Lux Radio Theater

Old time radio's greatest drama series
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Lux Radio Theatre was indisputably the biggest, most important, most expensive drama anthology program on radio.

It ran from October 14, 1934 until June 7, 1955, then continued on television as Lux Video Theatre until 1957. In all, some 926 episodes were broadcast, providing a record of the most important entertainment events in American theatre and, later, film.

The show was first broadcast on the NBC Blue Network on Sundays at 2:30 PM. The show featured adaptations of successful Broadway plays when it was produced out of New York, such as Seventh Heaven, the first production starring Miriam Hopkins, Smilin' Through, Berkeley Square, Daddy Long Legs, Peg O' My Heart and Way Down East. On July 29, 1935, the show moved to Monday night at 9:00 PM on CBS, where it would stay until June 29, 1954.

The show moved to Hollywood on May 25, 1936 with the production of The Legionnaire and the Lady, based on the film Morocco, starring Marlene Dietrich and Clark Gable. The audience for this production was estimated as high as 40 million. The show featured many of the most important films of the period, adapted to fit the 60 minute time slot. Some of the titles for 1939 should indicate the caliber and range of shows: Stage Door, Ceiling Zero, So Big, It Happened One Night, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Lady for a Day, The Life of Emile Zola, Tovarich, Only Angels Have Wings, The Prisoner of Zenda, The Awful Truth, Wuthering Heights, You Cant Take It With You, The Old Maid and Goodbye, Goodbye, Mr Chips. For its last season, (1954-1955), the show moved to Tuesday nights at 9 on NBC.

Lux Radio Theatre was always broadcast live, with a studio audience and a full orchestra accompanying the performance and providing musical transitions between scenes. As many film actors were used to numerous takes and not live performance, they sometimes suffered acute stage fright before the show. However, since most received $5,000 for their performance in addition to free publicity for upcoming pictures actors appeared in their original screen roles if they were available. Indeed, production would halt if necessary on a film if performers were called to appear on Lux. When the actors were not available, others stepped in. The plays were assembled and rehearsed for a week, in sharp contrast to many other shows, which required a minimal of an actor's time.

Regular players for the series included Jim and Marian Jordan, otherwise known as Fibber McGee and Molly. Hosts included Cecil B. DeMille (1936-1945), William Keighley (1945-1952) and Irving_Cummings (1952-1955). Directors included Tony Stanford, Frank Woodruff, Fred MacKaye and Earl Ebi.

When broadcast on the Arms Forces Radio Services in the early 1950s, the show was re-titled Hollywood Radio Theatre and hosted by Don Wilson.

Similar shows include Academy Award Theater, The Campbell Playhouse, Screen Directors Playhouse and The Screen Guild Theater.

  1. Dulcy (54.4Mb)
  2. The Legionnaire and the Lady (54.1Mb)
  3. The Thin Man (54.4Mb)
  4. Burlesque (54.7Mb)
  5. The Dark Angel (54.5Mb)
  6. Irene (54.5Mb)
  7. The Voice of Bugle Ann (54.9Mb)
  8. The Brat (41Mb)
  9. The Barker (54.5Mb)
  10. Chained (54.8Mb)
  11. The Vagabond King (54.8Mb)
  12. One Sunday Afternoon (54.6Mb)
  13. Cheating Cheaters (54.9Mb)
  14. Is Zat So (54.7Mb)
  15. Quality Street (54.6Mb)
  16. The Plutocrat (54.5Mb)
  17. Elmer the Great (54.3Mb)
  18. The Curtain Rises (53.6Mb)
  19. Saturday's Children (54.9Mb)
  20. The Virginian (52.8Mb)
  21. Alias Jimmy Valentine (54.7Mb)
  22. Conversation Piece (54.8Mb)
  23. Story of Louis Pasteur (54.9Mb)
  24. Polly of the Circus (54.8Mb)
  25. The Grand Duchess and the Waiter (56.2Mb)
