U.S. Radio News, 1930-1937

News from the 1930s
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News from the 1930's  I usually share these via torrent but I don't think all these files are available on archive.org so here's a 1930's news file dump. Plus some sports and band remotes.  Also included is the infamous radio show episode with the Arch Oboler "Adam and Eve" skit that got Mae West banned from radio.Any typo or error is mine.

  1. 1924-09-12 WLAG National Defense Day (0.5Mb)
  2. 1928-11-14 WAAM Edison Radio Disc Red Nichols (3Mb)
  3. 1930-xx-xx Movie Horoscopes 78: May, Production 62052 (1.4Mb)
  4. 1931-12-10 Gandhi Denying Pro-Violence Statement (0.1Mb)
  5. 1932-08-11 Herbert Hoover Nomination Acceptance (12.2Mb)
  6. 1933-02-10 DRF Adolf Hitler First Public Appearance As Chancellor (0.6Mb)
  7. 1934-02-06 PTT Gaston Doumergue Discours (0.1Mb)
  8. 1934-02-23 PTT Leopold III Prete Serment (0Mb)
  9. 1934-06-28 WABC Twenty Crowded Years A Radio Review of the Years 1914-1934 (10.3Mb)
  10. 1934-09-20 WWJ Ty Tyson NY Yankees vs Detroit Tigers (31.6Mb)
  11. 1934-09-27 4th Herald Tribune Women's Forum on Current Issues FDR (1.5Mb)
  12. 1934-09-30 FDR Fireside Chat (6.5Mb)
  13. 1934-11-16 BBC Winston Churchill The Threat Of Nazi Germany (0.8Mb)
  14. 1935-01-01 CBS Calling All Cars Highlights of 1934 (5.1Mb)
  15. Benny Goodman1935-01-xx NBC WEAF Let's Dance (9.5Mb)
  16. 1935-03-15 CBS Stoopnagle and Budd If We Supervised Radio (5.5Mb)
  17. 1935-05-02 Huey P. Long Speech (5.2Mb)
  18. 1935-05-25 Huey P. Long VFW Speech (2.5Mb)
  19. 1935-06-13 NBC WJZ America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air Will The Demands Of Organized Labor Promote Recovery? James A. Emory Sidney Hillman (9.3Mb)
  20. 1935-09-24 NBC Joe Louis vs Max Baer (9.7Mb)
  21. 1935-10-03 EIAR Benito Mussolini Italy Invades Ethiopia (0.1Mb)
  22. 1935-11-11 PTT Leon Degrelle Denonce Les Scandales En Belgique (0.1Mb)
  23. 1935-12-05 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air Has The New Deal Promoted Or Retarded Business Recovery? Merwin K. Hart, Hugo L. Black (11.6Mb)
  24. 1935-12-12 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air Personal Liberty & The Modern State Howard Lee McBain, Lena Madison Phillips, Roger Baldwin, Henry Pratt Fairchild, Lawrence Dennis (10.1Mb)
  25. 1935-12-19 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air Should We Plan for Social Security? Frances Perkins, George E. Sokolski (11.2Mb)
  26. 1935-12-24 White House Christmas Tree Lighting clip (0.3Mb)
  27. 1935-xx-xx A Womans Place in Science Amelia Earhart (1Mb)
  28. 1936-01-03 Opening Day of 74th Congress (6.1Mb)
  29. 1936-01-20 BBC Abdication Address Edward VIII (1.1Mb)
  30. 1936-03-07 PTT Albert Sarrault Proteste Contre L occupation De La Rhenanie (0.1Mb)
  31. 1936-03-19 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air The Supreme Court & The Constitution Howard Lee McBain, David I. Walsh (11.4Mb)
  32. 1936-03-xx Winston Churchill The Loaded Pause (1.8Mb)
  33. 1936-04-02 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air Will Unionization Promote Industrial Recovery? Matthew Woll, Ralph Robey (11.8Mb)
  34. 1936-04-16 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air Will The Machine Dominate Man? Herman H Lynn Ralph Barsodi (11.6Mb)
  35. 1936-04-17 PTT Maurice Thorez (0.1Mb)
  36. 1936-05-09 EIAR Benito Mussolini Vincere (0.2Mb)
  37. 1936-05-09 EIAR Reports End Of Ethiopian War (0.1Mb)
  38. 1936-06-26 CBS Democratic Convention (13.8Mb)
  39. 1936-07-28 DRF Jessie Owens Interview (0.5Mb)
  40. 1936-07-31 RRG Radio Report Olympic Fire Handed Over At The Czech-German Border (0.6Mb)
  41. 1936-10-01 FDR Speech DNC Pittsburgh (5.3Mb)
