The Adventures of Babe Ruth

Dramatised life story of the baseball player
from archive.org

Broadcast on NBC Blue Network, this 15 minute per episode, 1934 sports adventure, "The Adventures of Babe Ruth," was sponsored entirely by Quaker Oats Cereal. For all George Herman "Babe" Ruth the Bambino enthusiasts, this is the very best way to learn about the actual man and his life.

All episodes were true excerpts from Babe's life, "so there was a sense of the real man there in the dugout and on the field." Of course, the Babe didn't say all that much on these shows, but he was really a shy guy at heart, and only learned through trial and error how to handle the white-hot glare of the news flashbulb and microphones of old time sports reporters and radio. He knew millions of kids hung on his every word, so he sometimes choked on the screwball line, but he was a guy paid to hit a baseball out of the park, not field a question.

  1. Dusty Collins (3.4Mb)
  2. Dutch Reaver (4.2Mb)
  3. Harry the Hat (4.2Mb)
  4. Sweet William (4.2Mb)
  5. There Are No Bad Kids (4.1Mb)
  6. Chick Foster Story (3.3Mb)
  7. Kidnapped (4.1Mb)
  8. Bobby Lee (4.1Mb)
  9. Babe's Three Ambitions (0.1Mb)
  10. On Reporters (0.1Mb)
  11. Says Goodbye (0.6Mb)

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