Marriott's Monologues

Monologues by Scottish humourist Marriott Edgar
from archive.org

Marriott Edgar, born George Marriott Edgar in Kirkcudbright, Scotland, was a poet, scriptwriter and comedian, best known for writing many of the monologues performed by Stanley Holloway, particularly the 'Albert' series. In total he wrote sixteen monologues for Stanley Holloway, whilst Holloway himself wrote only five.

Dame Thora Hird introduces the Ramsbottom family with 'The Lion and Albert' and 'The Return of Albert'.

Peter Goodwright treats us to a perilous voyage on the Runcorn Ferry courtesy of Marriott Edgar.

Kenneth Waller (Grandad in 'Bread') brings us Marriott Edgar's 'Asparagus' and 'Albert and the Headsman'.

Roy Castle proves that dedication is what you need, with Marriott Edgar's 'Goalkeeper Joe' and 'The Magna Charter'.

Bernie Clifton performs 'Three Ha'pence a foot' and 'The Battle of Hastings'.

Roy Hudd performs 'Jonah and the Grampus' and 'Gunner Joe

Les Dawson's unique recitation of Marriott Edgar's 'The Channel Swimmer' and 'The Recumbent Posture'.

Betty Driver performs The 'Ole in the Ark, Sam's Racehorse, and George and the Dragon.

  1. Thora Hird (12.5Mb)
  2. Peter Goodright (13.2Mb)
  3. Kenneth Waller (13.5Mb)
  4. Roy Castle (13.2Mb)
  5. Bernie Clifton (13.4Mb)
  6. Roy Hudd (12.6Mb)
  7. Les Dawson (12.9Mb)
  8. Betty Driver (13Mb)

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