Lux Radio Theatre SA

South African version of the classic US radio drama series
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A South African version of Lux Radio Theatre ran on Springbok Radio between 1950 and 1985. While having the same name and sponsor, it departed from the American show in that, additionally, British and Australian works were adapted into the hour-long radio formats. Many of the early episodes were direct rebroadcasts of the Australian programs. Lux Radio Theatre was the most enduring show on Springbok Radio, running from the first night of the network's broadcasting life until six months before it went off the air.

  1. Detectives Are Not Always Right (20.8Mb)
  2. The Cruel Sea (21.3Mb)
  3. Sacred Flame (26.9Mb)
  4. Dodo In Love (22.9Mb)
  5. The Well Dressed Man (26.4Mb)
  6. The Sound of Murder (23.4Mb)
  7. Trap for a Lonely Man (12.9Mb)
  8. Non Stop To Victoria (2) (27.4Mb)
  9. The Late Edwina Black (8.8Mb)
  10. The Man Upstairs (24.6Mb)
  11. Goodnight Mrs Puffin (12.8Mb)
  12. Hallelujah Corner (25.7Mb)
  13. Home And Beauty (25.3Mb)
  14. Waters Of The Moon (18.3Mb)
  15. Camile (20.9Mb)
  16. Sellout (18.4Mb)
  17. An Act Of Mercy (19.5Mb)
  18. Ask Me No Questions (23.6Mb)
  19. Autumn (46.9Mb)
  20. Brief Encounter (24Mb)
  21. Collection For Mis Kitterege (45.8Mb)
  22. Dark Victory (19.5Mb)
  23. Desperate Hours (25.8Mb)
  24. Five Finger Exercise (44.6Mb)
  25. In The Day The Unicorns Dance (24.1Mb)
  26. Jane Eyre (46Mb)
  27. Lame Dogs In The Living Room (22.5Mb)
  28. Mr. Harrington's Washington (60Mb)
  29. Portrait In Black (24.7Mb)
  30. Quadrille (46Mb)
  31. Robber And The Priest (45.3Mb)
  32. Sixteen Lives Of A Drunken Dreamer (12.5Mb)
  33. The Gift (45.4Mb)
  34. The Rose Without A Thorn (13.6Mb)
  35. Brief Encounter (24Mb)
  36. Home at Seven (12Mb)
  37. Man Upstairs (12Mb)
  38. Night Was Our Friend (25Mb)
  39. Non Stop to Victoria (27.1Mb)
  40. Out of the Rain (27.2Mb)
  41. Public Prosecutor (25.2Mb)
  42. Return Journey (25.1Mb)
  43. Sailor Beware (12.1Mb)
  44. Stranger in the House (25.7Mb)
  45. Take Care on Wednesday (25.2Mb)
  46. The Desperate Hours (25.8Mb)
  47. The Meyerling Affair (12.1Mb)
  48. The Night Run (26.1Mb)
  49. The Story of Jacqueline (27.3Mb)
  50. You're Not The Woman I Married (12.1Mb)

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