My Son Jeep

1950s American radio comedy
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My Son Jeep was created and written by Walter Black and William Mondreck. Robert K. Adams and Hudson Faussett produced the show. The directors were Dan Sutter, Greg Lockwood, and Kirk Browning while John Geller composed the music.

All of the cast, except for Leona Powers, who played Mrs. Bixby, the Allison’s maid, were played by two different actors/actresses during the run of the show. Dr. Allison was first played by Donald Cook, followed by Paul McGrath. Martin Huston played Jeep, later followed by Bobby Alford. Joan Lazer and Peggy Lou Keim played Jeep’s sister, Peggy. Barbara Miller, Dr. Allison’s receptionist and low-key love interest, was performed by Lynne Allen and Joyce Gorden.

According to On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio by John Dunning, the 30- minute episodes of My Son Jeep aired on Sunday evenings between January 25 and June 14, 1953. These dates seem unlikely since it would mean that 35 episodes aired in just 21 weeks. Digital Deli (http://digitaldeliftp.com) says the episodes ran through September 30, probably a more accurate assessment. According to the same source, the daily version ran from October 3, 1955 until November 2, 1956. The only sponsor of the program was Beacon Wax.

The show was specifically created for Fredrick DeWilde and his then nine-year-old son, Brandon; however, Brandon got rave notices for his part in the movie Shane, and chose to pursue a career in movies, rather than radio. This sent the creators on a hunt for replacements for the two major characters. Donald Cook was their first choice for the role of Dr. Allison, but a large audition was held for the role of Jeep. Martin Huston, 11-years old, won the role.

My Son Jeep was selected by the Veterans of Foreign Wars as "The Best American Situation Comedy On The Air." The old-time radio show and its star character, Jeep, were supporters of the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts declared it to be "The Television Program Which Depicts Boyhood In The Best American Family Tradition” (Digital Deli).

  1. My Son Jeep (001) 1953-01-25 (unknown file size)
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  3. My Son Jeep (004) 1953-02-15 (unknown file size)
  4. My Son Jeep (006) 1953-03-15 (21.4Mb)
  5. My Son Jeep (007) 1953-03-29 (unknown file size)
  6. My Son Jeep (xxx) 1953-04-26 (68.3Mb)
  7. My Son Jeep (xxx) 1953-05-03 (20.4Mb)
  8. My Son Jeep (xxx) 1953-06-07 (21Mb)
  9. My Son Jeep (xxx) 1953-06-14 (39.6Mb)

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