05/29: Drag Me To Hell; Jonas Bros 3D (22.6Mb)
  250. 09/06/04: The Dodge Brothers (12th Annual British Silent Cinema Festival) (9.6Mb)
  251. 09/06/05: Terminator Salvation; Anything For Her (9.6Mb)
  252. 09/06/12: The Hangover; Looking For Eric; Last House on the Left (17Mb)
  253. 09/06/19 - Live in Edinburgh - The Beginning (13.3Mb)
  254. 09/06/19 - Live in Edinburgh - The Final Chapter: Transformers 2 (13.6Mb)
  255. 09/06/19 - Live in Edinburgh - The Revenge (22.7Mb)
  256. 09/06/26: Year One; Rudo y Cursi; Shirin; Sunshine Cleaning (12.2Mb)
  257. 09/07/03: Public Enemies; Ice Age 3 (17.6Mb)
  258. 09/07/10: Bruno; Soul Power; The Private Lives of Pippa Lee; Fired Up! (13.7Mb)
  259. 09/07/10: Willem Dafoe (Antichrist) (10.6Mb)
  260. 09/07/17: Harry Potter 6; Moon (12.9Mb)
  261. 09/07/24: Antichrist; The Proposal; Just Another Love Story; Charles Dickens's England (26.6Mb)
  262. 09/07/31: The Taking of Pelham 123; G-Force; Land of the Lost; Crossing Over (9.7Mb)
  263. 09/08/07: The Ugly Truth; GI Joe (10Mb)
  264. 09/08/14: Inglorious Basterds; Imagine That; Bandslam; The Time Traveler's Wife; A Perfect Getaway (20.8Mb)
  265. 09/08/21: Dance Flick; After School; I Love You Beth Cooper (13.7Mb)
  266. 09/08/28: Funny People; Mesrine: Public Enemy #1; The Hurt Locker; Jason Isaacs (Good) (20.8Mb)
  267. 09/09/04: District 9; (500) Days Of Summer (14.2Mb)
  268. 09/09/11: Adventureland; Fish Tank; Julie and Julia; Dorian Gray (20.6Mb)
  269. 09/09/18: Gamer; Away We Go; Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (24.7Mb)
  270. 09/09/25: Creation; The Crimson Wing; Surrogates; The Soloist (24.9Mb)
  271. 09/10/02: The Invention of Lying; Pandorum; Army of Crime; Driving Aphrodite (21.3Mb)
  272. 09/10/09: Up; Zombieland; Love Happens (24Mb)
  273. 09/10/16: The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus; Pontypool; Couples Retreat; Thirst; Triangle (21.6Mb)
  274. 09/10/23 - Octoberfest: Fantastic Mr. Fox; The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard; The Cove (19.6Mb)
  275. 09/10/30: Michael Jackson's This Is It; An Education; Nine (12.5Mb)
  276. 09/11/06: The Men Who Stare At Goats; Jennifer's Body; Fourth Kind; Christmas Carol; Bright Star; Inferno (20.6Mb)
  277. 09/11/13: 2012; Harry Brown; The White Ribbon (22.2Mb)
  278. 09/11/20: Twilight New Moon; A Serious Man; The Informant (12.8Mb)
  279. 09/11/27: Paranormal Activity; Law Abiding Citizen; The Nativity Story (18.6Mb)
  280. 09/12/04: Me and Orson Welles; The Box; The Descent 2 (21.1Mb)
  281. 09/12/11: Where The Wild Things Are; The Limits of Control; The Stepfather (21.3Mb)
  282. 09/12/18: Avatar; Sherlock Holmes; Nowhere Boy; St Trinian's 2 (18.3Mb)
  283. 09/12/31: Review Of The Year 2009 (pt 1) (22.7Mb)
  284. 09/12/31: Review Of The Year 2009 (pt 2) (22.6Mb)
  285. 10/01/08: Andy Serkis (Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll); John Hillcoat (The Road) (25.9Mb)
  286. 10/01/08: It's Complicated; Daybreakers; Exam (15.6Mb)
  287. 10/01/15: John Hurt (44 Inch Chest) (17.3Mb)
  288. 10/01/15: Up In The Air; The Book of Eli; All About Steve; 44 Inch Chest (25.3Mb)
  289. Kermode: Bafta nominations, 18 Jan 11 (8.1Mb)
  290. 10/01/22: A Prophet; Ninja Assassin; Brothers (20.2Mb)
  291. 10/01/22: Lee Daniels (Precious) (9.7Mb)
  292. 10/01/29: Precious; Edge of Darkness; The Princess and the Frog; Adoration (22.9Mb)
  293. 10/02/05: Colin Firth (A Single Man); Eric Schlosser (Food Inc.) (21.9Mb)
  294. 10/02/05: Invictus; Oil City Confidential; Youth In Revolt; Astro Boy (21Mb)
  295. 10/02/12: A Single Man; The Wolfman; Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief; Ponyo; Valentine's Day (24.8Mb)
  296. 10/02/12: Tom Conti (A Closed Book) (18Mb)
  297. 10/02/19: Anil Kapoor Interview (11.3Mb)
  298. 10/02/19: Crazy Heart; The Last Station; The Lovely Bones; Solomon Kane (13.8Mb)
  299. 10/02/22: BAFTA Review (6Mb)
  300. 10/02/26: Leap Year; Capitalism: A Love Story; The Crazies; From Paris With Love; Extraordinary Measures (16.4Mb)
  301. 10/02/26: The People's Top Ten (21.2Mb)
  302. 10/03/05: Alice in Wonderland; Legion; Case 39; Ondine; Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass (Green Zone) (23.9Mb)
  303. 10/03/08: Oscars Review (15.9Mb)
  304. 10/03/12: Green Zone; Shutter Island; Hachiko: A Dog's Tale; The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (38.6Mb)
