Comedy about a market researcher

Ian Dunn is the only long-serving market researcher for International Query Board UK. Ian has to go through his working life armed only with irrational surveys, a broken clipboard and the Market Research Code of Conduct in order to get responses from a hostile public and please his unsympathetic boss Mary.

  1. Knocker %28s01 e01%29 'Privinvasionacy' (12.8Mb)
  2. Knocker %28s01 e02%29 'Eligibilliant' (12.8Mb)
  3. Knocker %28s01 e03%29 'Obselejectivitysence' (12.9Mb)
  4. Knocker %28s01 e04%29 'Confidentialitydence' (12.9Mb)
  5. Knocker %28s01 e05%29 'Incentativity' (12.9Mb)
  6. Knocker %28s01 e06%29 'Profitch' (12.9Mb)

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