The Mysterious Traveler

1940s mystery/suspense radio show
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The Mysterious Traveler ran on Mutual from December 1943 until about September of 1952.

This tremendously popular radio show was truly an all around favorite for any mystery lover of the time. It was the brainchild and magnum opus of golden age writing greats Robert Arthur and David Kogan. During its magnificent run, it was nominated for the coveted Edgar award for "Best Radio Drama" in 1949, 1951 and finally garnered a hands down win in 1953. The only show to have more nominations was the CBS powerhouse Suspense.

The Mysterious Traveler scripts totaled nearly 400 with only about 70 surviving today.

  1. The House of Death (6.5Mb)
  2. The Good Die Young (26.1Mb)
  3. Beware of Tomorrow (25.2Mb)
  4. The Accusing Corpse (25.6Mb)
  5. The Queen of the Cats (26.9Mb)
  6. Death Laughs Last (24.3Mb)
  7. They Who Sleep (25.8Mb)
  8. The Case of Charles Foster (26.8Mb)
  9. Death Comes for Adolph Hitler (6.7Mb)
  10. Murder Goes Free (25.9Mb)
  11. Death Is the Visitor (26.3Mb)
  12. No One on the Line (27.4Mb)
  13. The Symphony of Death (26.4Mb)
  14. If You Believe (6.9Mb)
  15. New Year's Nightmare (26.4Mb)
  16. No Grave Can Hold Me (27.1Mb)
  17. The Woman in Black (26.5Mb)
  18. Dark, Dark Destiny (26.3Mb)
  19. Mind over Murder (27.6Mb)
  20. Death Is the Judge (26.9Mb)
  21. The Locomotive Ghost (26.7Mb)
  22. The Man the Insects Hated (26.7Mb)
  23. Vacation from Life (12.9Mb)
  24. Death Is My Caller (27Mb)
  25. The Man in the Black Derby (26.5Mb)
  26. The Man Who Died Twice (26.9Mb)
  27. They Struck It Rich (26.6Mb)
  28. Murder in Jazz Time (27.2Mb)
  29. I Won't Die Alone (27Mb)
  30. Death Writes a Letter (26.7Mb)
  31. Murder Is My Business (26.5Mb)
  32. Queen of the Cats (28Mb)
  33. Zero Hour (26.9Mb)
  34. The Man Who Vanished (26.8Mb)
  35. The Visiting Corpse (26.7Mb)
  36. Death Has a Thousand Faces (26.7Mb)
  37. Death Rings Down the Curtain (25.9Mb)
  38. Till Death Do Us Part (22.9Mb)
  39. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (22.7Mb)
  40. Death Has a Cold Breath (23.2Mb)
  41. Out of the Past (23Mb)
  42. No Grave Can Hold Me (26.4Mb)
  43. The Last Survivor (6.6Mb)
  44. Survival of the Fittest (26.3Mb)
  45. The Man Who Tried to Save Lincoln (26.9Mb)
  46. The Big Brain (27Mb)
  47. The Man from Singapore (27.2Mb)
  48. Operation Tomorrow (6.7Mb)
  49. Death at 50 Fathoms (27Mb)
  50. I Died Last Night (26.3Mb)
  51. S O S (26.7Mb)
  52. The Lady in Red (26.5Mb)
  53. Killer at Large (26.8Mb)
  54. Killer Come Home (26.6Mb)
  55. The Knives of Death (27.1Mb)
  56. The Planet Zevius (5Mb)
  57. Fire in the Sky (26.7Mb)
  58. The Man Who Knew Everything (27.4Mb)
  59. Behind the Locked Door (26.3Mb)
  60. The Most Famous Man in the World (27.3Mb)
  61. Hide Out (27.4Mb)
  62. Christmas Story (27Mb)
  63. It's Only Money (26.8Mb)
  64. Key Witness (28.2Mb)
  65. Change of Address (27.4Mb)
  66. Stranger in the House (26.5Mb)
  67. Strange New World (6.9Mb)
  68. Murder in 2952 (27.2Mb)
  69. Haunted Trailer (27.4Mb)
  70. The Green Plague (24.9Mb)

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