The MGM Theater of the Air

1950s drama anthology series featuring MGM stars
from archive.org

One hour radio drama anthology that ran from October 14, 1949 – December 7, 1951, featuring different MGM movie stars of the era each week, including Marlene Dietrich, Ronald Reagan, Joan Bennett, George Murphy and Nina Foch.

  1. Johnny Eager (15.4Mb)
  2. Citadel (104.9Mb)
  3. Anna Karenina (100.6Mb)
  4. Slightly Dangerous (105.6Mb)
  5. Riptide (106.1Mb)
  6. Stablemates (34.6Mb)
  7. Come Live with Me (51.6Mb)
  8. His Brother's Wife (19.3Mb)
  9. Joe Smith, American (18.7Mb)
  10. Public Hero Number One (12.9Mb)
  11. Stamboul Quest (18.6Mb)
  12. Love Is a Headache (49.3Mb)

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