Our Miss Brooks

1940s US radio comedy about a high school teacher
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Our Miss Brooks is an American sitcom starring Eve Arden as a sardonic high school English teacher. It began as a radio show broadcast on CBS from 1948 to 1957. When the show was adapted to television (1952–56), it became one of the medium's earliest hits. In 1956, the sitcom was adapted for the big screen in the film of the same name.

Produced by Larry Berns and written by director Al Lewis, Our Miss Brooks premiered on CBS on July 19, 1948. According to radio critic John Crosby, her lines were very "feline" in dialogue scenes with principal Conklin and would-be boyfriend Boynton, with sharp, witty comebacks. The interplay between the cast—blustery Conklin, nebbishy Denton, accommodating Harriet, absentminded Mrs. Davis, clueless Boynton, and scheming Miss Enright—also received positive reviews.

"Our Miss Brooks": Regarding these 178 Eps of Old Time Radio Sitcom, "Our Miss Brooks," with Eve Arden ...... I do realize there are many MANY OMB downloads available online, which possibly prompts you to think ".. right .... yet another person uploading that which has already been (countless times!) uploaded!"

As a rookie down-loader, I found misnamed episodes etc extremely confusing. I ended up with so many files that turned out to be bogus. Please don't get me wrong! This is most definitely not a "Complaint Forum!" I greatly appreciate every file that has, to date, been uploaded to the Internet, as it is because of these very files, that I myself have a more complete file.

To solve my duplication issue, I have checked with the online "Our Miss Brooks First-Lines" files to work my way thru the misdated or misnamed files with-in my own files. Here-in you will find the results of my teeny effort. Fun show! OTR * def gp ddh

