The Man In Black
Creepy tales introduced by Mark Gatiss as the legendary sinister raconteur

The Man In Black, Complete Series 1-4 (2009-2011)

Introduced by Mark Gatiss as legendary sinister raconteur, The Man in Black.

The Man in Black first appeared in the 1940s and 1950s as the chilling voice who introduced a series of terrifying radio dramas under the title 'Appointment With Fear' (1943-48 & 1955), and (in 1949) under the title 'The Man In Black', played to chilling effect by Valentine Dyall (and in the second series, in 1944, by Dyall's father, Franklin Dyall). The Man in Black (or at least 'Appointment With Fear') possibly returned on Radio 4 in the 1970s, and certainly in the late 80s/early 90s, played by Edward de Souza in 'Fear On 4' (1988-93, with a Man in Black-less series, in 1997, and special, in 1999), and finally in 'The Man In Black', played by Mark Gatiss, on Radio 7/4 Extra between 2009-2011.

Horrifying series of tales from The Man in Black. You might meet him at a luggage carousel in an airport, or behind the desk at an employment agency or he might approach you in the corridor of a care home.

Wherever you encounter him, he's eager to pass on his stories. Stories to unsettle and horrify. Stories to haunt you.

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  1. S1E1 - The Tower (0Mb)
  2. S1E2 - Project Purple (0Mb)
  3. S1E3 - The White Hare (0Mb)
  4. S1E4 - Hide And Seek (0Mb)
  5. S1E5 - Bomber's Moon (0Mb)
  6. S2E1 - Phish Phood (0Mb)
  7. S2E2 - Death Us Do Part (0Mb)
  8. S2E3 - Flesh (0Mb)
  9. S2E4 - Angels in Disguise (0Mb)
  10. S2E5 - The Old Road (0Mb)
  11. S3E1 - Connect (0Mb)
  12. S3E2 - The Printed Name (0Mb)
  13. S3E3 - Lights Out (0Mb)
  14. S3E4 - Uncle William s House (0Mb)
  15. S3E5 - Perfect Home (0Mb)
  16. S4E1 - Containment (0Mb)
  17. S4E2 - The Punt (0Mb)
  18. S4E3 - The Beaten Track (0Mb)
  19. S4E4 - Reunion (0Mb)
  20. S4E5 - The New Boy (0Mb)

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