The Name Of The Rose
Two part dramatisation of the Umberto Eco novel

Umberto Eco's enigmatic murder mystery charts seven fateful days in the life of a medieval abbey in Italy. Dramatized by Chris Dolan, produced and directed by Bruce Young.

Episode 1: As monks from all over Europe gather to resolve the power struggle between the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor, a young monk is found dead. The Abbot fears either murder or witchcraft, and asks William of Baskerville to investigate.

Episode 2: Three monks have died - and William of Baskerville has so far failed to find the killer. The feared Papal Inquisitor Bernard Gui takes over the investigation and declares the abbey has been infected by witchcraft.

Abbot....Crawford Logan
Adelmo....John Paul Hurley
Benno....John Kielty
Berengar....Cara Kelly
Bernard Gui....Christian Rodska
Girl....Cara Kelly
Hugh....Simon Tait
Jorge....Jim Norton
Malachi....Neil Mckinven
Nicholas....Sean Scanlan
Old Adso....Andrew Sachs
Remigio....Gerry Mulgrew
Salvatore....Mark Mcdonnell
Severinus....Brian Pettifer
Venantius....Simon Tait
William of Baskerville....David Hayman
Young Adso....Nick Underwood
Other parts played by members of the cast

  1. Episode 1 (52.1Mb)
  2. Episode 2 (52.2Mb)

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