Let's Pretend

Children's radio show
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Old Time Radio Programs. Lets Pretend, A Childrens Show.

  1. no title (4.6Mb)
  2. no title (5.5Mb)
  3. no title (4.5Mb)
  4. no title (4.4Mb)
  5. no title (7.2Mb)
  6. BeautyAndTheBeast (6.5Mb)
  7. Cinderella (4.7Mb)
  8. JackAndTheBeanstalk (5.9Mb)
  9. KingArthursSon (6.2Mb)
  10. MellALot (7Mb)
  11. NightBeforeChristmas (5.4Mb)
  12. PussAndBoots (4.5Mb)
  13. RobinHood (5.3Mb)
  14. SixSwans (5.8Mb)
  15. SnowQueen (5.4Mb)
  16. The White Cat (5.9Mb)
  17. no title (4.8Mb)
  18. no title (7.2Mb)
  19. Why the Sea is Salty (6.7Mb)
  20. The Little Mermaid (6.7Mb)
  21. The Elves and the Shoemaker (6.9Mb)
  22. The Water of Life (6.8Mb)
  23. Prince Gigi and the Magic Ring (6.7Mb)
  24. House of the World Christmas Special (6.8Mb)
  25. King Midas and the Golden Touch (6.1Mb)
  26. Princess Moonbeam (6.7Mb)
  27. Frog Prince (6.1Mb)
  28. The Yellow Dwarf (5.3Mb)
  29. The Goose Girl (4.3Mb)
  30. The Story of Faithful John (5.6Mb)
  31. Jack and the Beanstalk (5.8Mb)
  32. Six Swans (5.8Mb)
  33. Bluebeard (4.2Mb)
  34. Thumbelina (6.1Mb)
  35. Brother and Sister (5.5Mb)
  36. The Brave Little Tailor (5.8Mb)
  37. The Chinese Nightingale (4.5Mb)
  38. The Youth Who Learned to Shiver and Shake (4.4Mb)
  39. Melilot (5.8Mb)
  40. Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (4.9Mb)
  41. The Twelve Months (4.6Mb)
  42. The Donkey, the Table and the Stick (5.9Mb)
  43. The Enchanted Frog (4.4Mb)
  44. Cinderella (4.7Mb)
  45. The Princess and the Pea (7.2Mb)
  46. Snowdrop and the Seven Dwarves (7.3Mb)
  47. The Tinderbox (7.2Mb)
  48. Rapunzel (4.5Mb)
  49. King Thrushbeard (6Mb)
  50. The White Cat (5.9Mb)
  51. One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes (4.8Mb)
  52. The Husband Who was to Mind the House (6.2Mb)
  53. Ceres & Proserpina (4.2Mb)
  54. Snow Queen (5.4Mb)
  55. Twas The Night Before Christm (5.5Mb)
  56. Robin Hood (5.8Mb)
  57. The Magic Cuckoo (6.2Mb)
  58. Beauty and the Beast (6.2Mb)
  59. Ondine (6.6Mb)
  60. no title (22.2Mb)
  61. Dick Wittington and His Cat (Record) (5.7Mb)
  62. King Arthur (6.2Mb)
  63. Hansel And Gretel(10-09-54) (5.7Mb)
  64. Jorinda and Joringal (5.7Mb)
  65. Puss in Boots (4.4Mb)
  66. The Juniper Tree (4.5Mb)
  67. Uncle Bill Interview (7.6Mb)
  68. Emperor's New Clothes, The (Beginning Missing) (4.6Mb)
  69. Golden Fleece, The (Uncle Ted) (Earlier Show 40s) (4.4Mb)
  70. Magic Carpet, The (6.1Mb)
  71. Sleeping Beauty (Uncle Ted) (4.8Mb)
  72. Douban the Physician (6Mb)

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