Minister of Chance
Science fiction audio drama

The Minister of Chance is an audio Science Fiction Fantasy series in the tradition of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the best in radiophonics.

The Minister, like The Doctor, is a Timelord, first introduced to audiences in the award-winning and record-breaking BBC Doctor Who mini-series Death Comes to Time. He was originally played by Stephen Fry but, as Timelords will, he has now regenerated into Julian Wadhamís more austere and urgent incarnation.

  1. Prologue (4.2Mb)
  2. Episode 1 (16.2Mb)
  3. Episode 2 (16.9Mb)
  4. Episode 3 (21.8Mb)
  5. Episode 4 (19.5Mb)
  6. Episode 5 (23.8Mb)

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