  26. Madame Sans-Gene (54.5Mb)
  27. Gold Diggers (42Mb)
  28. Cavalcade (54.8Mb)
  29. Men in White (54.9Mb)
  30. The Gilded Lily (54.5Mb)
  31. The Criminal Code (55.1Mb)
  32. Tonight or Never (54.3Mb)
  33. Mr Deeds Goes to Town (55.4Mb)
  34. Graustark (54.7Mb)
  35. Brewster's Millions (54.7Mb)
  36. Captain Blood (54.5Mb)
  37. Cappy Ricks (54.7Mb)
  38. Madame Butterfly (54.8Mb)
  39. Desire (54.9Mb)
  40. Death Takes a Holiday (54.5Mb)
  41. Dulcy (54.3Mb)
  42. A Farewell to Arms (55.8Mb)
  43. Dodsworth (41.6Mb)
  44. Alibi Ike (54.7Mb)
  45. Magnificent Obsession (54.6Mb)
  46. Hands Across the Table (54.8Mb)
  47. Mary of Scotland (54.8Mb)
  48. Another Language (54.7Mb)
  49. Under Two Flags (54.8Mb)
  50. The Plainsman (54.6Mb)
  51. British Agent (54.8Mb)
  52. Madame X (54.8Mb)
  53. Monsieur Beaucaire (54.9Mb)
  54. The Front Page (54.8Mb)
  55. Beau Brummel (54.9Mb)
  56. A Star Is Born (54.7Mb)
  57. The Outsider (54.7Mb)
  58. Dodsworth (54.5Mb)
  59. Stella Dallas (54Mb)
  60. Up Pops the Devil (54.9Mb)
  61. Arrowsmith (54.7Mb)
  62. A Free Soul (54.8Mb)
  63. She Loves Me Not (54.7Mb)
  64. Come and Get It (54.8Mb)
  65. The Petrified Forest (54.7Mb)
  66. Peg O' My Heart (54.8Mb)
  67. These Three (54.7Mb)
  68. The 39 Steps (54.9Mb)
  69. The Song of Songs (54.9Mb)
  70. Beloved Enemy (54.8Mb)
  71. Alice Adams (54.6Mb)
  72. Enter Madame (54.5Mb)
  73. Disraeli (54.5Mb)
  74. Clarence (54.1Mb)
  75. Green Light (54.2Mb)
  76. Anna Christie (50.1Mb)
  77. Brief Moment (54.8Mb)
  78. Romance (54.7Mb)
  79. Forsaking All Others (54.6Mb)
  80. Poppy (54.8Mb)
  81. The Boss (54Mb)
  82. The Man Who Played God (54.8Mb)
  83. Naughty Marietta (54.9Mb)
  84. Dark Victory (54.8Mb)
  85. Lux_Radio_Theatre_38-04-11_171_Mary_Burns,_Fugitive (54.7Mb)
  86. Mad About Music (54.8Mb)
  87. Dangerous (54.7Mb)
  88. The Prisoner of Shark Island (54.5Mb)
  89. My Man Godfrey (54.7Mb)
  90. The Girl from Tenth Avenue (54.7Mb)
  91. The Letter (repeat) (54.8Mb)
  92. I Met My Love Again (54.7Mb)
  93. A Doll's House (54.6Mb)
  94. Theodora Goes Wild (54.7Mb)
  95. Seven Keys to Baldpate (54.6Mb)
  96. That Certain Woman (54.6Mb)
  97. The Buccaneer (54.7Mb)
  98. Confession (54.6Mb)
  99. The Scarlet Pimpernel (54.2Mb)
  100. Kid Galahad (54.9Mb)
  101. Snow White (54.7Mb)
  102. Perfect Specimen (13.9Mb)
  103. Mayerling (54.4Mb)
  104. Front Page Woman (54.6Mb)
  105. Cardinal Richelieu (54.7Mb)
  106. The Arkansas Traveler (54.6Mb)
  107. The Count of Monte Cristo (54.5Mb)
  108. Stage Door (54.7Mb)
  109. Ceiling Zero (54.7Mb)
  110. One-Way Passage (54.5Mb)
  111. So Big (54.7Mb)
  112. It Happened One Night (54Mb)
  113. It Happened One Night (53.3Mb)
  114. A Man's Castle (27.1Mb)
  115. Silver Dollar (54.9Mb)
  116. Lives of a Bengal Lancer (54.5Mb)
  117. Bullets or Ballots (14.5Mb)
  118. Bullets or Ballots (54.6Mb)
  119. Broadway Bill (54.8Mb)
  120. Lady for a Day (54.4Mb)
  121. The Life of Emile Zola (54.7Mb)
  122. Tovarich (54.5Mb)
  123. Angels with Dirty Faces (54.1Mb)
  124. Only Angels Have Wings (56.5Mb)
  125. Only Angels Have Wings (54.5Mb)
  126. Prisoner of Zenda (54.7Mb)
  127. White Banners (54.6Mb)
  128. The Ex-Mrs Bradford (54.8Mb)
  129. Mrs Moonlight (54.8Mb)
  130. Bordertown (54.9Mb)
  131. Ruggles of Red Gap (54.9Mb)
  132. The Awful Truth (54.7Mb)
  133. Wuthering Heights (54.8Mb)
  134. She Married Her Boss (54.6Mb)
  135. You Can't Take It With You (54.6Mb)
  136. The Sisters (54.5Mb)
  137. If I Were King (54.6Mb)
  138. Invitation to Happiness (54.9Mb)
  139. The Old Maid (54.5Mb)
  140. Only Yesterday (54.8Mb)
  141. The Champ (54.6Mb)
  142. Lux_Radio_Theatre_39-11-20_238_Goodbye,_Mister_Chips (54.8Mb)
  143. Pygmalion (54.5Mb)
  144. A Man to Remember (54.8Mb)
  145. In Name Only (54.7Mb)
