Short science fiction stories read by Michael Hanson

Short science fiction stories from different authors, read and dramatised by Michael Hanson. This series originally aired on WHA Radio in Madison, Wisconsin from the mid 1970s through the mid 1990s.

The show returned with further episodes in the 2010s.

  1. A Walk in the Dark (6.4Mb)
  2. In the Imagicon (5.7Mb)
  3. Allegory (6.5Mb)
  4. Moth Race (6.4Mb)
  5. The Run (5.7Mb)
  6. Absalome (6.6Mb)
  7. To See the Invisible Man (6.8Mb)
  8. The Unremembered (6.8Mb)
  9. The Gift (6.6Mb)
  10. Public Hating (6.5Mb)
  11. The Pain God (6.4Mb)
  12. Repent Harlequin said the Tick-Tock Man (7.4Mb)
  13. The Squirrel Cage (7.4Mb)
  14. A Child Is Crying (7.3Mb)
  15. Fog Horn (5.8Mb)
  16. Descending (6.6Mb)
  17. The Day Of The Butterflies (6.7Mb)
  18. Petrified Forest (6.9Mb)
  19. Carcinoma Angels (6.3Mb)
  20. Promises To Keep (5.5Mb)
  21. The Hall Of Machines (6.4Mb)
  22. The Haunted Spacesuit (7.1Mb)
  23. Kaliedescope (5.7Mb)
  24. The Night Of The Nickel Beer (5.7Mb)
  25. The Weapon / TheCastaway (6Mb)
  26. Roller Ball Murder (6.2Mb)
  27. Born Of Man And Woman (5.9Mb)
  28. The Word / Stair Trick (6.3Mb)
  29. That Only A Mother (5.6Mb)
  30. The Swimmer (6.5Mb)
  31. I Kill Myself (4.9Mb)
  32. The Place Of The Gods (6.8Mb)
  33. The Brink Of Infinity (7Mb)
  34. A Dream At Noon Day (7.1Mb)
  35. After The Myths Went Home (6.2Mb)
  36. The Rules Of The Road (6.3Mb)
  37. The Winner (5.5Mb)
  38. The Veldt (6.7Mb)
  39. The Enormous Radio (6.4Mb)
  40. The King Of Beasts (6.3Mb)
  41. The Race (6.6Mb)
  42. Computors Dont Argue (5.6Mb)
  43. Paxton's World (6.3Mb)
  44. None Before Me (6.9Mb)
  45. Pond Water (6.7Mb)
  46. The Eel (6.5Mb)
  47. Hands Of The Man (6.8Mb)
  48. Summertime On Icarus (6.3Mb)
  49. Paradise Regained (6Mb)
  50. Power Of The Sentence (6.4Mb)
  51. A Taste Of Dostiefsky (6.9Mb)
  52. The Eternal Machine (6.5Mb)
  53. Webster (6.4Mb)
  54. Beachhead In Utopia (6.1Mb)
  55. Treasure Hunt (6.9Mb)
  56. The Sound Machine (6.9Mb)
  57. Subjectivity (6.4Mb)
  58. The Fly (6.9Mb)
  59. The Unfinished (6.5Mb)
  60. To The Dark Star (6.8Mb)
  61. Swords Of Ifthan (5.8Mb)
  62. The Sky Was Full Of Ships (6.5Mb)
  63. They (7Mb)
  64. The Exhibition (5.7Mb)
  65. Garden Of Time (6Mb)
  66. The Maze (6.8Mb)
  67. The Nine Billion Names Of God (6.4Mb)
  68. The Meeting (6.9Mb)
  69. Singularities Make Me Nervous (6Mb)
  70. The Worm (6.4Mb)
  71. Country Of The Kind (6.7Mb)
  72. The End Of The World Rag (6.8Mb)
  73. The Devil Car (6.7Mb)
  74. Doing Lennon (6.7Mb)
  75. In The Abyss (6.9Mb)
  76. Adam And No Evil (6.4Mb)
  77. The Tank And Its Wife (6.6Mb)
