Mystery Playhouse

1940s drama compilation series hosted by Peter Lorre
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Mystery Playhouse is an American radio drama hosted by Peter Lorre which aired on the American Forces Network from July 1944 to June 1946.

The series aired during World War II specifically for the purposes of entertaining the troops serving during the war.

Every week, the series aired rebroadcasts of episodes of many popular radio shows of the time. Some include rebroadcast of The Whistler, Mr. and Mrs. North, Inner Sanctum Mystery, and The Adventures of Nero Wolfe.

Peter Lorre's way of introducing each episode was noted as "...part plot summary, and part philosophical about the human condition".

  1. Fifty Candles (7.1Mb)
  2. Nightmare (6.6Mb)
  3. The Bottle Imp (5.2Mb)
  4. The Letter (5.6Mb)
  5. Deadline at Dawn (5.3Mb)
  6. The Eleventh Juror (6.6Mb)
  7. Lady in the Morgue (5.7Mb)
  8. Angel Face (5.9Mb)
  9. A Death is Caused (5.4Mb)
  10. Leg Man (5.7Mb)
  11. Ladies in Retirement (5.4Mb)
  12. Witness for the Prosecution (5.8Mb)
  13. Female of the Species (5.8Mb)
  14. The Adventure of the Fallen Angels (5.8Mb)

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