A Month of Maureen
Four comic dramas written for Maureen Lipman

Three Journeys: Maureen Lipman & Jasper Britton play a mother and son who've always had a special relationship; although not stated, he is clearly an adult child with "special needs". Now she needs to persuade him it's time to strike out on his own. She has three journeys to do it in.

Five Lessons: Nigella Smith is no ordinary piano student. Can her piano tutor win her trust in just five lessons?

Dead Rellies: Fay & Alan have come to visit their parents' grave. But other parts of their past come back to haunt them.

Theodora Potts: Victorian Psychic: Theodora Potts is fast-becoming the go-to psychic of the Victorian age. That is until a seance is interrupted by a real spirit.

  1. Three Journeys (9.6Mb)
  2. Five Lessons (9.5Mb)
  3. Dead Rellies (9.6Mb)
  4. Theodora Potts: Victorian Psychic (9.5Mb)

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