  146. Four Daughters (54.5Mb)
  147. Pinocchio (54.5Mb)
  148. Sorrell and Son (54.9Mb)
  149. Dark Victory (54.4Mb)
  150. Sing You Sinners (41Mb)
  151. Bachelor Mother (41Mb)
  152. Intermezzo (54.5Mb)
  153. The Young In Heart (53.1Mb)
  154. The Sidewalks of London (54.6Mb)
  155. Made for Each Other (54.7Mb)
  156. Lux_Radio_Theatre_40-02-26_252R_Swing_High,_Swing_Low (49.9Mb)
  157. Lux_Radio_Theatre_40-02-26_252_Swing_High,_Swing_Low (27.8Mb)
  158. Trade Winds (13.3Mb)
  159. Lux_Radio_Theatre_40-03-11_254_My_Son,_My_Son (41Mb)
  160. The Rains Came (41.1Mb)
  161. Remember the Night (54.7Mb)
  162. Love Affair (41.1Mb)
  163. Mama Loves Papa (10.7Mb)
  164. Mama Loves Papa (40.3Mb)
  165. The Underpup (13.7Mb)
  166. Abe Lincoln in Illinois (27.4Mb)
  167. Smilin' Through (41Mb)
  168. Our Town (54.5Mb)
  169. True Confession (41.1Mb)
  170. Midnight (41Mb)
  171. Vigil in the Night (27.2Mb)
  172. Alexander's Ragtime Band (41.1Mb)
  173. Till We Meet Again (41Mb)
  174. After the Thin Man (54.5Mb)
  175. Show Boat (54.3Mb)
  176. Alias the Deacon (41.1Mb)
  177. To the Ladies (41.1Mb)
  178. Manhattan Melodrama (53.8Mb)
  179. Love Is News (27.3Mb)
  180. The Westerner (54.9Mb)
  181. His Girl Friday (54.5Mb)
  182. Wings of the Navy (41.1Mb)
  183. The Littlest Rebel (41.1Mb)
  184. Lillian Russell (41.1Mb)
  185. Strike up the Band (54.1Mb)
  186. Wuthering Heights (25.8Mb)
  187. Nothing Sacred (54.6Mb)
  188. The Rage of Manhatten (54.6Mb)
  189. Jezebel (41.1Mb)
  190. Knute Rockne (54.5Mb)
  191. My Favorite Wife (54.6Mb)
  192. Fifth Avenue Girl (54.6Mb)
  193. Young Tom Edison (54.5Mb)
  194. A Little Bit of Heaven (27.3Mb)
  195. Vivacious Lady (54.5Mb)
  196. Libel (41.1Mb)
  197. Cowboy and the Lady (51.8Mb)
  198. Captain January (54.7Mb)
  199. Rebecca (54.3Mb)
  200. The Moon's Our Home (27Mb)
  201. Johnny Apollo (27.4Mb)
  202. The Whole Town's Talking (54.8Mb)
  203. My Bill (41.1Mb)
  204. The Awful Truth (14Mb)
  205. Cheers for Miss Bishop (54.8Mb)
  206. Flight Command (54.8Mb)
  207. Stablemates (13.6Mb)
  208. Stand-In (41.1Mb)
  209. Dust Be My Destiny (53.3Mb)
  210. The Letter (13.6Mb)
  211. Lux_Radio_Theatre_41-04-28_305_Wife,_Husband_and_Friend (54.6Mb)
  212. Kitty Foyle (41.2Mb)
  213. Craig's Wife (41.2Mb)
  214. Model Wife (41.1Mb)
  215. Virginia City (52.4Mb)
  216. They Drive by Night (10.2Mb)
  217. Mr and Mrs Smith (54.7Mb)
  218. The Lady from Cheyenne (41Mb)
  219. The Shop Around the Corner (41.1Mb)
  220. I Love You Again (41Mb)
  221. Algiers (41.1Mb)
  222. Lux_Radio_Theatre_41-09-08_316_Tom,_Dick,_and_Harry (55.5Mb)
  223. Lux_Radio_Theatre_41-09-08_316_Tom,_Dick,_and_Harry_AFRS (11.7Mb)
  224. Lost Horizon (41.1Mb)
  225. Lydia (41Mb)
  226. Lux_Radio_Theatre_41-09-29_319_Third_Finger,_Left_Hand (41.1Mb)
  227. Unfinished Business (41.1Mb)
  228. Buck Privates (54.5Mb)
  229. Blood and Sand (41.1Mb)
  230. Her First Beau (27.1Mb)
  231. Hired Wife (27.1Mb)
  232. Hold Back the Dawn (41Mb)
  233. Merton of the Movies (54.8Mb)
  234. Maisie Was a Lady (41.1Mb)
  235. A Man's Castle (41Mb)
  236. The Doctor Takes a Wife (41Mb)
  237. All This and Heaven Too (38.2Mb)
  238. Remember the Night (41.1Mb)
  239. The Bride Came C.O.D. (54.4Mb)
  240. Smilin' Through (41.1Mb)
  241. A Tale of Two Cities (54Mb)
  242. The Devil and Miss Jones (13.5Mb)
  243. Here Comes Mr. Jordan (53.5Mb)
  244. Skylark (41.1Mb)
  245. City for Conquest (41.1Mb)
  246. Blossoms in the Dust (41.2Mb)
  247. Appointment for Love (41.1Mb)
  248. The Great Lie (53.7Mb)
  249. The Lady Eve (41Mb)
  250. Manpower (13.4Mb)
  251. Strawberry Blonde (13.4Mb)
  252. I Wanted Wings (13.7Mb)
  253. The Fighting 69th (53.5Mb)
  254. North West Mounted Police (9.9Mb)
  255. One Foot in Heaven (10.5Mb)
  256. Penny Serenade (41Mb)