  1. Audition #1 (Shirley Booth) (27.9Mb)
  2. Audition #2 (Eve Arden) (13.8Mb)
  3. 1st Show (aka Conklin's First Day) (6.8Mb)
  4. Weekend at Crystal Lake (Vers 1 Mrs C is Noreen Gammill) (5.5Mb)
  5. Surprise Party (aka Green Alligator Bag) (aka Putting Touch On Miss Brooks) (6.7Mb)
  6. Clayton City Football Game (3.9Mb)
  7. The Workhorse (6.9Mb)
  8. Babysitting For Three (aka Babysitting) (7.1Mb)
  9. The Model School Teacher (5.1Mb)
  10. Sunnydale Finishing School (aka Tech Probs) (6.5Mb)
  11. Tall, Dark & French (aka Weighing Machine) (26.9Mb)
  12. The Magic Christmas Tree (8.1Mb)
  13. Old Clothes For Party (7Mb)
  14. The Heating System (aka Broken Furnace) (aka Lack of Coal at Madison) (5.9Mb)
  15. Student Government Day (4.5Mb)
  16. (& ) New Head of English Department (5.8Mb)
  17. Student Banking (aka Embezzlement) (aka Custodian of Student Funds ) (6.7Mb)
  18. Missing Electric Heater (Version 1) (Comm. Free) (7.7Mb)
  19. Missing Electric Heater (Version 2) (6.8Mb)
  20. Stretch the Basketball Star (6.5Mb)
  21. The Frog (6.6Mb)
  22. & Stretch Has a Problem (25.7Mb)
  23. The Hair-Do (6.6Mb)
  24. Cafeteria Boycott (6.5Mb)
  25. Poetry Mix-up (6.7Mb)
  26. Clay City English Teacher (6.7Mb)
  27. Special Party (aka April Fool's Day) (6.6Mb)
  28. Mr. Conklin's Wake-up Plan (6.7Mb)
  29. Easter Outfits (Skips) (8.4Mb)
  30. Dress Code Protest (27Mb)
  31. Walter vs Stretch Grudge Match (6.7Mb)
  32. Mr Boynton's Parents (6.8Mb)
  33. Yearbook Photo Mix-up (aka Friday the 13th) (27Mb)
  34. Peanuts, the Great Dane (6.5Mb)
  35. Arguments! Arguments! (aka Why Is Everybody Arguing) (6.5Mb)
  36. Key to the School (6.9Mb)
  37. The Wishing Well Dance (8.3Mb)
  38. Taxidermists (27Mb)
  39. Conklin's Blood Presssure (aka July 04 Trip to Eagle Springs) (27Mb)
  40. Telegram (aka Telegram for Mrs. Davis) (8.5Mb)
  41. Carelessness Code (7Mb)
  42. Mrs Davis' Cookies (aka Pensacola Popovers) (6.9Mb)
  43. Will Connie Resign (aka Connie's New Job Offer) (27Mb)
  44. Heat Wave (8.5Mb)
  45. English Test (aka Final Exams) (4.2Mb)
  46. Weekend at Crystal Lake (Vers 2 Mrs Conklin is Vivi Jannis) (5.7Mb)
  47. The School Board (aka Head of the School Board) (8.4Mb)
  48. The Sweater (aka Faculty Cheer Leader) (6.9Mb)
  49. Conklin Causes a Fight (aka Taking Rap for Mr Boynton) (6.7Mb)
  50. Rival Football (aka Stretch To Transfer) (6.6Mb)
  51. The French Teacher (aka Mr Le Blanche Needs $50) (27Mb)
  52. School Safety (aka School Safety Advisor) (6.8Mb)
  53. Gifts for Boynton (aka Exchanging Gifts) (6.7Mb)
  54. Halloween Party (5.3Mb)
  55. Elephant Mascot (aka School Mascot) (6.7Mb)
  56. The Party Line (aka Head of Eng. Dept) (6.7Mb)
  57. Thanksgiving Weekend (6.7Mb)
  58. Weighing Machine (aka Tea Leaves) (8.5Mb)
  59. Game At Clay City (25.8Mb)
  60. A Letter to Santa (aka Dept. Store Contest) (8.3Mb)
  61. The Magic Christmas Tree (8.7Mb)
  62. Babysitting on New Years Eve (27.1Mb)
  63. Board of Education Day (8.5Mb)
  64. Cure That Habit! (6.9Mb)
  65. Walter's Radio (aka Professorship at State U) (27Mb)
  66. School on Saturday (6.7Mb)
  67. Miss Enright's Dinner (27Mb)
  68. Valentine's Day Date (6.6Mb)
  69. Stretch is in Love (6.5Mb)
  70. Letter from the Education Board (aka Board of Education Letter ) (6.5Mb)
  71. The Burglar (6.7Mb)
  72. The Auction (8.5Mb)
  73. The Baseball Game (aka Baseball Uniforms) (8.8Mb)
  74. Conklin's TV Set (aka Free TV from Sherry's) (27Mb)
  75. Dyeing Easter Eggs (aka Easter-Egg Dye) (6.8Mb)
  76. School Economics (aka The Tape Recorder) (27Mb)
  77. Musical Instruments (aka School Band) (8.7Mb)
  78. Boynton's Barbecue (8.7Mb)
  79. Mr. Boynton's Parents (8.6Mb)
  80. Rare Black Orchid (27Mb)
  81. Traffic Court (aka Reckless Driving) (27.9Mb)
  82. Rumors (7Mb)
  83. Elopement with Walter (6.7Mb)
  84. Bronco Dismissed (8.5Mb)
  85. Measles Diagnosis (6.8Mb)
  86. Radio Bombay (aka Hurricane) (aka Walter's Radio) (aka Rainy Day Walter) (aka Walter's Wonderful Radio) (6.6Mb)
  87. The Bookie (6.7Mb)
  88. Stretch is in Love Again (6.6Mb)
  89. The Dancer (6.9Mb)
  90. Burial Grounds (aka Indian Burial Ground) (27Mb)
  91. Teacher's Convention (aka The Convention) (27Mb)
  92. Thanksgiving Turkey (7Mb)
  93. Woman Driver (6.8Mb)
