An Odd Body, DI Gwen Danbury
Four individual dramas featuring Detective Inspector Gwen Danbury

Dramas featuring Detective Inspector Gwen Danbury of the East Suffolk Police. When investigating crime however, she also has to endure the "inputs" of her mother Joan, not only about the crimes but also about Gwen's weight and her lack of male company.....

  1. 1x1 - Past Imperfect (19.3Mb)
  2. 1x2 - A Slim Chance (19.4Mb)
  3. 1x3 - A Sheltered Life (19.7Mb)
  4. 1x4 - The Hostages (18.3Mb)
  5. 2x1 - Talking Poison (15.2Mb)
  6. 2x2 - Old Dog (14.9Mb)
  7. 2x3 - Dead Heads and Chutney (15Mb)
  8. 3x1 - Lollipop (15Mb)
  9. 3x2 - Surfing (15.1Mb)
  10. 3x3 - Grinding (15.1Mb)
  11. 3x4 - Family Ties (15.1Mb)
  12. 3x5 - The Tunnel (15.1Mb)

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