Knowing Me Knowing You
Spoof chat show hosted by Alan Partridge

Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge (also known as Knowing Me Knowing You) is a BBC Radio 4 series of six episodes (beginning 1 December 1992).

Steve Coogan played the incompetent but self-satisfied Norwich-based host, Alan Partridge.

  1. Alan does not fire blanks (40.4Mb)
  2. "Steven McCombe - where are you now?" (40.3Mb)
  3. Alan snorts drugs live on air (39.8Mb)
  4. Alan entertains royalty (40.9Mb)
  5. Live from Las Vegas (40.6Mb)
  6. "In this business people become hot." (40.9Mb)
  7. 1993 Special (6.7Mb)

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