In and Out of the Kitchen

Radio comedy about a cookery writer
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In and Out of the Kitchen is a BBC radio comedy written by Miles Jupp. Its first series was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2011. The show revolves around the lives of fussy perfectionist culinary writer Damien Trench (played by Miles Jupp) and his more laid-back partner, Anthony (played by Justin Edwards). It features a mixture of dialogue, Damien's diary entries and a weekly recipe. Although he does not attempt to cook the recipes he writes on behalf of Damien, Jupp has stated that they are "probably...reasonably edible", with the notable exception of "pilchards al limone" and "whatever the hangover cure was from the first episode". A second series was broadcast in 2013 and a third series announced on Jupp's website soon after, along with plans for a TV pilot.

  1. January 1st-5th (25.3Mb)
  2. April 21st-25th (25.2Mb)
  3. July 15th-19th (25.5Mb)
  4. September 18th-24th (25.3Mb)
  5. The Review (25.2Mb)
  6. Valentine's Day (25.4Mb)
  7. The Dinner Party (25.3Mb)
  8. The Wedding (25.6Mb)
  9. The Literary Festival (25.2Mb)
  10. On Location (25.1Mb)
  11. The Awards (25.1Mb)
  12. The Funeral (25.3Mb)
  13. The After-Dinner (25.5Mb)
  14. The Travel Piece (25.3Mb)
  15. The Work's Barbecue (25Mb)
  16. The Prisoner (25.5Mb)
  17. The Supplement (25.5Mb)
  18. The Panel Show (25.6Mb)
  19. The Baby (25.1Mb)
  20. The Stag (25.4Mb)
  21. The Wedding (25.1Mb)

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