A man wakes up married in a parallel universe
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Robin Lightfoot (Hugh Bonneville) is a confirmed bachelor with a successful
architectural business. One day however, he wakes up to find himself in a
parallel universe where he is married to Leslie (Josie Lawrence) and has two
children: Ned and Maxine.

Robin discovers that the version of Robin in this universe is a horrible man
- a cad, a womanizer, a swindler and possibly even a murderer. The only person
who believes that he comes from a different universe is his 'son' Ned, because
he reads comic books set in parallel universes.

While Robin tries to deal with adjusting to married life, he must also come
to terms with the other differences in this new universe: he is living in a
world where the North-East of England is economically prosperous while his home
county of Surrey is depressed; Tony Blair is the leader of Conservative party
but the power is in the hands of the Lib Dems; and a world in which Arthur
Smith is a children's entertainer.

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