  78. The Man Who Returned (6.8Mb)
  79. A Night In Elf Hill (6.6Mb)
  80. The Valley Of Echoes (6.4Mb)
  81. The Top (6.1Mb)
  82. Game For Motel Room (5.3Mb)
  83. Dont Look Now (6.7Mb)
  84. My Objective All Sublime (5.8Mb)
  85. The Sentinel (6.4Mb)
  86. The Cage (6.5Mb)
  87. Rememberance To Come (5.8Mb)
  88. Phoenix (6.4Mb)
  89. Saucer Of Loneliness (6.2Mb)
  90. Rebel / From Time and Space (6.1Mb)
  91. Great Slow Kings / Earthmen Bearing Gifts (6.6Mb)
  92. Over The Line (6.1Mb)
  93. Portable Phongraph (6.3Mb)
  94. Affair With A GreenMonkey (5.9Mb)
  95. Helen O Loy (6.7Mb)
  96. Nature Boy (5.7Mb)
  97. The Hell Bound Train (6.2Mb)
  98. Weep No More Called The Lady (5.8Mb)
  99. Or All The Seas With Oysters (5.7Mb)
  100. Light Of Other Days (5.6Mb)
  101. Wasted On The Young (6.7Mb)
  102. Evergreen Library (6.6Mb)
  103. Imposter (7Mb)
  104. The Metal Man (6.9Mb)
  105. Knock (6.8Mb)
  106. Kellerman's Eye Piece (5.5Mb)
  107. The Last Ghost (4.5Mb)
  108. The Machine in Shaft 10 (6.9Mb)
  109. Apple (6.4Mb)
  110. Restricted Area (6.7Mb)
  111. Look Homeward, Spaceman (6.7Mb)
  112. Nackels (4.8Mb)
  113. Young Girl At An Open Half Door (6.4Mb)
  114. The Language Of Love (6.6Mb)
  115. Desertion (6.5Mb)
  116. Letter To The Phoenix (6.3Mb)
  117. The Gun Without A Bang (4.9Mb)
  118. En Passant Dreamworld (7Mb)
  119. The Bible After Apocalypse (6.4Mb)
  120. Twenty Four Letters From Under the Earth (6.7Mb)
  121. An Infinity Of Loving (6.2Mb)
  122. Sword Game (6.8Mb)
  123. The End (6.9Mb)
  124. Euremas Dream (6.3Mb)
  125. Available On The Warp Reaction (2.9Mb)
  126. Gas Mask (5.5Mb)
  127. The Show Must Go On (5.3Mb)
  128. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (6.1Mb)
  129. Crisis (6.1Mb)
  130. The Builder (6.2Mb)
  131. The Liberators (6.9Mb)
  132. The Night He Cried (4.6Mb)
  133. The Vertical Ladder (6.1Mb)
  134. What Really Caused The Energy Crisis (6Mb)
  135. When It Changed (6.2Mb)
  136. April In Paris - Ursula K Le Guin (unknown file size)
  137. The Fog Horn - Ray Bradbury (unknown file size)
  138. The Word and Stair Trick - Mildred Clingerman (48.1Mb)
  139. Dry Spell - Bill Pronzini / The Third Level - Jack Finney (39.8Mb)
  140. Monkey and The Lady - Neil Gaiman / The Mist - Peter Cartur (39.4Mb)
  141. The Strange Flight of Richard Clayton - Robert Bloch (36.2Mb)
  142. A Hunger Artist - Franz Kafka (39.2Mb)
  143. Chasing Ivory - Ted Kosmatka (36.5Mb)
  144. The Deep Range - Arthur C Clarke (37.3Mb)
  145. Transformer - Chad Oliver (39.1Mb)
  146. Rust - Joseph E. Kelleam (37.7Mb)
  147. MINDWEBS general promo 2 (1.3Mb)

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