Canadian supernatural/horror drama series from the early 1980s
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Nightfall is the title of a radio drama series aired on CBC Radio from July 1980 to June 1983. While primarily a supernatural/horror series, Nightfall featured some episodes in other genres, such as science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and human drama. One episode was even adapted from a folk song by Stan Rogers. Some of Nightfall's episodes were so terrifying that the CBC registered numerous complaints and some affiliate stations dropped it. Despite this, the series went on to become one of the most popular shows in CBC Radio history, running 100 episodes that featured a mix of original tales and adaptations of both classic and obscure short stories.

See https://fourble.co.uk/podcast/nightfallupg for higher-quality versions of selected episodes.

  1. Love and the Lonely One (5.8Mb)
  2. Hands Off (6.1Mb)
  3. The Tell-Tale Heart (10.2Mb)
  4. Late Special (12.1Mb)
  5. Future Fear (5.8Mb)
  6. The Body Snatchers (6Mb)
  7. Willoughby Obsession (9.6Mb)
  8. Wind Chill (9.8Mb)
  9. The Repossession (7.1Mb)
  10. Buried Alive (8.5Mb)
  11. Last Visit (12.2Mb)
  12. The Devils Backbone (7.1Mb)
  13. Deadly Developments (10Mb)
  14. Dreamy (10.8Mb)
  15. Guest of Honor (6.7Mb)
  16. A Shortwave Goodbye (6.6Mb)
  17. Welcome to Homerville (6.6Mb)
  18. Late Special (6.6Mb)
  19. The Monkey's Paw (6.6Mb)
  20. Wildcats (6.8Mb)
  21. The Room (13Mb)
  22. Wind Chill (6.8Mb)
  23. Angels Kiss (7.1Mb)
  24. Mkara (7.1Mb)
  25. The Repossession (5.5Mb)
  26. Breaking Point (6.9Mb)
  27. Future Fear (6.7Mb)
  28. All Nighter (6.8Mb)
  29. Carmilla (6.8Mb)
  30. In the Eye of the Beholder (6.8Mb)
  31. Cemetery Stop (5.5Mb)
  32. In the Name of the Father (7.1Mb)
  33. Baby Doll (9.5Mb)
  34. Reunion at the Victory Cafe (7.1Mb)
  35. Gerald (6.7Mb)
  36. Mindrift (7.1Mb)
  37. Teddy (7.1Mb)
  38. Child's Play (6.3Mb)
  39. Volcano (6.8Mb)
  40. The Monkey's Raincoat (6.6Mb)
  41. The Debt (6.6Mb)
  42. The Jogger (6Mb)
  43. Mr Agostino (6.9Mb)
  44. The Maids Bell (6Mb)
  45. Reverse Image (7.1Mb)
  46. Tige O'Kane and the Corpse (5.9Mb)
  47. Sometimes They Bite (6Mb)
  48. Angels Kiss (6.3Mb)
  49. The Book of Hell (6.4Mb)
  50. The Thinking Room (6.1Mb)
  51. Footsteps (6.9Mb)
  52. Lifeline (6.9Mb)
  53. The Tie That Binds (6.6Mb)
  54. The Dentist (9.5Mb)
  55. Assassin Game (13Mb)
  56. Lazarus Rising (6.4Mb)
  57. Young Goodman Brown (7.1Mb)
  58. Daddy's Girl (6.8Mb)
  59. Cruel Husband (6.9Mb)
  60. The Contract (9.8Mb)
  61. Beauty's Beast (6.1Mb)
  62. Semi-Detached (7.1Mb)
  63. No Quarter (6.6Mb)
  64. The Undertaker (7.1Mb)
  65. Private Collection (6.6Mb)
  66. Walters Dog (6.7Mb)
  67. The Wedding (7.1Mb)
  68. Hypnotized (6.9Mb)
  69. After Sunset (9.3Mb)
  70. The Chrysalids Part 1 (6.9Mb)
  71. The Chrysalids Part 2 (7.1Mb)
  72. The Chrysalids Part 3 (6.8Mb)

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