The Frightened

From 1957, a brief experiment in radio by Boris Karloff
from archive.org

During 1956 Lyle Kenyon Engel put together a package of two radio shows and four magazines. The shows were American Agent, a spy drama, and The Frightened, narrated by Boris Karloff; the magazines included Tales of the Frightened, a tie in to the radio show.

The publisher, Republic Features Syndicate, went out of business in late 1957.

  1. The Vampire's Grave (1.1Mb)
  2. Chung Ling Soo (1Mb)
  3. Shakespeare's Hometown (1Mb)
  4. Story of Wood (1Mb)
  5. Dr Harvey Cushing (1Mb)
  6. The White House (1Mb)

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