Comedy about a Stone Age tribe
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Newfangle is a BBC Radio 4 sitcom written by Adam Rosenthal and Viv Ambrose, first broadcast on 1 June 2009. The series is set hundreds of thousands of years ago amongst a tribe of proto-humans. Newfangle (played by Russell Tovey), is a low status member of his tribe who tries to improve his status in the tribe by coming up with new inventions such as language, fire and money. However, all of his inventions are stolen by the tribe's alpha male, Alf (Hugh Bonneville).

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  1. Insult to Injury (0Mb)
  2. Changing Tunes (0Mb)
  3. Grows on Trees (0Mb)
  4. Bright Ideas (0Mb)
  5. Sticks and Stones (0Mb)
  6. A Tree in the Forest (0Mb)

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