Glimpses of a city after dark with Paul Merton, Julian Clary, Richard Wilson and Liz Smith
from archive.org

Bleak, funny, sultry, bitter, poignant - the first of a four-part series of brief visits to a city, late at night.


Paul Merton
Richard Wilson
Liz Smith
Julian Clary
Meera Syal
Tilly Vosburgh
Holly Johnson.

Writen by Mandy Wheeler, Joss Bennathan, Tilly Vosburgh, Rob Colley and Paul Merton.

Sound engineer Richard Brough provides a variety of tones and emissions reflecting late-night city life, from crying babies to midnight shoppers, cabbies to sex workers.

  1. From Tangoing To Keeping Watch (22.4Mb)
  2. From Grieving To Cross Dressing (22.3Mb)
  3. From Dating To Mothering (22.3Mb)
  4. Fom Traveling To Telephoning (22.4Mb)

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