Miranda Hart's Joke Shop

Radio sitcom about the owner of a joke shop
from archive.org

Miranda is an unconventional woman: a tall, life-embracing, self-effacing clown, who's at her happiest amongst the wind-up teeth of her Joke Shop.
She's used her inheritance to buy a joke shop (much to her family's dismay),
but lacking the organisational skills needed for retail - or anything else - Miranda has gone into partnership with Stevie, one of Britain's greatest humour vacuums.

Stevie mans the till for hours at a time whilst Miranda 'pops out' on regular, self-imposed challenges. Miranda is determined to suss out what it
takes to be a girly girl, to deal with her outrageously embarrassing mother Penny in public places, to not look a complete idiot every time she meets the
gorgeous Gary and to persuade other people to take life less seriously.

  1. Pilot (35.6Mb)
  2. What a Flirt (40.1Mb)
  3. What a Job (40.2Mb)
  4. What a Wife (40.1Mb)
  5. What an Excuse (40Mb)

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