  257. Suspicion (27.2Mb)
  258. The Last of Mrs Cheyney (13.2Mb)
  259. A Man to Remember (41.1Mb)
  260. Test Pilot (54.5Mb)
  261. Ball of Fire (54.7Mb)
  262. Arise My Love (56Mb)
  263. You Belong To Me (55.1Mb)
  264. Bedtime Story (55.5Mb)
  265. The Champ (13.3Mb)
  266. Love Affair (13.2Mb)
  267. Lux_Radio_Theatre_42-07-13_360_HM_Pulham,_Esq (41Mb)
  268. This Above All (13.5Mb)
  269. How Green Was My Valley (53.9Mb)
  270. The Magnificent Dope (54.8Mb)
  271. Love Crazy (54.6Mb)
  272. Morning Glory (54.9Mb)
  273. My Favorite Blonde (13.5Mb)
  274. Wake Island (54.9Mb)
  275. A Woman's Face (13.1Mb)
  276. To Mary with Love (13.7Mb)
  277. The Gay Sisters (25.7Mb)
  278. Broadway (13.9Mb)
  279. War Against Mrs Hadley (54.6Mb)
  280. Algiers (40.8Mb)
  281. The Pied Piper (13.6Mb)
  282. A Star Is Born (54.9Mb)
  283. The Bugle Sounds (13.4Mb)
  284. She Knew All the Answers (40.8Mb)
  285. My Gal Sal (40.9Mb)
  286. My Gal Sal (53.8Mb)
  287. This Gun for Hire (41.1Mb)
  288. The Show-Off (48.5Mb)
  289. The Maltese Falcon (54.4Mb)
  290. Are Husbands Necessary (54.6Mb)
  291. This Is the Army (55Mb)
  292. The Lady Is Willing (13.3Mb)
  293. Reap the Wild Wind (53.4Mb)
  294. Libel (13.5Mb)
  295. Each Dawn I Die (13.2Mb)
  296. Crossroads (54.7Mb)
  297. The Road to Morocco (54.6Mb)
  298. Once upon a Honeymoon (41Mb)
  299. A Night to Remember (41Mb)
  300. The Lady Has Plans (53.6Mb)
  301. The Navy Comes Through (54.7Mb)
  302. Lux_Radio_Theatre_43-05-10_395_Now,_Voyager (12.9Mb)
  303. The Talk of the Town (41Mb)
  304. Hitler's Children (40.9Mb)
  305. The Major and the Minor (27.3Mb)
  306. My Friend Flicka (40.9Mb)
  307. The Philadelphia Story (13.6Mb)
  308. In Which We Serve (53.9Mb)
  309. The Great Man's Lady (40.8Mb)
  310. My Sister Eileen (12.8Mb)
  311. Air Force (54.6Mb)
  312. The Phantom of the Opera (26.9Mb)
  313. Flight for Freedom (41Mb)
  314. Ladies in Retirement (40.8Mb)
  315. Pride of the Yankees (54.8Mb)
  316. Heaven Can Wait (53.6Mb)
  317. Mister Lucky (52.9Mb)
  318. Mister Lucky (55.1Mb)
  319. Slightly Dangerous (54.6Mb)
  320. So Proudly We Hail (13.5Mb)
  321. So Proudly We Hail (54.4Mb)
  322. Salute to the Marines (13.8Mb)
  323. Salute to the Marines (26.8Mb)
  324. Lux_Radio_Theatre_43-11-15_414R_Hello,_Frisco,_Hello (52.3Mb)
  325. Lux_Radio_Theatre_43-11-15_414_Hello,_Frisco,_Hello (54.8Mb)
  326. China (12.6Mb)
  327. The Navy Comes Through (12.8Mb)
  328. Mrs Miniver (15.4Mb)
  329. Mrs Miniver (13.7Mb)
  330. Five Graves to Cairo (14.6Mb)
  331. Five Graves To Cairo (54.8Mb)
  332. Dixie (54.6Mb)
  333. Kathleen (54.8Mb)
  334. Shadow of a Doubt (54.8Mb)
  335. The Constant Nymph (13.3Mb)
  336. Casablanca (54.5Mb)
  337. Random Harvest (39.5Mb)
  338. His Butler's Sister (53.8Mb)
  339. His Butler's Sister (26.1Mb)
  340. The Fallen Sparrow (52.3Mb)
  341. Wake Up and Live (54.6Mb)
  342. Guadalcanal Diary (54Mb)
  343. Guadalcanal Diary (12.4Mb)
  344. The Letter (54.8Mb)
  345. In Old Oklahoma (12.5Mb)
  346. In Old Oklahoma (53.2Mb)
  347. The Hard Way (40.9Mb)
  348. The Phantom Lady (54.5Mb)
  349. The Phantom Lady (25.4Mb)
  350. Destroyer (54Mb)
  351. Destroyer (12.4Mb)
  352. Happy Land (40.9Mb)
  353. Coney Island (40.8Mb)
  354. This Land Is Mine (40.8Mb)
  355. Appointment for Love (40.9Mb)
  356. Penny Serenade (54.4Mb)
  357. Action in the North Atlantic (53Mb)
  358. Springtime in the Rockies (9.8Mb)
  359. Old Acquaintance (40.9Mb)
  360. Jane Eyre (53.1Mb)
  361. Naughty Marietta (55.2Mb)
  362. Naughty Marietta (11.5Mb)
  363. Lost Angel (26.4Mb)
  364. Christmas in July (52.8Mb)
  365. It Happened Tomorrow (40.8Mb)
  366. Maytime (54.5Mb)
  367. Break of Hearts (13.9Mb)
  368. Break of Hearts (54.4Mb)
  369. Suspicion (54.7Mb)
  370. Lucky Partners (40.8Mb)
