The Count of Monte Cristo

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LibriVox recording of The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas. Read by David Clarke.

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo is an adventure novel and one of the author's most popular works. He completed the work in 1844. The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean and in the Levant during the historical events of 1815-1838 (from just before the Hundred Days to the reign of Louis-Philippe of France). It deals with themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy and forgiveness. The book is considered a literary classic today. (Summary by David Clarke, ref. Wikipedia)

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  1. Marseilles - The Arrival (20.5Mb)
  2. Father and Son (16.6Mb)
  3. The Catalans (26.2Mb)
  4. Conspiracy (17.6Mb)
  5. The Marriage Feast (36.3Mb)
  6. The Deputy Procureur Du Roi (28.4Mb)
  7. The Examination (22.8Mb)
  8. The Chateau D'If (19.7Mb)
  9. The Evening of the Betrothal (11.6Mb)
  10. The King's Closet at the Tuileries (19.7Mb)
  11. The Corsican Ogre (19.8Mb)
  12. Father and Son (18.4Mb)
  13. The Hundred Days (16.6Mb)
  14. The Two Prisoners (20.3Mb)
  15. Number 34 and Number 27 (32.3Mb)
  16. A Learned Italian (26.9Mb)
  17. The Abbes Chamber (48.7Mb)
  18. The Treasure (29.8Mb)
  19. The Third Attack (24.3Mb)
  20. The Cemetry of the Chateau D'If (11.2Mb)
  21. The Island of Tiboulen (21.1Mb)
  22. The Smugglers (17.3Mb)
  23. The Island of Monte Cristo (18.1Mb)
  24. The Secret Cave (18.6Mb)
  25. The Unknown (18.3Mb)
  26. The Pont Du Gard Inn (34.8Mb)
  27. The Story (34.7Mb)
  28. The Prison Register (14.9Mb)
  29. The House of Morrell and Son (27.8Mb)
  30. The 5th September (35.5Mb)
  31. Italy: Sinbad the Sailor (53.7Mb)
  32. The Waking (13.6Mb)
  33. Roman Bandits (67.6Mb)
  34. The Coliseum (67.6Mb)
  35. La Mazzolata (32.8Mb)
  36. The Carnival at Rome (39.2Mb)
  37. The Catacombs of San Sebastian (36.3Mb)
  38. The Compact (18.9Mb)
  39. The Guests (16.7Mb)
  40. The Breakfast (50.3Mb)
  41. The Presentation (30.5Mb)
  42. Monsieur Bettuccio (10.1Mb)
  43. The House at Auteuil (15Mb)
  44. The Vendetta (52.5Mb)
  45. The Rain of Blood (34.9Mb)
  46. Unlimited Credit (31.8Mb)
  47. The Dappled Greys (33.1Mb)
  48. Ideology (30.2Mb)
  49. Haidee (12.3Mb)
  50. The Morrel Family (23Mb)
  51. Pyramus and Thisbe (30.7Mb)
  52. Toxicology (43.6Mb)
  53. Robert Le Diable (39.6Mb)
  54. A Flurry of Stocks (27.6Mb)
  55. Major Cavalcanti (24.9Mb)
  56. Andrea Cavalcanti (30.5Mb)
  57. In The Lucerne Patch (27.9Mb)
  58. M. Noirtier de Villefort (20.8Mb)
  59. The Will (20.7Mb)
  60. The Telegraph (24.4Mb)
  61. How a Gardner May Get Rid of the Dormice that Eat His Peaches (20.5Mb)
  62. Ghosts (20.1Mb)
  63. The Dinner (23.8Mb)
  64. The Beggar (20Mb)
  65. A Conjugal Scene (24.5Mb)
  66. Matrimonial Projects (24.6Mb)
  67. At the Office of the King's Attorney (28.6Mb)
  68. A Summer Ball (15.4Mb)
  69. The Inquiry (20.4Mb)
  70. The Ball (20.2Mb)
  71. Bread and Salt (9.6Mb)
  72. Madame de Saint Meran (27.6Mb)
  73. The Promise (61.4Mb)
  74. The Villefort Family Vault (21.5Mb)
  75. A Signed Statement (24.9Mb)
  76. The Progress of Cavalcanti The Younger (22.5Mb)
  77. Haidee (52.8Mb)
  78. We Hear From Yanina (44Mb)
  79. The Lemonade (26.3Mb)
  80. The Accusation (13.7Mb)
  81. The Room of the Retired Baker (36Mb)
  82. The Burglary (28.5Mb)
  83. The Hand of God (14.2Mb)
  84. Beauchamp (14.1Mb)
  85. The Journey (21.7Mb)
  86. The Trial (28.3Mb)
  87. The Challenge (14.5Mb)
  88. The Insult (21.4Mb)
  89. A Nocturnal Interview (19.9Mb)
  90. The Meeting (26.9Mb)
  91. Mother and Son (14Mb)
  92. The Suicide (19.5Mb)
  93. Valentine (16.2Mb)
  94. Maximilian's Avowal (26Mb)
  95. Father and Daughter (21.3Mb)
  96. The Contract (24.3Mb)
  97. The Departure for Belgium (13.7Mb)
  98. The Bell and Bottom Tavern (26.4Mb)
  99. The Law (22Mb)
  100. The Apparition (15.3Mb)
  101. Locusta (12.6Mb)
  102. Valentine (12.1Mb)
  103. Maximilian (19.8Mb)
  104. Danglars Signature (23.2Mb)
  105. The Cemetery of Pere-La-Chaise (29.7Mb)
  106. Dividing the Proceeds (34.2Mb)
  107. The Lion's Den (16.8Mb)
  108. The Judge (22.7Mb)
  109. The Assizes (13.3Mb)
  110. The Indictment (17.2Mb)
  111. Expiation (20.1Mb)
  112. The Departure (34.7Mb)
  113. The Past (27Mb)
  114. Peppino (23Mb)
  115. Luigi Vampa's Bill of Fare (13.5Mb)
  116. The Pardon (11.8Mb)
  117. The 5th of October (34.6Mb)

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