Meet the Huggetts

1950s British radio comedy
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A comedy series with Jack Warner as Joe and Kathleen Harrison as Ethel.

It ran from 1953-61 and was a spin-off from the cinema's popular comedy drama of 1947, Holiday Camp, which had introduced the salt-of-the-earth Huggett Family.

  1. 1954-08-xx all at sea (7.1Mb)
  2. 1957-09-xx loser pays (6.9Mb)
  3. 1957-09-xx no fear (7.3Mb)
  4. 1957-09-xx what unusual wallpaper (7.6Mb)
  5. 1957-09-xx transatlantic tangle (7.3Mb)
  6. 1961-06-xx ail and hearty (6.7Mb)

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