  371. Home in Indiana (41Mb)
  372. In Old Chicago (40.9Mb)
  373. Seventh Heaven (52.5Mb)
  374. Seventh Heaven (10.9Mb)
  375. The Story of Dr Wassell (13.9Mb)
  376. Standing Room Only (51.6Mb)
  377. Standing Room Only (53.7Mb)
  378. The Pied Piper (41Mb)
  379. Magnificent Obsession (40.8Mb)
  380. It Started with Eve (26.6Mb)
  381. Dark Waters (40.9Mb)
  382. The Unguarded Hour (13.7Mb)
  383. Casanova Brown (40.9Mb)
  384. Berkeley Square (41Mb)
  385. The Vagabond King (41Mb)
  386. Bride by Mistake (40.9Mb)
  387. I Never Left Home (41Mb)
  388. The Master Race (41Mb)
  389. Tender Comrade (41Mb)
  390. Lady in the Dark (57.2Mb)
  391. Laura (27.2Mb)
  392. For Whom the Bell Tolls (53.9Mb)
  393. Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (41.1Mb)
  394. Bedtime Story (54.6Mb)
  395. The Devil and Miss Jones (52.7Mb)
  396. Grissley's Millions (54.5Mb)
  397. A Tale of Two Cities (55.4Mb)
  398. Swanee River (54.5Mb)
  399. The Suspect (53.2Mb)
  400. Only Yesterday (53.2Mb)
  401. The Petrified Forest (53.1Mb)
  402. Moontide (41.1Mb)
  403. Sing You Sinners (20.4Mb)
  404. Sing You Sinners (41Mb)
  405. Alexander Graham Bell (12.7Mb)
  406. And Now Tomorrow (40.9Mb)
  407. Kentucky (40Mb)
  408. Intermezzo (41Mb)
  409. Lux_Radio_Theatre_45-06-11_487_Murder,_My_Sweet (54.7Mb)
  410. The Canterville Ghost (26.2Mb)
  411. The Canterville Ghost (53.2Mb)
  412. Woman in the Window (40.4Mb)
  413. Practically Yours (61Mb)
  414. The Enchanted Cottage (54.5Mb)
  415. Christmas Holiday (27Mb)
  416. Mr Skeffington (54.9Mb)
  417. Mr Skeffington (11.7Mb)
  418. Roughly Speaking (50.3Mb)
  419. A Medal for Benny (26.1Mb)
  420. Affairs of Susan (25.4Mb)
  421. Destry Rides Again (13.1Mb)
  422. Destry Rides Again (27.3Mb)
  423. Destry Rides Again (45.7Mb)
  424. Guest in the House (11.7Mb)
  425. Keys of the Kingdom (28.2Mb)
  426. Salty O'Roarke (11.3Mb)
  427. Salty O'Roarke (46.9Mb)
  428. Blood on the Sun (54.6Mb)
  429. Guest Wife (9.2Mb)
  430. Made for Each Other (54.4Mb)
  431. I'll Be Seeing You (53.2Mb)
  432. Pride of the Marines (14Mb)
  433. Pride of the Marines (26.8Mb)
  434. You Came Along (13.6Mb)
  435. Valley of Decision (40.9Mb)
  436. Johnny Eager (53.9Mb)
  437. Johnny Eager (45.1Mb)
  438. The Clock (27Mb)
  439. The Clock (10.8Mb)
  440. This Love of Ours (41.1Mb)
  441. Lux_Radio_Theatre_46-02-11_514_Now,_Voyager (54.1Mb)
  442. Captain January (36.8Mb)
  443. Lux_Radio_Theatre_46-02-25_516_Thunderhead,_Son_of_Flicka (54.1Mb)
  444. The Amazing Mrs Holliday (47.1Mb)
  445. Presenting Lily Mars (50.7Mb)
  446. A Tale of Two Cities (37.4Mb)
  447. Wonder Man (13.2Mb)
  448. Barnacle Bill (58.3Mb)
  449. Barnacle Bill (49.1Mb)
  450. Honky Tonk (46.6Mb)
  451. Whistle Stop (12.1Mb)
  452. Love Letters (51Mb)
  453. Love Letters (12.6Mb)
  454. Gaslight (54.8Mb)
  455. Gaslight (45.6Mb)
  456. Tomorrow Is Forever (57Mb)
  457. Pardon My Past (50.1Mb)
  458. Pardon My Past (47.5Mb)
  459. Pardon My Past (37.4Mb)
  460. Deadline at Dawn (26.4Mb)
  461. Music for Millions (36.6Mb)
  462. None but the Lonely Heart (27.6Mb)
  463. None but the Lonely Heart (37.8Mb)
  464. And Now Tomorrow (38.6Mb)
  465. Fallen Angel (46.2Mb)
  466. State Fair (49.5Mb)
  467. Without Reservations (46.4Mb)
  468. Lux Radio Theatre 46-09-02 (535) Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (26.9Mb)
  469. Lux Radio Theatre 46-09-09 (536) The Barretts of Wimpole Street (27.2Mb)
  470. Lux Radio Theatre 46-09-09 (536) The Barretts of Wimpole Street (AFRS) (46.6Mb)
  471. Lux Radio Theatre 46-09-16 (537) Madame Curie (AFRS) (49.4Mb)
  472. Lux Radio Theatre 46-09-16 (537R) Madame Curie (27Mb)
  473. Lux Radio Theatre 46-09-23 (538) Sentimental Journey (48.8Mb)
  474. Lux Radio Theatre 46-09-30 (539) Coney Island (27.8Mb)
