Fifteen minute comic stories about two old friends

Bill (Stephen Mangan) works as an economist in a right wing institute giving succour to bankers and businessmen.

Bella (Claire Skinner) teaches yoga, waters the plants in Canary Wharf and holds a Proust seminar for retirees.

But years ago they shared a flat before Bill got married and moved to the States. Now he's back and he's feeling a little off kilter; his son's stopped talking to him, his wife's not interested, so he decides to hook up again with Bella. Once a month they meet for lunch, where they talk about everything; the one thing they don't talk about is their platonic affection.

Written by Marcy Kahan.

  1. 101: Reunion (3.9Mb)
  2. 102: Takin' a Chance on Love (4.8Mb)
  3. 103: Carpe Diem (4.8Mb)
  4. 104: Like Moths Unto a Flame (4.6Mb)
  5. 105: Send in the Clowns (4.7Mb)
  6. 201: Humiliation (4.7Mb)
  7. 202: The Wonderful Guy (4.8Mb)
  8. 203: The Spotlight (4.5Mb)
  9. 204: Other People (4.7Mb)
  10. 205: The Whole Enchilada (4.6Mb)
  11. 301: The Old 5:2 (4.8Mb)
  12. 302: Crazy Cat Lady (4.5Mb)
  13. 303: Fractured (4.7Mb)
  14. 304: The Introvert (4.6Mb)
  15. 305: What a Swell Party (4.5Mb)
  16. 401: The Big Thing (4.7Mb)
  17. 402: The Unlived Life (4.8Mb)
  18. 403: Lose the Scarf (4.8Mb)
  19. 404: Truth Games (4.8Mb)
  20. 405: Huge News (4.7Mb)
  21. 501: Everything's Fine (4.7Mb)
  22. 502: The Perfect Schnitzel (4.8Mb)
  23. 503: Alpha Female (4.6Mb)
  24. 504: The Tapas Confessions (4.7Mb)
  25. 505: Room Service (4.7Mb)

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