L P Hartley Short Stories

Four short works by the British novelist
from archive.org

The Short Stories of LP Hartley - read by Robert Lang
BBC Radio 4: Book at Bedtime

1988-11-07 Night Fears
A nightwatchman takes on a new job, but is he prepared for anyone he might meet?

1988-11-08 The Waits
Mr. Mariner is looking forward to Christmas Eve when there's an unexpected knock at the door.

1988-11-09 W.S.
Novelist Walter Streeter has devoted admirers, but will he be happy to meet a new one in the flesh?

1988-11-10 The Price of the Absolute
A man inherits some objects, but will he be able to control the events they set in motion?

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  1. 1988-11-07 Night Fears (unknown file size)
  2. 1988-11-08 The Waits (Christmas) (unknown file size)
  3. 1988-11-09 W.S. (unknown file size)
  4. 1988-11-10 The Price of the Absolute (unknown file size)

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