  94. Conklin's Tuba (aka Music Festival) (7.1Mb)
  95. A Suit for Charity (6.8Mb)
  96. The Magic Christmas Tree (27Mb)
  97. Exchanging Christmas Gifts (aka Christmas Gift Returns) (27Mb)
  98. Puppy Love, Mr Barlow & Miss Davis (27.1Mb)
  99. The Business Course (27Mb)
  100. Going Skiing (aka Skis in the Classroom) (27.4Mb)
  101. The French Teacher (aka Overseas Job) (27Mb)
  102. Tex Barton Basketball Star (8.5Mb)
  103. Miss Enright's Birthday Party (AFRS Rebroadcast) (25.7Mb)
  104. Boynton's Land Deal (5.5Mb)
  105. Another Day, Another Madame Amelia Dress (27Mb)
  106. Mr Conklin's Induction Notice (Half Lost from Mstr Reel) (3.8Mb)
  107. New School TV Set (27.1Mb)
  108. Bargain Hats for Mother's Day (aka 1948-05-08) (3.8Mb)
  109. Miss Brooks Takes Over Miss Enright's First Aid Course (28.2Mb)
  110. Oui (aka Connie Tries To Forget Mr Boynton) (5.7Mb)
  111. Miss Brooks Needs a Winter Coat (aka Connie Wins Man's Suit) (22.6Mb)
  112. New School Bus (Pr Snd) (23.6Mb)
  113. Minerva's Husband (aka Minerva's Kittens) (24Mb)
  114. Cosmopolitan Magazine Pictures (13.6Mb)
  115. Poison Ivy (24.7Mb)
  116. Plaque for Mr. Conklin (aka Conklin is Honored) (Pr Snd) (6Mb)
  117. Mr Boynton's Barbecue (Pr Snd) (25.8Mb)
  118. Boynton the Gigolo (23.5Mb)
  119. Mr Conklin's Car Pool (23.6Mb)
  120. Convict (aka 1946-07-01 Convict has Threatened to Kill Mr. Conklin) (6.3Mb)
  121. Walter's Moving Van (aka Moving Van aka Couch Potato) 1955-04-24 Cow in the Closet (12.4Mb)
  122. The Butcher (23.4Mb)
  123. Former Student Visits (23.5Mb)
  124. Conklin the Bachelor (9.2Mb)
  125. Christmas Gift Mix-Up (23.4Mb)
  126. Miss Brooks Writes about a Hobo (23.7Mb)
  127. Hobbies (21.9Mb)
  128. Selling the House Next Door (23.4Mb)
  129. Four Fiancees (22.7Mb)
  130. Foreign Teachers (5.9Mb)
  131. Mr Lanthrop Returns to School (24.1Mb)
  132. Conklin Threatens to Abolish Football (23.8Mb)
  133. Bartering with Chief Thundercloud (22.7Mb)
  134. Photo Feud (aka 1944-05-15 French Bathing Suit Photo) (17.9Mb)
  135. Stretch is n Love Again (Repeat ) (22.6Mb)
  136. The Switchboard Operator (23.2Mb)
  137. Movies at School (5.7Mb)
  138. Male Superiority (11.2Mb)
  139. Pen Pal Project (23.5Mb)
  140. Mr Travis' Three Acre Lot (23.4Mb)
  141. Project X (5.2Mb)
  142. The School Board's Psychologist (21.7Mb)
  143. Mr Boynton's Moustache (5.4Mb)
  144. An American Tragedy (aka 1946-07-02 An American Tragedy) (5.4Mb)
  145. Tears For Mr. Boynton (6.7Mb)
  146. Writing Magazine Articles with Aliases (27Mb)
  147. Take him or Leave him (aka Cow in the Closet) (6.7Mb)
  148. Miss Brooks Takes Over (aka Miss Brooks Takes Over Spring Garden) (4Mb)
  149. The Twin Orphans (27.2Mb)
  150. Stretch is Accused of Professionalism (23.2Mb)
  151. Spring Garden (21.9Mb)
  152. Taxi Fare (27.1Mb)
  153. Marriage by Proxy (23.9Mb)
  154. Hillbilly Heifetz (aka Deacon Jones) (26.9Mb)
  155. Bye Bye Boynton (aka Miss B tries to forget Mr. Boynton) (5.7Mb)
  156. Compliment Contest (aka Planning Trip to Europe) (27Mb)
  157. Non Fraternization Policy (27Mb)
  158. Marriage Madness (10.1Mb)
  159. Cat Burglars (6.7Mb)
  160. Sneaky Peekers (5Mb)
  161. Who's Going Where (aka Teacher's Convention) (27Mb)
  162. Couch Potato (aka Audio Visual Experiment) (5.7Mb)
  163. Summer Vacation (9.9Mb)
  164. Helping Hands (8.3Mb)
  165. Oo-Oo-Mo-Mo-Tcoculudi-Gucci-Mo O-Moo (aka The House Trailer) (3.3Mb)
  166. Friendship (17.8Mb)
  167. (aka French Sadie Hawkin's Day) (INCORRECT TITLE - SEE ) (18.7Mb)
  168. Outpost Road (INC & unable to replace) (16.4Mb)
  169. French Sadie Hawkins Day (aka Saving the School Newspaper) (18.1Mb)
  170. Christmas Clothing Drive (17.4Mb)
  171. The Magic Christmas Tree (7.1Mb)
  172. Annual Winter Outing (aka Mr Conklin Loses his Hearing) (17.9Mb)
  173. Boynton the Bird (aka School on Saturday) (22.6Mb)
  174. Bigger & Better Playgrounds (aka The Auction) (22.7Mb)
  175. Mr Conklin's Statue (22.6Mb)
  176. Mash Notes to Harriet (Pr Snd) (16.9Mb)
  177. New Girl in Town (Pr Snd) (18.1Mb)
  178. The Dinner Party (AFRS Repeat) (17.8Mb)
  179. New Head of English Department (Repeat ) (26.7Mb)
  180. Stretch Has a Problem (Repeat ) (25.7Mb)

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