The Mayor of Casterbridge

Dramatisation of the Thomas Hardy novel
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A drunken night sparks a disastrous chain of events for the respectable, Michael Henchard, that's set to haunt him for years to come...

Stars David Calder as Michael Henchard, Jason Flemyng as Donald Farfrae, Janet Dale as Susan, Andrea Wray as Elizabeth-Jane and Mary Wimbush as the Furmity-seller.

19th century Dorset is brought vividly to life in Thomas Hardy 's magnificent story of a man whose impetuous, vital character is the seed of his own downfall.

Music arranged and played by Dave Townsend and the Mellstock Band.

  1. The Horse Fair (81.6Mb)
  2. Rivals (79.7Mb)
  3. The Conjuror And The Choir (122.2Mb)
  4. The Skimmity Ride (80.1Mb)

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