1950s syndicated anthology of thriller and suspense stories
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Obsession was an early 1950s syndicated anthology of thriller and suspense programs with some of Hollywood's best radio talent. The scripts are unfortunately inconsistent, but most are good listening. Among radio collectors, this series is not well-documented, and does not appear in all radio reference directories. It was, however, a fairly big budget program. Had it appeared earlier, it might have attracted a larger audience. These copies have been verified and are in better sound than usually found.

  1. Compartment B, Car 92 (22.6Mb)
  2. The Blackout Killer (25.4Mb)
  3. Murder Deferred (27.6Mb)
  4. Hunting Party (21.8Mb)
  5. Cousin Charlie (23Mb)
  6. The North Wind (22.7Mb)
  7. A Question of Personality (22.2Mb)
  8. The Silver Cord (21.6Mb)
  9. The Hangman (27.3Mb)
  10. Summer Evening (21Mb)
  11. Surrender Is Farewell (22.7Mb)
  12. Dynamite (27.3Mb)
  13. Wind Song (27.3Mb)
  14. Amnesia (22.6Mb)
  15. Tailored for Murder (25Mb)
  16. David and Laura (26.7Mb)
  17. Clinging Hate (20.9Mb)
  18. Solitary Genius (8.1Mb)
  19. Ebb Tide (27.2Mb)
  20. Little Man of Destiny (27.2Mb)
  21. The Peacock Screen (23.4Mb)
  22. Kiss Of Kismet (7.7Mb)
  23. Blood Bath (clipped ending, bad sound) (20.8Mb)
  24. Eternal Spring (22.3Mb)
  25. Cry Vengeance (27Mb)
  26. Faith is the Evidence (27Mb)
  27. Case Of The Living Dead (22.9Mb)
  28. Raised From The Dead (21.2Mb)
  29. Shadow of Huntley House (22.5Mb)
  30. Ted Brandon's Old House (5.5Mb)

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