The Mausoleum Club
1980s comic horror series

"Tales From The Mausoleum Club" and "The Fall of The Mausoleum Club" - parodies of Victorian literature, written by Ian Brown and James Hendrie, revolving around the members of a private club. Featuring appearances from Spike Milligan, Joss Ackland, Jim Broadbent, Fulton Mackay, Roy Hudd, Brenda Blethyn, Miranda Richardson, Stephen Fry and Timothy Spall.

  1. 1-1: The Inaudible Man (17.9Mb)
  2. 1-2: Heart of Skegness (19.6Mb)
  3. 1-3: A Study in Starlets (17.4Mb)
  4. 1-4: The Turn of the Knob (18.6Mb)
  5. 1-5: Soldiers Three India Nil (19.4Mb)
  6. 1-6: Jess of the B'Ournevilles (18.2Mb)
  7. 2-1: The Pet and the Pendulum (17.9Mb)
  8. 2-2: The Charge of the Boys' Brigade (18.5Mb)
  9. 2-3: Trevor Island (17.9Mb)
  10. 2-4: The Prunestone (17.7Mb)
  11. 2-5: The T Machine (17.7Mb)
  12. 2-6: Bleak Horse (17Mb)

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