  475. Lux Radio Theatre 46-09-30 (539) Coney Island (AFRS) (46.8Mb)
  476. Lux Radio Theatre 46-10-07 (540) Dragonwyck (12.9Mb)
  477. Lux Radio Theatre 46-10-07 (540) Dragonwyck (AFRS) (46.7Mb)
  478. Lux Radio Theatre 46-10-14 (541) To Have and Have Not (54.8Mb)
  479. Lux Radio Theatre 46-10-14 (541R) To Have and Have Not (30.3Mb)
  480. Lux Radio Theatre 46-10-21 (542) Miss Susie Slagle's (AFRS) (25.2Mb)
  481. Lux Radio Theatre 46-10-28 (543) From This Day Forward (54.4Mb)
  482. Lux Radio Theatre 46-10-28 (543) From This Day Forward (AFRS) (39.3Mb)
  483. Lux Radio Theatre 46-11-04 (544) I've Always Loved You (26.9Mb)
  484. Lux Radio Theatre 46-11-11 (545) Gallant Journey (54.6Mb)
  485. Lux Radio Theatre 46-11-18 (546) OSS (53.5Mb)
  486. Mrs Parkington (23.4Mb)
  487. Meet Me in St Louis (17.4Mb)
  488. Meet Me in St Louis (54.6Mb)
  489. Together Again (24.4Mb)
  490. Killer Cates (53.9Mb)
  491. Killer Cates (11.6Mb)
  492. Do You Love Me (36.6Mb)
  493. Crack Up (33.9Mb)
  494. Crack Up (38.4Mb)
  495. Till the End of Time (10.4Mb)
  496. The Green Years (10.2Mb)
  497. Anna and the King of Siam (26.5Mb)
  498. Anna and the King of Siam (51.4Mb)
  499. Cluny Brown (37.6Mb)
  500. National Velvet (54.2Mb)
  501. Frenchmen's Creek (12.8Mb)
  502. Devotion (11.5Mb)
  503. Kitty (54.5Mb)
  504. Somewhere in the Night (41.1Mb)
  505. Somewhere in the Night (17Mb)
  506. It's a Wonderful Life (54.6Mb)
  507. Leave Her to Heaven (13.6Mb)
  508. Leave Her to Heaven (12Mb)
  509. Smoky (24.9Mb)
  510. Alexander's Ragtime Band (13.7Mb)
  511. Monsieur Beaucaire (12.8Mb)
  512. My Reputation (41Mb)
  513. My Darling Clementine (53.3Mb)
  514. The Egg and I (55.2Mb)
  515. Johnny O'Clock (13.7Mb)
  516. It Happened on Fifth Avenue (46.1Mb)
  517. Vacation from Marriage (28.5Mb)
  518. The Jazz Singer (53.3Mb)
  519. One More Tomorrow (54.8Mb)
  520. The Other Love (13.8Mb)
  521. Cynthia (13.8Mb)
  522. A Stolen Life (39.2Mb)
  523. Three Wise Fools (12.2Mb)
  524. Margie (54.7Mb)
  525. The Seventh Veil (13.8Mb)
  526. Two Years Before the Mast (54.4Mb)
  527. The Web (27.4Mb)
  528. Undercurrent (54.5Mb)
  529. Great Expectations (34.7Mb)
  530. Lux_Radio_Theatre_47-10-20_586_13_Rue_Madeleine_no_open,_close (24.8Mb)
  531. Stairway to Heaven (52.9Mb)
  532. Singapore (27.7Mb)
  533. The Dark Corner (54.4Mb)
  534. Nobody Lives Forever (54.1Mb)
  535. Saratoga Trunk (27.4Mb)
  536. The Ghost and Mrs Muir (54.8Mb)
  537. Ride the Pink Horse (27.3Mb)
  538. Magic Town (14Mb)
  539. Miracle on 34th Street (54.5Mb)
  540. Anchors Aweigh (54.2Mb)
  541. The Farmer's Daughter (13Mb)
  542. The Kiss of Death (54.7Mb)
  543. The Yearling (27.3Mb)
  544. Notorious (54.5Mb)
  545. Mother Wore Tights (24.2Mb)
  546. Lady in the Lake (54.3Mb)
  547. The Jolson Story (54.5Mb)
  548. Bad Bascombe (25.9Mb)
  549. Spellbound (54.9Mb)
  550. I Love You Again (27.6Mb)
  551. Daisy Kenyon (27.5Mb)
  552. The Perfect Marriage (27.9Mb)
  553. Random Harvest (28.2Mb)
  554. Dear Ruth (26.6Mb)
  555. Cloak and Dagger (53.1Mb)
  556. Intrigue (13.6Mb)
  557. Lux_Radio_Theatre_48-05-24_617_I_Walk_Alone_no_open_&_close (29.6Mb)
  558. Miracle of the Bells (53.5Mb)
  559. Jane Eyre (27.4Mb)
  560. I Remember Mama (10Mb)
  561. Another Part of the Forest (38Mb)
  562. Gentleman's Agreement (41.1Mb)
  563. Razor's Edge (28.3Mb)
  564. Pitfall (50.7Mb)
  565. Body and Soul (54.8Mb)
  566. The Big Clock (54.3Mb)
  567. Brief Encounter (9.8Mb)
  568. The Foxes of Harrow (54.4Mb)
  569. The Seventh Veil (53.2Mb)
  570. Miracle on 34th Street (54.9Mb)
  571. Luck of the Irish (28.4Mb)
  572. The Velvet Touch (9.7Mb)
  573. Street with No Name (28.2Mb)
  574. Sitting Pretty (40.9Mb)
  575. Apartment for Peggy (12.6Mb)
  576. Red River (54Mb)
  577. What a Woman (26.6Mb)
