The Mark Steel Solution, Revolutions and Lectures

Societal solutions, historical figures and revolutions from comedian Mark Steel
from marksteelinfo.com

Compilation of Mark Steel radio shows, namely The Mark Steel Solution (1992), The Mark Steel Revolution (1998) and The Mark Steel Lectures (1999-2002).

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  1. The Royal Family: The Royal Family should be chosen by weekly lottery (9 October 1992) (unknown file size)
  2. The Family: Nobody should be allowed to live in the same family for more than a year (16 October 1992) (unknown file size)
  3. Judges: Criminals should be recruited as high court judges (23 October 1992) (unknown file size)
  4. School: Nobody should go to school until they're 35 (30 October 1992) (unknown file size)
  5. England: Anyone born in England should be deported (6 November 1992) (unknown file size)
  6. The Economy: All government economic policy should be decided by sport (13 November 1992) (unknown file size)
  7. Unemployment: Having a job should be illegal (15 July 1994) (unknown file size)
  8. Transport: Transport should only be paid for by people who don't use it (22 July 1994) (unknown file size)
  9. Housing: Everyone in Britain should be rehoused at random (29 July 1994) (unknown file size)
  10. The Royal Family: The Royal Family should be chosen by weekly lottery (presumably 5 August 1994) (unknown file size)
  11. Sexuality: Everyone should have to be gay for two years (unknown file size)
  12. Charity: Anybody who gives to charity should be jailed (unknown file size)
  13. Crime: Criminals should decide their own punishment (unknown file size)
  14. Immigration: Anyone born in England should be deported (unknown file size)
  15. Religion: People should have to change their religion every Monday (unknown file size)
  16. Media: Anyone in charge of the media should be sacked after thirty minutes (unknown file size)
  17. Education: Nobody should go to school until they are 36 (unknown file size)
  18. Life: Pessimists should be persecuted by law (unknown file size)
  19. The French Revolution (30th June 1998) (unknown file size)
  20. The Sexual Revolution (7th July 1998) (unknown file size)
  21. The Russian Revolution (14th July 1998) (unknown file size)
  22. The Industrial Revolution (21st July 1998) (unknown file size)
  23. The American Civil War (28th July 1998) (unknown file size)
  24. The Evolution of Man (4th August 1998) (unknown file size)
  25. Oliver Cromwell (9 August 1999) (unknown file size)
  26. W G Grace (16 August 1999) (unknown file size)
  27. Charlie Chaplin (23 August 1999) (unknown file size)
  28. Thomas Paine (30 August 1999) (unknown file size)
  29. Lord Byron (13 February 2001) (unknown file size)
  30. Aristotle (20 March 2001) (unknown file size)
  31. Leonardo Da Vinci (27 March 2001) (unknown file size)
  32. Che Guevara (3 April 2001) (unknown file size)
  33. Billie Holliday (10 April 2001) (unknown file size)
  34. Karl Marx (17 April 2001) (unknown file size)
  35. Ludwig Van Beethoven (18 September 2002) (unknown file size)
  36. Hannibal (25 September 2002) (unknown file size)
  37. Isaac Newton (2 October 2002) (unknown file size)
  38. Mary Shelley (9 October 2002) (unknown file size)
  39. Muhammad Ali (16 October 2002) (unknown file size)
  40. Napoleon Bonaparte (23 October 2002) (unknown file size)

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