On Stage (Elliott and Cathy Lewis)

On Stage anthology with Cathy and Elliott Lewis
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On Stage appeared on CBS from 1 January 1953 until 30 September 1954, a total of 78 episodes. Only 41 of the 78 shows are in circulation today.

The show was produced and directed by Elliot Lewis and starred the husband and wife team of Elliot and Cathy Lewis. The idea for the show came about when someone suggested they work together in the 40's. CBS gave them the go ahead for the show in 1952 and they formed the production company Haven Radio Productions.

Each show was written with a strong male and female part. Both were at the pinnacle of their careers. At the time Elliot was playing as Frankie Remley on The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, producing, directing and starring in Suspense, and Broadway's My Beat. Cathy Lewis was starring in My Friend Irma on both radio and television.

However, the Golden Age of Radio was coming to an end. The big money was shifting over to television. This would be one of last good series on radio.

From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. See "Notes" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

  1. On Stage Audio Brief produced (0.9Mb)
  2. Elliott Lewis Intro (2Mb)
  3. no title (1.7Mb)
  4. The String Bow Tie (13.5Mb)
  5. Beirut by Sunrise (11.6Mb)
  6. On Stage 530111 Ep03 Poetic Tragedy-rehearsal (12.8Mb)
  7. A Poetic Tragedy (13.5Mb)
  8. Cargo (12.7Mb)
  9. Public Furlough (13.6Mb)
  10. A Corner of Autumn (13.5Mb)
  11. The Party (12.7Mb)
  12. Four Meetings (12.2Mb)
  13. A Fifth of Tears (13.5Mb)
  14. Call Me a Cab (13.5Mb)
  15. Eddie (13.5Mb)
  16. Dig, the Thief (13.5Mb)
  17. The Lady or the Tiger (13.2Mb)
  18. The Bunch of Violets (6.7Mb)
  19. Casey at the Bat (13.7Mb)
  20. Skin Deep (13.1Mb)
  21. Happy Anniversary Album (13.7Mb)
  22. The Bear (13.5Mb)
  23. Statement of Fact (13.6Mb)
  24. The Hanging at Four Oaks (13.1Mb)
  25. And a Fond Farewell (13.5Mb)
  26. An Ideal Couple (13.5Mb)
  27. The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (12.1Mb)
  28. Man of Independent Mind (13.7Mb)
  29. The Fling (13.5Mb)
  30. Canary Yellow (13.5Mb)
  31. The Crustacean (13.7Mb)
  32. Penny Ante (13.7Mb)
  33. Loving (13.6Mb)
  34. Take My Hand, My Love (12.6Mb)
  35. A Circle of Wheels (13.2Mb)
  36. Candide (13.6Mb)
  37. Happy Holidays (10Mb)
  38. Heartbreak (11.9Mb)
  39. The Dreamer (13.5Mb)
  40. Crusade of Stanley Finston (12.7Mb)
  41. Giant's Fireplace (9.6Mb)
  42. The Telegram (12.4Mb)
  43. Saralee, You Are Lovely as the Summer Night (12.5Mb)
  44. Fascination (13.4Mb)
  45. Circle of Wheels (13.2Mb)

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