  578. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (54.6Mb)
  579. When My Baby Smiles for Me (49.3Mb)
  580. The Paradine Case (54.6Mb)
  581. April Showers (41Mb)
  582. To the Ends of the Earth (13.8Mb)
  583. Mildred Pierce (40.9Mb)
  584. The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer (54.9Mb)
  585. Every Girl Should Be Married (49.3Mb)
  586. June Bride (12.2Mb)
  587. Saigon (25.7Mb)
  588. Deep Waters (27.4Mb)
  589. Green Dolphin Street (27.5Mb)
  590. Emperor Waltz (24Mb)
  591. It Happens Every Spring (53.7Mb)
  592. Mister Blandings Builds His Dream House (13.2Mb)
  593. Mother Was a Freshman (12.5Mb)
  594. Lux_Radio_Theatre_49-10-24_673_Scudda_Hoo,_Scudda_Hay (53.7Mb)
  595. Portrait Of Jenny (40.9Mb)
  596. High Wall (51.8Mb)
  597. Mother Wore Tights (26.5Mb)
  598. Sorrowful Jones (48.4Mb)
  599. Key Largo (54.9Mb)
  600. The Bishop's Wife (41.1Mb)
  601. Lux_Radio_Theatre_50-01-09_684_Sorry,_Wrong_Number (41Mb)
  602. Mr Belvedere Goes to College (52.1Mb)
  603. I'll Be Yours (51.6Mb)
  604. I'll Be Yours (11.3Mb)
  605. California (51.8Mb)
  606. The Stratton Story (54.9Mb)
  607. Letter to Three Wives (12.5Mb)
  608. Easy to Wed (12.8Mb)
  609. Slattery's Hurricane (27.2Mb)
  610. Little Women (41.1Mb)
  611. Father Was a Fullback (54.4Mb)
  612. The Man Who Came to Dinner (41.1Mb)
  613. Snake Pit (37.1Mb)
  614. Lux_Radio_Theatre_50-04-24_699_Mrs_Mike_no_open_&_close (9.7Mb)
  615. All My Sons (54.9Mb)
  616. Life of Riley (54.9Mb)
  617. Jolson Sings Again (54.3Mb)
  618. The Corn Is Green (41.1Mb)
  619. John Loves Mary (27.6Mb)
  620. The Heiress (24Mb)
  621. House of Strangers (49.4Mb)
  622. Double Indemnity (12.9Mb)
  623. Rebecca (27.9Mb)
  624. Wabash Avenue (48.4Mb)
  625. Wabash Avenue (50.9Mb)
  626. You're My Everything (27.5Mb)
  627. Holiday Affair (54.9Mb)
  628. The Wizard of Oz (54.6Mb)
  629. Once More My Darling (25.4Mb)
  630. Broken Arrow (54.3Mb)
  631. Treasure Island (54.6Mb)
  632. Battleground (22.4Mb)
  633. Dear Wife (38.7Mb)
  634. Panic in the Street (38Mb)
  635. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (54.4Mb)
  636. Seventh Heaven (12Mb)
  637. Where the Sidewalk Ends (38.4Mb)
  638. The Third Man (55.4Mb)
  639. Down to the Sea in Ships (24.8Mb)
  640. Cheaper by the Dozen (23.6Mb)
  641. A Ticket to Tomahawk (49.9Mb)
  642. Lux_Radio_Theatre_51-06-18_751_Edward,_My_Son (51Mb)
  643. The Reformer and the Redhead (55Mb)
  644. Payment on Demand (22.8Mb)
  645. Fancy Pants (54.1Mb)
  646. Sunset Boulevard (54.3Mb)
  647. Lux_Radio_Theatre_51-09-24_757_Movietime,_USA (54.6Mb)
  648. All About Eve (54.9Mb)
  649. Mister 880 (51.9Mb)
  650. Margie (13.1Mb)
  651. Winchester 73 (55.4Mb)
  652. Samson and Delilah (54.5Mb)
  653. Strangers on a Train (51.2Mb)
  654. The Lemon Drop Kid (43.4Mb)
  655. Alice in Wonderland (51.8Mb)
  656. Lux_Radio_Theatre_52-01-14_773_Goodbye,_My_Fancy (12.6Mb)
  657. Captain Horatio Hornblower (13.6Mb)
  658. Branded (12.6Mb)
  659. Take Care of My Little Girl (54Mb)
  660. Show Boat (11.6Mb)
  661. My Blue Heaven (12.7Mb)
  662. Young Man with a Horn (12.6Mb)
  663. Top O' the Morning (20.1Mb)
  664. Come to the Stable (50.3Mb)
  665. I Can Get It for You Wholesale (10.5Mb)
  666. Union Station (49Mb)
  667. No Highway in the Sky (12.9Mb)
  668. I'll Never Forget You (12Mb)
  669. Adam and Evelyn (12.5Mb)
  670. The Model and the Marriage Broker (49Mb)
  671. Five Fingers (12.5Mb)
  672. My Six Convicts (11.9Mb)
  673. Viva Zapata (39.9Mb)
  674. Grounds for Marriage (39.1Mb)
  675. Submarine Command (13.6Mb)
  676. The Blue Veil (49.3Mb)
  677. King Solomon's Mines (55.9Mb)
  678. Strictly Dishonorable (12.2Mb)
  679. The African Queen (54.4Mb)
  680. Les Miserables (47.1Mb)
  681. Westward the Women (11.3Mb)
  682. Phone Call from a Stranger (50.8Mb)