  305. 10/03/19: The Bounty Hunter; Scouting For Boys; The Spy Next Door (14.4Mb)
  306. 10/03/26: Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang; The Blind Side; Stephen Wooley and Jodie Whittaker (Perrier's Bounty) (37.1Mb)
  307. 10/04/02: Kick-Ass; The Infidel; Clash of the Titans; Remember Me (36Mb)
  308. 10/04/09: Whip It; Mark Millar (Kick-Ass); Ricky Gervais (Cemetery Junction) (30.1Mb)
  309. 10/04/16: The Ghost Writer; Cemetery Junction; Dear John; Repo Men; Date Night (Steve Carell and Tina Fey) (22.4Mb)
  310. 10/04/23: Centurion; Date Night; Extract; Life During Wartime; Neil Marshall (Centurion) (42.6Mb)
  311. 10/04/30: Iron Man 2; The Last Song; Gentleman Broncos (41.9Mb)
  312. 10/05/07: Four Lions; A Nightmare on Elm Street; Furry Vengeance; Hot Tub Time Machine; The Back-Up Plan; Russell Crowe (Robin Hood) (39.5Mb)
  313. 10/05/11: Sony Awards (3.6Mb)
  314. 10/05/14: Robin Hood; American: The Bill Hicks Story; The Lebanon (40.3Mb)
  315. 10/05/17: Cannes Film Festival (6.8Mb)
  316. 10/05/21: Bad Lieutenant; Prince of Persia; Cop Out; Streetdance 3D; Pimp (36.3Mb)
  317. 10/05/28: Sex and the City 2; Tooth Fairy; REC 2; Noel Clarke (; Michael Winterbottom (The Killer Inside Me) (35.1Mb)
  318. 10/06/04: The Killer Inside Me;; Death At A Funeral; She's Out Of My League (10.3Mb)
  319. 10/06/11: Black Death; Letters To Juliet; Greenberg; Brooklyn's Finest (21.3Mb)
  320. 10/06/19: MacGruber; Killers; Our Family Wedding; Ajami; Please Give; Hierro (19.3Mb)
  321. 10/06/26: Get Him to the Greek; Whatever Works, Tetro; Good Hair (21.9Mb)
  322. 10/07/03: Shrek Forever After; David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse) (22.5Mb)
  323. 10/07/09: Twilight Eclipse; Predators; Jason Isaacs (Skeletons); Cilian Murphy (Inception) (37.9Mb)
  324. 10/07/16: Inception; Toy Story 3; Bluebeard (20.7Mb)
  325. 10/07/23: Splice; Baaria; The Rebound; City Island (42.9Mb)
  326. 10/07/30: Karate Kid; The A-Team; South of the Border; Gainsbourg (39.1Mb)
  327. 10/08/06: Knight and Day; Step Up 3D; Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky; Undertow; Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (38.7Mb)
  328. 10/08/13: The Last Airbender; The Sorcerer's Apprentice; Black Dynamite (40.9Mb)
  329. 10/08/20: Salt; Piranha 3D; The Expendables; The Illusionist; Mother; The Human Centipede (37.1Mb)
  330. 10/08/27: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World; The Girl Who Played With Fire; Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Edgar Wright and Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim) (25.7Mb)
  331. 10/09/03: Dinner For Schmucks; The Switch; Certified Copy; Last Exorcism; Jonah Hex; Cherry Tree Lane (38.9Mb)
  332. 10/09/10: Tamara Drewe; Cyrus; Resident Evil Afterlife (41.9Mb)
  333. 10/09/17 - Septemberfest: I'm Still Here; The Other Guys; Winter's Bone (40.5Mb)
  334. 10/09/24: The Hole 3D; The Town; Eat, Pray, Love (43.9Mb)
  335. 10/10/01: Made in Dagenham; Buried; Takers; The First Movie (39.7Mb)
  336. 10/10/08 - The Phoenix Cinema Special: Wall Street 2; The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud; Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) (42.1Mb)
  337. 10/10/15: The Social Network; Despicable Me; Vampires Suck (42.7Mb)
  338. 10/10/22: Paranormal Activity 2; Legends Of The Guardians; Easy A; Red; Alpha & Omega 3D (44.4Mb)
  339. 10/10/29: The Kids Are All Right; Burke and Hare; The Hunter; Involuntary; Saw 3D (43.5Mb)
  340. 10/11/12: Skyline; Let Me In; We Are What We Are; You Again. (43.8Mb)
  341. 10/11/19: Harry Potter 7a; Code of Conduct; Chico & Rita; Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives; Dream Home (43.3Mb)
  342. 10/11/26: The American; Machete; Unstoppable (41.5Mb)
  343. 10/12/03: Monsters; Megamind; Of Gods and Men; The Be All and End All (41.2Mb)
  344. 10/12/10: The Tourist; Somewhere; Narnia 3; For Colored Girls; In Our Name; A Serbian Film; Outcast (43.2Mb)
  345. 10/12/17: Tron Legacy; Burlesque; Catfish; Fred The Movie (40.5Mb)
  346. 10/12/24: The Way Back; Chatroom; Love and Other Drugs; Little Fockers (22.9Mb)
  347. 10/12/24: Wittertainment Festive Film Quiz (22.5Mb)
  348. 10/12/31: Review Of The Year 2010 (45.6Mb)

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