Matinee Theater

CBS Sunday afternoon dramas from the 1940s
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Matinee Theater represented a serious attempt by CBS to provide quality dramatic programming for its Sunday afternoon listeners. A continuation of the series Dangerously Yours, it was renamed Matinee Theater with a view towards presenting "a greater range of stories". That broader scope was able to accommodate such episodes as "Beautiful Dreamer" (the Stephen Foster story) and "The Love Story of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning".

Victor Jory and several different female stars paired to bring classics like "Wuthering Heights", "Jane Eyre", and "The Scarlet Pimpernel" to the audience, as well as a number of more contemporary works. The first of these thirty-minute broadcasts aired October 22, 1944 and the final one on April 8, 1945. The Vick Chemical Company sponsored throughout.

From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

  1. Wuthering Heights (6.9Mb)
  2. Beloved Enemy (6.9Mb)
  3. My Favorite Wife (6.8Mb)
  4. Penny Serenade (6.7Mb)
  5. Scarlet Pimpernel (6.7Mb)
  6. Mr and Mrs Smith (7Mb)
  7. Jane Eyre (6.8Mb)
  8. Hold Back the Dawn (6.9Mb)
  9. Elizabeth the Queen (6.8Mb)
  10. A Stable in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (6.7Mb)
  11. Random Harvest (6.7Mb)
  12. Smilin' Through (6.7Mb)
  13. Rebecca (6.6Mb)
  14. Beautiful Dreamer (6.8Mb)
  15. Reap the Wild Wind (6.8Mb)
  16. Intermezzo (6.8Mb)
  17. The Highwayman (7Mb)
  18. Rendevous at Mayerling (6.6Mb)
  19. The Pirate of Orleans (6.7Mb)
  20. Till We Meet Again (6.5Mb)
  21. Love Story of Elizabeth Barrett And Robert Browning (6.8Mb)
  22. A Man Named Jones (6.7Mb)

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