  683. The Will Rogers Story (52.2Mb)
  684. Appointment with Danger (19.1Mb)
  685. September Affair (50.7Mb)
  686. Lux_Radio_Theatre_53-02-02_814_Captain_Carey,_USA (53.1Mb)
  687. With A Song In My Heart (39.8Mb)
  688. Lady in the Dark (29.2Mb)
  689. You're My Everything (52Mb)
  690. Close to My Heart (12.8Mb)
  691. This Woman Is Dangerous (50.3Mb)
  692. Fourteen Hours (11.1Mb)
  693. The Miracle of Fatima (12.6Mb)
  694. Angels in the Outfield (48.8Mb)
  695. Lux_Radio_Theatre_53-04-20_825_Deadline,_USA_AFRS (49.1Mb)
  696. Somebody Loves Me (52.4Mb)
  697. Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie (12.3Mb)
  698. The Bishop's Wife (43.9Mb)
  699. The Girl in White (12.7Mb)
  700. Lure of the Wilderness (46Mb)
  701. High Tor (24Mb)
  702. China Run (51.7Mb)
  703. Lady and the Tumblers (25.3Mb)
  704. The Fall of Maggie Phillips (25.7Mb)
  705. One More Spring (12.3Mb)
  706. Cynara (13Mb)
  707. Physician in Spite of Himself (54.4Mb)
  708. Physician in Spite of Himself (54.5Mb)
  709. The Birds (54.1Mb)
  710. The Birds (37.2Mb)
  711. One Foot in Heaven (25.3Mb)
  712. Romance to a Degree (27.8Mb)
  713. Leave Her to Heaven (25Mb)
  714. Lux_Radio_Theatre_53-08-17_842_Edward,_My_Son_AFRS (50.3Mb)
  715. The Affairs of Susan (12.9Mb)
  716. One Last September (12.6Mb)
  717. My Cousin Rachel (12.1Mb)
  718. The Steel Trap (52.4Mb)
  719. I Confess (27.3Mb)
  720. I Confess (12.6Mb)
  721. The President's Lady (26Mb)
  722. Our Very Own (25.1Mb)
  723. Breaking the Sound Barrier (24.9Mb)
  724. Taxi (25.1Mb)
  725. Skirts Ahoy (25.2Mb)
  726. Because of You (12.8Mb)
  727. Thunder on the Hill (47.7Mb)
  728. It Grows on Trees (13.6Mb)
  729. The Browning Version (25.6Mb)
  730. Undercurrent (49.6Mb)
  731. Man on a Tightrope (43.9Mb)
  732. Million Dollar Mermaid (41.3Mb)
  733. Peter Pan (11.6Mb)
  734. June Bride (10.6Mb)
  735. The Day the Earth Stood Still (54.9Mb)
  736. The Day the Earth Stood Still (12Mb)
  737. Has Anybody Seen My Gal (12.6Mb)
  738. The Winslow Boy (12.8Mb)
  739. People Will Talk (11.6Mb)
  740. Laura (13Mb)
  741. Trouble Along The Way (52Mb)
  742. Mississippi Gambler (25.3Mb)
  743. The Glass Menagerie (15.8Mb)
  744. Jeopardy (11.1Mb)
  745. Carbine Williams (12.6Mb)
  746. A Blueprint for Murder (53.8Mb)
  747. Welcome Stranger (10.7Mb)
  748. Strangers on a Train (10.8Mb)
  749. The Star (21.3Mb)
  750. Detective Story (10.4Mb)
  751. Going My Way (10.9Mb)
  752. Holy Matrimony (23Mb)
  753. The Corn Is Green (49Mb)
  754. What a Woman (10.9Mb)
  755. The Naked Jungle (35.2Mb)
  756. Mildred Pierce (12.1Mb)
  757. Pickup on South Street (47.9Mb)
  758. Lux_Radio_Theatre_54-06-28_887_Goodbye,_My_Fancy_AFRS (50.3Mb)
  759. Wuthering Heights (11Mb)
  760. So Big (44.8Mb)
  761. The Turning Point (11.6Mb)
  762. Great Expectations (12.7Mb)
  763. David and Bathsheba (12.7Mb)
  764. Song of Bernadette (12.6Mb)
  765. The Big Trees (49Mb)
  766. My Man Godfrey (23.5Mb)
  767. Mother Didn't Tell Me (12.1Mb)
  768. All About Eve (38.5Mb)
  769. The Blue Gardenia (12.7Mb)
  770. Battleground (12.2Mb)
  771. Secret of the Incas (22.6Mb)
  772. Miracle on 34th Street (34.3Mb)
  773. The Iron Mistress (37.2Mb)
  774. Mother Wore Tights (23.4Mb)
  775. Island in the Sky (47.8Mb)
  776. The Awful Truth (12.6Mb)
  777. Sangaree (AFRS) (26.5Mb)
  778. Five Fingers (51.6Mb)
  779. War of the Worlds (54.1Mb)
  780. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (19.1Mb)
  781. Shane (50.7Mb)
  782. The Bishop's Wife (11.3Mb)
  783. The Walls of Jericho (47.6Mb)
  784. Gentleman's Agreement (54.4Mb)
  785. Rawhide (21.8Mb)
  786. Trouble Along the Way (12.3Mb)
  787. Stairway to Heaven (10.5Mb)
  788. Together Again (45.2Mb)
  789. Rope of Sand (11.2Mb)

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