  42. 1936-10-02 WCFL City Series Game 2 Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox (27.5Mb)
  43. 1936-10-03 NBC World Series Game 3 NY Giants vs NY Yankees (23.2Mb)
  44. 1936-10-28 FDR Fiftieth Anniversary Of Statue Of Liberty (1.3Mb)
  45. 1936-10-31 Houdini's Final Seance George L. Boston, Narrator (4.9Mb)
  46. 1936-10-31 Houdinis Last Seance (3.7Mb)
  47. 1936-11-05 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air Public Opinion & The Town Meeting Idea Dorothy Thompson, Lawrence Dennis, Scott Nearing (10.7Mb)
  48. 1936-11-16 Winston Churchill The Causes of War (0.7Mb)
  49. 1936-11-26 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air What Does The Public Want In Music? William Lyon Phelps, Mme Olga Samaroff, Dr Frank Black, Pauline Pierce, Albert Serso (10.4Mb)
  50. 1936-12-11 BBC King Edward VIII Abdication Of The Monarchy (1.3Mb)
  51. 1936-12-29 MBS First Coast To Coast Broadcast (11.3Mb)
  52. 1936-xx-xx BBC Neville Chamberlain On Tax Hikes For Armaments (0.1Mb)
  53. 1936-xx-xx Leon Trotsky On Stalin's Moscow Trials (0.1Mb)
  54. 1936-xx-xx PCPT Josef Stalin On Germany (0.1Mb)
  55. 1936-xx-xx PCPT Josef Stalin Will Do His Duty (0.2Mb)
  56. 1936-xx-xx PCPT Josef Stalin Worker's Paradise (0.1Mb)
  57. 1936-xx-xx RRG Edgar Stahff The Olympic Games And Foreign Germans (0.4Mb)
  58. 1937-01-05 NBC Opening Day of 75th Congress (23.3Mb)
  59. 1937-01-18 CBS March of Time (6Mb)
  60. 1937-01-27 WFBR Xmitting WSM Flood Coverage (3.7Mb)
  61. 1937-02-06 MBS Kay Kyser Live from the Trianon Ballroom, Chicago (6.8Mb)
  62. 1937-02-27 Seabiscuit - 3rd Annual Santa Anita Handicap (0.8Mb)
  63. 1937-03-04 FDR Second Inaugural Address (0.8Mb)
  64. 1937-03-18 MBS Duke Ellington Live from the Cotton Club (4.8Mb)
  65. 1937-04-18 CBS We The People Dinosaur Tracks (6.6Mb)
  66. 1937-04-19 PTT General Franco Cree La Phalange Espagnole a Salamanque (0.1Mb)
  67. 1937-05-06 WLS Hindenberg Disaster Herbert Morrison (1.6Mb)
  68. 1937-05-06 WLS Hindenburg Corrected Speed (8.3Mb)
  69. 1937-05-xx RRG Cpt Hans von Schiller Lakehurst Memorial Service (0.6Mb)
  70. 1937-07-20 MBS WOR Marconi Memorial Program (2.6Mb)
  71. 1937-08-27 NBC KGU Interviews With Refugees From China Sino-Japanese War (2.8Mb)
  72. 1937-10-12 NBC Fireside Address FDR (25.4Mb)
  73. 1937-10-13 CBS Benny Goodman Live from the Hotel Pennsylvania (7.3Mb)
  74. 1937-10-22 NBC Ben Davis Jr. (2.5Mb)
  75. 1937-11-20 NBCB Believe it or Not Colonel Stoopnagle (5.1Mb)
  76. 1937-12-12 NBC The Chase and Sanborn Hour Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Mae West (11.9Mb)
  77. 1937-12-23 NBC America's Town Meeting of the Air What System of Medical Care Should We Have? Dr. Arthur C. Christie, Dr. Gilbert W. Hague, Dr. Kingsley Roberts (10.3Mb)
  78. 1937-xx-xx On The Future Of Women In Flying Amelia Earhart (0.4Mb)
  79. 1937-xx-xx BBC Winston Churchill The German Ambassador (0.3Mb)
  80. 1937-xx-xx Marlene Dietrich Lili Marlene (0.5Mb)
  81. 1938-02-03 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air What Does Democracy Mean? Salvado di Madariaga, Clarence Hathaway, Isaac Don Levine, Max Lerner, Dr. Ruth Alexander (10.2Mb)
  82. 1938-10-06 CBS WBBM World Series Game 2 NY Yankees vs Chicago Cubs (21.9Mb)
  83. 1938-12-01 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air Is An Economic Plan For World Peace Available? Paul van Zeeland, Thomas J. Watson, Leland Rex Robinson, Dr. Ruth Alexander (7.2Mb)
  84. 1938-12-08 NBC America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air How Should The Democracies Deal With The Dictatorships? Linda Littlejohn, Major George Fielding Eliot, Quincy Howe, Marilyn Josselyn (10.7Mb)
  85. 1948-xx-xx CBS Edward R. Murrow I Can Hear It Now 1933-1945 (8.3Mb)

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