H. P. Lovecraft

Stories of cosmic horror, from Librivox
from archive.org

H. P. Lovecraft's name is synonymous with horror fiction. His major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror: the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally alien. This collection contains 24 Lovecraft works that are in the public domain. You'll find more versions of these stories throughout LibriVox's short story collections and short horror story collections. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia.)

  1. The Alchemist (17.8Mb)
  2. The Beast In The Cave (13.1Mb)
  3. Beyond the Wall of Sleep (30.1Mb)
  4. The Cats of Ulthar (8Mb)
  5. Celephais (17.9Mb)
  6. The Crawling Chaos (15.5Mb)
  7. Dagon (13.7Mb)
  8. The Doom That Came to Sarnath (16.8Mb)
  9. Ex Oblivione (4.3Mb)
  10. Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family (31.3Mb)
  11. Herbert West: Reanimator (part one) (36.5Mb)
  12. Herbert West: Reanimator (part two) (37.5Mb)
  13. Memory (2.6Mb)
  14. The Music of Erich Zann (17.2Mb)
  15. The Nameless City (25.7Mb)
  16. Nyarlathotep (7.6Mb)
  17. The Picture in the House (21.7Mb)
  18. Polaris (9Mb)
  19. A Reminiscence Of Dr. Samuel Johnson (10.6Mb)
  20. The Statement of Randolph Carter (12.3Mb)
  21. The Street (13.3Mb)
  22. The Terrible Old Man (6.2Mb)
  23. The Tomb (23.8Mb)
  24. The Tree (10.3Mb)
  25. The White Ship (18.2Mb)

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