King Solomon's Mines

Dramatisation of the Rider Haggard novel
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An intrepid explorer sets out on the impossible quest for the fabled King Solomon's diamond mines
Tim McInnerny stars in Sir H Rider Haggard's classic Victorian adventure story, set in a mythical African interior.
This gripping story is a treasure hunt, a mystery, a psychological drama, and a kaleidoscope of sound.

Dramatised in two parts by Chris Harrald.
Director: Liz Webb
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in April 2017.

The original book at Project Gutenberg: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/2166
The EPUB version with images has been included here.

Allan Quatermaine .... Tim McInnerny
Sir Henry Curtis .... David Sturzaker
Captain John Good .... Simon Ludders
Umbopa .... Sope Dirisu
Infadoos .... Maynard Eziashi
Ventvogel .... Tonderaj Munyevu
Scragga .... Tonderai Munyevu
Silvestre .... Joe Ferrara
Officer .... Finlay Robertson
Gagool ...... Adjoa Andoh
Foulata ...... Emmanuella Cole
Twala ...... Femi Elufowoju
George ...... Finlay Robertson
Captain John Good ...... Simon Ludders

Episode 1:
Hunter Allan Quatermain is asked by Sir Henry Curtis to join in the search for his brother George, who disappeared a year ago on a quest to find the legendary diamond mines of King Solomon, in an uncharted part of Africa.

Quatermain regards this as a suicidal mission but, fatalistic and wishing to provide for his son Harry, he finally agrees to go and keeps a journal for his son of the trip from which he never expects to return.

Quatermain, Sir Henry, his friend Captain John Good and their bearers set off into the unknown ... on a challenging and near fatal journey, eventually encountering the fierce Kukuana tribe led by Chief Infadoos who agrees to take them to the town of Loo near the fabled King Solomon's Mines.

Episode 2:
Allan Quatermain is writing a journal for his son Harry as he believes he will never return from accompanying Sir Henry Curtis on his mission to find the fabled King Solomon's Mines, in order to find out what has happened to Sir Henry's younger brother George who set out on the same quest the year before.

Quatermain, Sir Henry, Captain Good and their bearer Umbopa are being escorted to the town of Loo by Chief Infadoos to meet the blood-thirsty King Twala of the Kukuana and his witch-finder Gagool

The adventurers watch the terrifying night of the great witch hunt when countless Kukuana perish. Their mysterious bearer Umbopa is not what he seems and may be their only hope of survival and of finally finding King Solomon's Mines.

  1. Episode One (132.8Mb)
  2. Episode Two (132.8Mb)

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