Les Miserables

Five-part BBC radio production from 2001
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Victor Hugo's epic story of social injustice.

Dramatised by Sebastian Baczkiewicz and Lin Coghlan.
Producer: Jeremy Mortimer
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in January 2001

Victor Hugo... Joss Ackland
Jean Valjean .... Roger Allam
Inspector Javert ...David Schofield
Bishop Myriel... David De Keyser
Thenardier ... Henry Goodman
Mme Thenardier ... Jane Whittenshaw
Mme Magloire ... Marlene Sidaway
Mme Victurnine ... Elizabeth Bennett
Fantine .... Emily Bruni
Petit Gervais... Daniel Hanbridge
Sister Simplice ... Carolyn Pickles
Cochepaille ... Struan Roger

Cosette (child) ... Sophie Shad
Cosette (adult) ... Lucy Whybrow
Eponine (child) ...Connie Gurie
Drinker 1/Tradesman 1... Ewan Bailey
Drinker 2/Tradesman 2... Peter Darney
Fauchlevant ...Sean Baker
Gillenormand ... Leslie Philips
Mme Gillenormand ...Shuna Snow
Maboeuf ... Timothy Bateson

Marius ... Jonathan Forbes
Combeferre ... Carl Prekopp
Toussaint ... Annette Badland
Eponine (adult) ... Patsy Palmer
Azelma ... Helen Longworth
Gavroche .. Leagh Conwell

Enjolras ... Peter Darney
Vendor ... Sean Baker
Basque ... Ewan Bailey


Episode 1
France 1815: Jean Valjean - sentenced to 19 years hard labour for stealing a loaf of bread - is finally released from prison.
Given shelter by the kind-hearted Bishop of Digne, he's tempted to carry out one more criminal act.

Episode 2
Jean Valjean is determined to rescue Fantine's child from a life of misery with the Thernadier family.

Episode 3
Marius is walking in the Luxembourg Gardens and sees Cosette. Just one glance and his life is changed forever!
But Valjean is nervous...

Episode 4
Can Marius persuade his Grandfather to let him marry Cosette before Valjean takes her to England?
Victor Hugo's epic story of social injustice.

Episode 5
Once more Jean Valjean puts his life into Inspector Javert's hands...
Conclusion of Victor Hugo's epic story of social injustice.

  1. Episode One (157.2Mb)
  2. Episode Two (156.9Mb)
  3. Episode Three (156.4Mb)
  4. Episode Four (158.4Mb)
  5. Episode Five (156.8Mb)

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