Ten Master Metaphors of Philosophy

Religious interviews
from whatdoesthismean.org

  1. Plato's Cave (67.1Mb)
  2. Aristotle's Cross Examination of Nature - the Four Causes (66.5Mb)
  3. St. Augustine's Stealing the Pears (69.7Mb)
  4. Thomas Aquinas' Phoenix (62.6Mb)
  5. Descarte's Evil Demon (47.4Mb)
  6. Berkeley's Table (42.1Mb)
  7. Kant's Categorical Imperative (49.9Mb)
  8. Nietzsche's Man Man (46.5Mb)
  9. Wittgenstein's Rule for When to Speak and When to Be Silent (43.4Mb)
  10. Searle's Chinese Room (45.7Mb)

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